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Share Price Performance - Financials Sector

19 September 2017

Financials Sector
Listed Companies
Share Price
as of
Industry Group
1ROWSLEY LTD. (A50.SI)SGD 0.1345.5%16.5%27.6%65.4%8.9%13.6%-36.2%Diversified Financials
2NET PACIFIC FIN HLDGS LTD (5QY.SI)SGD 0.0452.3%2.3%2.3%-15.1%125.0%95.7%9.8%Banks
3FIRST SHIP LEASE TRUST (D8DU.SI)SGD 0.0922.2%3.4%13.6%13.6%-42.1%-49.2%-8.9%Diversified Financials
4SINGAPORE REINSURANCE COR LTD (S49.SI)SGD 0.3201.6%3.2%1.6%3.2%4.9%4.9%10.3%Insurance
5GREAT EASTERN HLDGS LTD (G07.SI)SGD 25.8901.1%-0.1%0.7%10.1%27.5%25.7%10.7%Insurance
6UOB-KAY HIAN HOLDINGS LIMITED (U10.SI)SGD 1.3450.4%0.0%-0.4%-1.5%5.9%2.7%-15.4%Diversified Financials
7THE TRENDLINES GROUP LTD. (42T.SI)SGD 0.1580.0%9.0%12.9%6.0%5.3%-1.9%--999 Diversified Financials
8GLOBAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED (B73.SI)SGD 0.1460.0%-0.7%-3.3%-1.4%7.4%9.8%2.8%Diversified Financials
9ISR CAPITAL LIMITED (5EC.SI)SGD 0.0050.0%0.0%-16.7%-16.7%-96.1%-98.1%-90.4%Diversified Financials
10TIH LIMITED (T55.SI)SGD 0.5100.0%-2.9%-7.3%-11.3%13.3%14.6%-56.0%Diversified Financials
11PACIFIC CENTURY REGIONAL DEVTS (P15.SI)SGD 0.3500.0%0.0%0.0%1.4%-1.4%4.5%34.6%Diversified Financials
12ATTILAN GROUP LIMITED (5ET.SI)SGD 0.0020.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%-60.0%-80.0%-94.6%Diversified Financials
13K1 VENTURES LIMITED (BLT.SI)SGD 0.7850.0%0.6%0.6%20.8%-12.3%-19.1%--999 Diversified Financials
14SINGAPURA FINANCE LTD (S23.SI)SGD 1.0300.0%1.0%1.0%0.5%19.8%20.5%-33.5%Diversified Financials
15G. K. GOH HOLDINGS LIMITED (G41.SI)SGD 1.0000.0%-0.5%2.6%8.7%22.0%17.6%11.1%Diversified Financials
16UNI-ASIA GROUP LIMITED (CHJ.SI)SGD 1.3800.0%-1.1%0.7%14.0%--999 --999 --999 Diversified Financials
17SING INVESTMENTS & FINANCE LTD (S35.SI)SGD 1.5300.0%0.7%1.3%4.1%30.2%34.8%15.0%Diversified Financials
18SHC CAPITAL ASIA LIMITED (5UE.SI)SGD 0.0500.0%0.0%19.0%0.0%-63.5%-58.3%-75.6%Insurance
19IFS CAPITAL LIMITED (I49.SI)SGD 0.2200.0%0.0%-2.2%-8.3%-2.2%4.8%-49.4%Diversified Financials
20NETLINK NBN TRUST (CJLU.SI)SGD 0.8300.0%-1.2%3.1%--999 --999 --999 --999 Diversified Financials
21MAXI-CASH FIN SVCS CORP LTD (5UF.SI)SGD 0.1670.0%-1.2%-1.8%-7.7%7.7%13.6%-38.1%Diversified Financials
22PRUDENTIAL PLC (K6S.SI)USD 23.6000.0%0.0%0.4%3.0%13.6%31.1%9.8%Insurance
23UNITED OVERSEAS INSURANCE LTD (U13.SI)SGD 5.7500.0%-0.9%-0.9%4.5%22.1%20.0%25.0%Insurance
24BRITISH & MALAYAN HLDG LIMITED (CJN.SI)SGD 2.5000.0%0.0%--999 --999 --999 --999 --999 Diversified Financials
25NOMURA HOLDINGS, INC (N33.SI)JPY 1.9900.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%Diversified Financials
26HONG LEONG FINANCE LIMITED (S41.SI)SGD 2.600-0.4%-0.8%-1.9%-4.1%21.5%17.1%-2.6%Diversified Financials
27DBS GROUP HOLDINGS LTD (D05.SI)SGD 20.370-0.6%-0.6%-0.6%-1.1%17.5%34.1%12.4%Banks
28SINGAPORE EXCHANGE LIMITED (S68.SI)SGD 7.460-0.7%-0.3%0.8%1.6%4.2%-0.8%3.5%Diversified Financials
29UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LTD (U11.SI)SGD 23.150-0.8%-0.7%-1.5%-0.3%13.5%23.1%2.6%Banks
30OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORP (O39.SI)SGD 11.000-1.0%-0.2%0.0%3.1%23.3%27.8%11.4%Banks
31HOTUNG INVESTMENT HLDGS LTD (BLS.SI)SGD 2.000-1.0%1.0%-4.8%7.0%33.8%45.5%--999 Diversified Financials
32VALUEMAX GROUP LIMITED (T6I.SI)SGD 0.300-1.6%-1.6%7.1%9.1%25.0%20.0%-31.0%Diversified Financials

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