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Share Price Performance - Health Care Sector

17 November 2017

Health Care Sector
Listed Companies
Industry Group
1CORDLIFE GROUP LIMITED (P8A.SI)SGD 0.8103.8%1.9%0.0%0.6%-17.3%-25.0%-5.8%Health Care Equipment & Services
2IX BIOPHARMA LTD. (42C.SI)SGD 0.2102.4%-6.7%-2.3%-16.0%-25.0%-33.3%--999 Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
3MEDTECS INTERNATIONAL CORP LTD (546.SI)SGD 0.0482.1%0.0%-2.0%-2.0%4.3%2.1%-12.7%Health Care Equipment & Services
4SINGAPORE O&G LTD. (1D8.SI)SGD 0.5002.0%-2.0%-2.9%11.1%--999 --999 --999 Health Care Equipment & Services
5ISEC HEALTHCARE LTD. (40T.SI)SGD 0.3151.6%0.0%1.6%-1.6%6.8%3.3%-12.5%Health Care Equipment & Services
6TALKMED GROUP LIMITED (5G3.SI)SGD 0.7301.4%0.7%5.0%16.8%-28.4%-28.4%-25.5%Health Care Equipment & Services
7RAFFLES MEDICAL GROUP LTD (BSL.SI)SGD 1.1400.9%-1.3%-2.1%2.7%-20.3%-18.9%--999 Health Care Equipment & Services
8HEALTH MANAGEMENT INTL LTD (588.SI)SGD 0.6950.7%6.1%9.4%10.3%8.6%-2.8%157.4%Health Care Equipment & Services
9HC SURGICAL SPECIALISTSLIMITED (1B1.SI)SGD 0.7000.0%-0.7%3.7%11.1%13.8%10.2%--999 Health Care Equipment & Services
10SINGAPORE MEDICAL GROUP LTD (5OT.SI)SGD 0.6050.0%0.8%-3.2%-3.2%39.1%44.0%243.8%Health Care Equipment & Services
11AOXIN Q & M DENTAL GRP LIMITED (1D4.SI)SGD 0.2050.0%-6.8%-8.9%2.5%--999 --999 --999 Health Care Equipment & Services
12OUE LIPPO HEALTHCARE LTD (5WA.SI)SGD 0.1230.0%0.0%-5.4%35.2%146.0%101.6%-55.3%Health Care Equipment & Services
13TECHCOMP (HOLDINGS) LIMITED (T43.SI)SGD 0.3500.0%0.0%16.7%25.0%59.1%45.8%-2.8%Health Care Equipment & Services
14LONZA GROUP LTD (O6Z.SI)SGD 79.9700.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
15PHARMESIS INTERNATIONAL LTD. (BFK.SI)SGD 0.2400.0%0.0%4.3%-2.0%-52.0%-50.0%--999 Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
16IHH HEALTHCARE BERHAD (Q0F.SI)SGD 1.8000.0%0.6%-3.2%-5.3%-15.9%-11.8%-1.4%Health Care Equipment & Services
17Q & M DENTAL GROUP (S) LIMITED (QC7.SI)SGD 0.6450.0%-0.8%-5.1%4.0%-9.8%-10.4%50.0%Health Care Equipment & Services
18HEALTHWAY MEDICAL CORP LTD (5NG.SI)SGD 0.0550.0%-9.8%7.8%19.6%66.7%52.8%19.6%Health Care Equipment & Services
19RHT HEALTH TRUST (RF1U.SI)SGD 0.8550.0%4.9%0.6%2.4%-6.6%-2.3%-15.3%Health Care Equipment & Services
20ASIAMEDIC LIMITED (505.SI)SGD 0.0710.0%-5.3%2.9%-1.4%6.0%4.4%-7.8%Health Care Equipment & Services
21TOP GLOVE CORPORATION BHD (BVA.SI)SGD 2.2100.0%0.0%11.6%22.8%33.9%33.1%--999 Health Care Equipment & Services
22HAW PAR CORP LTD (H02.SI)SGD 11.700-0.6%-4.3%-4.9%7.3%28.7%30.6%37.8%Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
23VICPLAS INTERNATIONAL LTD (569.SI)SGD 0.104-1.9%-4.6%-13.3%-13.3%-5.5%-16.8%18.2%Health Care Equipment & Services
24TIANJIN ZHONG XIN PHARM GROUP (T14.SI)USD 0.980-2.0%-1.5%-12.5%-7.1%12.0%22.5%-2.5%Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
25UG HEALTHCARE CORPORATION LTD (41A.SI)SGD 0.215-2.3%-2.3%2.4%-14.0%-24.6%-24.6%--999 Health Care Equipment & Services
26STAR PHARMACEUTICAL LIMITED (AYL.SI)SGD 0.330-2.9%3.1%11.9%78.4%127.6%117.1%--999 Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
27QT VASCULAR LTD. (5I0.SI)SGD 0.017-5.6%0.0%41.7%30.8%-78.8%-84.4%-94.6%Health Care Equipment & Services
28SUNTAR ECO-CITY LIMITED (BKZ.SI)SGD 0.210-8.7%-8.7%-16.0%-34.4%40.0%44.8%--999 Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences

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