Singapore REITs - DBS Research 2022-12-15: The Time Is NOW

Singapore REITs - The Time Is NOW

Singapore REITs - DBS Group Research  | SGinvestors.ioMAPLETREE PANASIA COM TRUST (SGX:N2IU)
  • Singapore’s real estate sector to grow modestly as economy enters a soft patch.
  • S-REITs have ample defenses against sustained interest rates hikes till the tide turns in late 2023.
  • Re-opening story “not dead”, many beneficiaries from re-opening of China’s economy and borders.
  • S-REIT yield spread of ~3.0% has priced in interest rates risk; selective picks with a preference for resilience and balance sheet strength.

Singapore economy to enter a soft patch; real estate sector to see slowing growth momentum.

  • Singapore’s economy is expected to slow to ~2.2% in 2023, averting a recession while inflation is expected to remain sticky at ~6.3%. With this backdrop, DBS economist expects more cautious business and consumer sentiment. Thus, we believe Singapore’s real estate cycle will enter a more modest growth phase, but we still project most sectors to see market rents remaining on an uptrend in 2023.

S-REITs to navigate interest rates and currency headwinds well.

  • While we project overall net property income (NPI) growth of ~5.0% over FY22-24F, we see more flattish DPU growth rates of ~3.0% (-0.5% if we exclude hospitality S-REITs), mainly due to the impact of higher refinancing rates and forex losses for selected S-REITs.
  • That said, we see ample defenses from S-REITs’ high fixed-rate debt ratio and forward currency hedges until interest rates turn in S-REITs favour, which could be sometime in late 2023-2024.

Re-opening story is “not dead”.

FED ends hikes by 1Q23, major overhang to be lifted.

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Rachel TAN DBS Group Research | Derek TAN DBS Research | Dale LAI DBS Research | 2022-12-15

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