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SGX Market Fund Flow Tracker - Statistics on Institution Investors, Retail Investors and Market Makers Liquidity Providers' Weekly Net Buy/Sell Market Transactions, and Year-To-Date Fund Flow Statistics by GISC Industry Sector | SGX Market Information @ SG

  • According to the latest fund flow tracker published by SGX, during the week of 2017-06-19, institutional investors net bought S$7.4m, retail investors net sold S$13.8m, while market makers & liquidity providers (MMLP) net bought S$6.5m.

  • Year to date, we saw institutional investors net bought S$452.2m, retail investors net sold S$1,920.6m, while market makers & liquidity providers (MMLP) net bought S$1,468.3m.

SGX Weekly Market Fund Flow, Cumulative Fund Flow versus Straits Times Index Performance

Week Start DateWEEKLY
Net Buy/Sell (S$m)
Net Buy/Sell (S$m)
Straits Times Index
(End Of Week)
Institutional InvestorsRetail InvestorsMarket Makers/ Liquidity ProvidersInstitutional InvestorsRetail InvestorsMarket Makers/ Liquidity Providers
2017-01-02286.5-113.2-173.2 286.5-113.2-173.2 2,962.63+81.87
2017-01-09-34.7-325.6360.3 251.7-438.8187.1 3,025.07+62.44
2017-01-16-131.5-157.5289.0 120.2-596.3476.0 3,011.08-13.99
2017-01-23-110.0-202.1312.1 10.2-798.4788.1 3,064.85+53.77
2017-01-30-32.523.78.7 -22.2-774.6796.9 3,041.94-22.91
2017-02-06-75.8-146.2222.0 -98.0-920.81,018.9 3,100.39+58.45
2017-02-13-291.964.3227.7 -390.0-856.61,246.5 3,107.65+7.26
2017-02-2024.4-82.257.7 -365.5-938.81,304.3 3,117.03+9.38
2017-02-27501.677.7-579.4 136.1-861.0724.9 3,122.34+5.31
2017-03-06-196.973.6123.3 -60.8-787.4848.2 3,133.35+11.01
2017-03-13-263.9-221.5485.4 -324.7-1,008.91,333.6 3,169.38+36.03
2017-03-20-213.7191.422.3 -538.4-817.51,355.9 3,142.90-26.48
2017-03-27515.6-232.4-283.3 -22.7-1,049.91,072.6 3,175.11+32.21
2017-04-0311.6114.3-125.9 -11.2-935.6946.8 3,177.27+2.16
2017-04-10-211.0141.369.7 -222.1-794.41,016.5 3,169.24-8.03
2017-04-17-299.8220.579.4 -522.0-573.91,095.9 3,139.83-29.41
2017-04-24-30.8-197.3228.1 -552.8-771.21,324.0 3,175.44+35.61
2017-05-01309.5-362.452.8 -243.3-1,133.51,376.8 3,229.73+54.29
2017-05-0868.3-290.0221.7 -175.0-1,423.61,598.5 3,255.29+25.56
2017-05-15-65.511.054.5 -240.5-1,412.51,653.0 3,216.92-38.37
2017-05-22128.8-210.181.3 -111.6-1,622.61,734.3 3,219.42+2.50
2017-05-29285.9-88.1-197.8 174.3-1,710.71,536.5 3,240.01+20.59
2017-06-05115.4-131.916.5 289.7-1,842.61,552.9 3,254.19+14.18
2017-06-12155.2-64.1-91.1 444.9-1,906.71,461.9 3,231.44-22.75
2017-06-197.4-13.86.5 452.2-1,920.61,468.3 3,209.47-21.97

Year-To-Date SGX Fund Flow By GICS® Sector

Cumulative Net Buy/Sell (S$m) of Institutional Investors, Retail Investors, Market Makers & Liquidity Providers By GICS® Sector since 02-Jan-2017.

GICS® SectorYear-To-Date Net Buy/Sell (S$m)
Institutional InvestorsRetail InvestorsMarket Makers / Liquidity Providers
Consumer Discretionary-34.0-106.4140.3
Consumer Staples-185.6127.458.1
Information Technology37.0-43.46.4
Real Estate65.5-385.2319.7

Note Information on institutional & retail investors weekly net buy/sell by GICS sector is according to the Fund Flow Weekly Tracker published by SGX. Market makers / liquidity providers (MMLP) fund flow, and year-to-date fund flow information are derived accordingly.

Refer to SGX Listed Companies By Industry Sector for listing of companies by GICS® Sector. Do note that S-REITs are grouped with Real Estate Sector.

Kindly feedback to us for any discrepancies in data.

Definition Total ST Market Flow = Institutional Flows + Retail Account Flow + MMLP Flow. Net buy/sell amount is derived by subtracting total sell amount from total buy amount.
Definition Fund flow data for all SGX-listed companies only. Fund flow data for market transactions only.
Definition Industry Sector classified according to Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®)

Refer to the Market Statistics published on SGX website for more information.

* All data and information is provided "as is" for informational purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes or advice. We do not and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your broker or financial representative to verify pricing before executing any trade. We are not liable for any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein. ~

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