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Share Price Performance - Consumer Staples Sector

19 September 2017

Consumer Staples Sector
Listed Companies
Share Price
as of
Industry Group
1HLH GROUP LIMITED (H27.SI)SGD 0.00716.7%16.7%0.0%-12.5%-30.0%0.0%-50.0%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
2OCEANUS GROUP LIMITED (579.SI)SGD 0.00912.5%12.5%0.0%0.0%125.0%200.0%-43.8%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
3KENCANA AGRI LIMITED (BNE.SI)SGD 0.3007.1%3.4%0.0%-7.7%-33.3%-26.8%--999 Food, Beverage & Tobacco
4JB FOODS LIMITED (BEW.SI)SGD 0.3705.7%-2.6%12.1%15.6%12.1%7.2%--999 Food, Beverage & Tobacco
5NUTRYFARM INTERNATIONAL LTD (AZT.SI)SGD 0.1802.9%0.0%-1.1%-9.5%-20.0%-37.9%--999 Household & Personal Products
6SINO GRANDNESS FOOD IND GP LTD (T4B.SI)SGD 0.2052.5%6.2%5.7%-14.6%-14.6%-56.4%-69.9%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
7UNITED FOOD HOLDINGS LIMITED (AZR.SI)SGD 0.3551.4%2.9%-11.3%31.5%--999 --999 --999 Food, Beverage & Tobacco
8QAF LTD (Q01.SI)SGD 1.2301.2%2.1%4.2%-8.2%-11.5%1.7%22.4%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
9YEO HIAP SENG LTD (Y03.SI)SGD 1.2800.8%0.8%0.4%-1.5%-3.8%0.4%-36.0%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
10MEWAH INTERNATIONAL INC. (MV4.SI)SGD 0.2850.0%-6.6%-5.0%-3.4%3.6%18.8%-25.0%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
11OLD CHANG KEE LTD. (5ML.SI)SGD 0.7700.0%-0.6%-3.1%-8.3%-6.1%6.2%-12.5%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
12YAMADA GREEN RESOURCES LIMITED (BJV.SI)SGD 0.3300.0%0.0%-16.5%-28.3%-28.3%4.8%--999 Food, Beverage & Tobacco
13DEL MONTE PACIFIC LIMITED (D03.SI)SGD 0.3000.0%-3.2%1.7%-7.7%-11.8%-13.0%-42.9%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
14DUKANG DISTILLERS HLDGS LTD (BKV.SI)SGD 0.2100.0%0.0%-6.7%-57.6%-71.0%-73.2%--999 Food, Beverage & Tobacco
15GP BATTERIES INT LTD (G08.SI)SGD 1.2700.0%0.8%-0.4%61.8%61.8%56.8%67.1%Household & Personal Products
16SUNMOON FOOD COMPANY LIMITED (AAJ.SI)SGD 0.0960.0%3.2%2.1%-5.0%0.0%140.0%-18.6%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
17ZHONGXIN FRUIT AND JUICE LTD (5EG.SI)SGD 0.0100.0%0.0%-9.1%0.0%11.1%-16.7%-64.3%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
18PACIFIC ANDES RESOURCES DEVLTD (P11.SI)SGD 0.0220.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%-81.7%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
19GLOBAL PALM RESOURCES HLGS LTD (BLW.SI)SGD 0.3600.0%0.0%0.0%-5.3%10.8%35.8%--999 Food, Beverage & Tobacco
20OLS ENTERPRISE LTD. (ADJ.SI)SGD 0.0050.0%25.0%25.0%0.0%-16.7%-16.7%-58.3%Household & Personal Products
21HOSEN GROUP LTD (5EV.SI)SGD 0.0420.0%-2.3%-12.5%0.0%10.5%5.0%-32.3%Food & Staples Retailing
22DELFI LIMITED (P34.SI)SGD 1.7000.0%-0.6%-12.8%-16.7%-23.4%-20.9%-59.5%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
23KHONG GUAN LIMITED (K03.SI)SGD 2.0000.0%0.0%-0.5%-5.7%-8.3%-13.0%-6.5%Food & Staples Retailing
24FIRST RESOURCES LIMITED (EB5.SI)SGD 1.8800.0%-0.3%4.4%-2.3%-1.1%2.2%-6.0%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
25EDITION LTD. (5HG.SI)SGD 0.0090.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%-18.2%-25.0%-83.9%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
26CHINA KANGDA FOOD COMPANY LTD (P74.SI)SGD 0.2900.0%0.0%-21.6%-20.5%1.8%75.8%205.3%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
27FOOD EMPIRE HOLDINGS LIMITED (F03.SI)SGD 0.6150.0%0.8%-3.9%-10.2%36.7%105.0%59.7%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
28INDOFOOD AGRI RESOURCES LTD. (5JS.SI)SGD 0.4600.0%0.0%1.1%-5.2%-12.4%2.2%-48.0%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
29BUMITAMA AGRI LTD. (P8Z.SI)SGD 0.7400.0%3.5%2.8%-2.6%-11.4%0.7%-33.9%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
30FRASER AND NEAVE LIMITED (F99.SI)SGD 2.530-0.4%0.4%3.7%6.3%21.1%21.1%-17.6%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
31OLAM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (O32.SI)SGD 2.010-0.5%-1.0%-0.5%0.5%2.0%-2.9%-20.9%Food & Staples Retailing
32THAI BEVERAGE PUBLIC CO LTD (Y92.SI)SGD 0.910-0.5%-2.7%-1.6%1.1%7.1%-5.2%25.5%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
33WILMAR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (F34.SI)SGD 3.270-0.6%0.9%4.5%-7.4%-8.9%4.1%4.8%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
34BREADTALK GROUP LIMITED (5DA.SI)SGD 1.585-0.9%-1.6%-3.1%0.0%36.6%58.5%14.9%Food & Staples Retailing
35CHINA STAR FOOD GROUP LIMITED (42W.SI)SGD 0.092-1.1%1.1%-2.1%43.8%-56.2%-63.2%--999 Food, Beverage & Tobacco
36SHENG SIONG GROUP LTD (OV8.SI)SGD 0.935-1.1%-1.1%3.3%-4.1%-1.1%-12.6%40.6%Food & Staples Retailing
37GOLDEN AGRI-RESOURCES LTD (E5H.SI)SGD 0.380-1.3%0.0%2.7%2.7%-11.6%4.1%-24.8%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
38BEST WORLD INTERNATIONAL LTD (CGN.SI)SGD 1.300-1.5%-3.0%8.8%-11.9%--999 --999 --999 Household & Personal Products
39DAIRY FARM INT'L HOLDINGS LTD (D01.SI)USD 7.670-1.7%-4.6%-0.9%-4.4%6.7%7.4%-22.0%Food & Staples Retailing
40JAPFA LTD. (UD2.SI)SGD 0.555-1.8%1.8%5.7%-5.1%-38.7%-30.6%-36.9%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
41CHEW'S GROUP LIMITED (5SY.SI)SGD 0.625-2.3%-3.1%1.6%27.6%98.4%155.1%115.5%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
42ENVICTUS INTERNATIONAL HLDGLTD (BQD.SI)SGD 0.360-2.7%-10.0%-11.1%-25.0%-37.4%-32.1%--999 Food & Staples Retailing
43HANWELL HOLDINGS LIMITED (DM0.SI)SGD 0.315-3.1%-6.0%1.6%-16.0%31.3%46.5%5.0%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
44LUZHOU BIO-CHEM TECHNOLOGY LTD (L46.SI)SGD 0.030-3.2%-9.1%20.0%0.0%15.4%30.4%-21.1%Food, Beverage & Tobacco

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