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Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-06-19 21:35:29
Seasonality Effect with Ex-Dividend Months on Singapore Stock Market (2009-2021)
Seasonality or Monthly Effect (stock index vs month/year) is strong for months of May and August for Singapore stock market, especially 30 STI component stocks. This is mainly related to Ex-dividend dates for 30 STI in Singapore but may not apply to smaller cap giant stocks which continue to be bullish in month of May. Learn further from Dr Tee on details of this unique Singapore stock myth.For recent May 2021, STI ends with only 1+% lower but still it is a mini “bear” month, aligning with myth of “Sell in May and Go Away“. As we could see from the Seasonality Chart (2009 June – 2021 May) for Singapore stock market, over the past 12 years, for the month of May, 10 years were down (including this month, May 2021), only 2 years were bullish. For month of Au
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-06-19 21:34:26
50% Profits of The Hour Glass Stock in 4 months
Congratulations to readers who have taken action on The Hour Glass (luxury watches stock, SGX: AGS) as Dr Tee has shared this giant stock in several educational posts over the past 1 year. The profit is nearly 50% from $0.80 (breakout) to $1.18 today.In the earlier educational article on 100 Singapore Dividend Stocks (Mar 2021), Dr Tee shared the intrinsic value of The Hour Glass is about $1.20, now the price has surged to $1.18. It could have more upside but requires market greed to drive it to higher optimism. This is value investing, buy the right stock and right price, just wait patiently for the fruit in 2 targets: intrinsic value and also possible higher optimism price target.As shown in Optimism Chart, The Hour Glass was still low optimism a few months ago, having 2X upside pot
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-06-19 21:34:14
134 Singapore Property Stocks with Discounted NAV Strategy (为善最乐)
In recent Ein55 Charity Course on Global Discounted NAV (DNAV) Stocks, we have raised fund of $24,488 to help needy families in Singapore. Under the spirit of charity, Dr Tee decides to share 134 Singapore Property Stocks and 3 global DNAV stocks in 3 countries with readers (detailed strategies including Ein55 Optimism levels, Ein55 intrinsic values and DNAV will be shared): 1) Singapore DNAV Stock – Hongkong Land (SGX: H78) 2) Malaysia DNAV Stock – Paramount (Bursa: 1724) 3) Hong Kong / China DNAV Stock – Yuexiu Property (HKEx: 123) Dr Tee, Ein55 Mentors & Graduates have together organized 11 charity investment courses (REITs in Nov 2015, May 2017 and May 2019, High Dividend Stocks in Mar 2016, Oct 2017 and Nov 2019, Global Growth Stocks in Apr 2018 and Nov 2020
My Stocks Investing Journey
2021-06-19 10:48:44
Money and Me: An overview of the REIT performance
14 Jun 2021  Money and Me: An overview of the REIT performance On Money and Me, Michelle Martin is joined by Kenny Loh, REIT Specialist and Independent Financial Advisor to discuss an overview of the REIT performance to date, some of the best performing and worst performing REITs, and City Developments Limited application for an initial public offering of a real estate investment trust with commercial assets located in Britain. Effect of COVID-19 measures relaxing on S-REITs Best and worst performing S-REITs CDL filing for a Singapore REIT IPO on London commercial assets   Listen to his previous market outlook interviews here: Money and Me: S-REIT’s: which are most likely and which least likely to be affected by new social restrictions? Money and Me: What’s the link bet
2021-06-13 18:54:42
US jobs report took centrestage
The STI lost 27 points or 0.8% at 3,151.04 last week; Trading was cautious as the market waited for Friday’s May US jobs report; The Fed mid-week said it will start selling off corporate bonds; The lower-than-expected jobs figure eased inflation concerns; In the local market, CFM’s shares more than doubled after purchase announcement that drew SGX query; CDL sprang into play on Thurs – but fell back on Friday; MKE said it’s positive on the tech sector; Hyflux to be liquidated. US jobs, inflation concerns and the Fed The US May jobs report played a key role in an otherwise uneventful week during which the Straits Times Index fell 27 points or 0.8% to 3,151.04. Up till Friday when the report was actually released markets traded cautiously, the chief concern being whether a strong
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-05-16 01:00:31
Latest 30 STI index Stocks Strategies (卧虎藏龙)
30 STI index stocks represent the overall Singapore stock market performance. The list is dynamic, recent new comers are Keppel DC Reit (replacing SPH) and Frasers Logistics and Commercial Trust (replacing Jardine Strategic Holdings). During the COVID-19 stock recovery, there is a sector rotation, investors start to pay more attention to cyclical stocks (eg. bank, properties and transportation sectors, etc), which are main businesses of 30 STI stocks. In this article, you will learn from Dr Tee on the Latest 30 STI Index Stocks Strategies, some may be considered for longer term investing and / or short term trading with COVID-19 recovery stock rally. Bonus for readers who could read every words of the entire article, learning unique strategy to position in 30 STI Index stocks for b
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2021-05-10 15:35:23
SPH Saga
Don't think I need to elaborate on the latest SPH saga as majority of the nation should know by now what has happened.  If still don't know what's going on, just go to any social media network and you can read it up all you can.After the saga, I browsed through my blog and found I actually have 2 posts on SPH.  One was SPH --  A No No No For Me......... on 21st Sep 2017 and the other SPH -- All Times Low Since 1998 !!! on 28th Jul 2019.  Well looking at both the titles, can tell none of those posts are of anything good on SPH.The most interesting one was the post in 2017, yes almost 4 years ago when the share price then was still above $2.50 and now as of 7th May 2021 closing, the share price was $1.52, more than $1 different in the wrong direction.  In t
Dinesh Dayani
2021-04-21 15:12:03
Straits Times Index (STI) Report Card: How Singapore-Listed Blue-Chip Companies Performed In 1Q 2021
The Straits Times Index (STI) is comprised of 30 of the largest and most liquid companies listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Account for nearly 80% of the entire value of all listed companies on the SGX, the STI is commonly referred to as Singapore’s benchmark or market return. We can gain exposure to the STI by investing in one of the two STI ETFs listed on the SGX. With one investment decision, we become broadly diversified to 30 high quality companies and will earn the Singapore market return. Read Also: Complete Guide To Investing In The Straits Times Index (STI) ETFs In Singapore How Did The STI Perform In Q1 2021? While many of us may be attracted to invest in U.S. or Chinese companies, the STI has been no slouch in 2021. According to SGX, the STI delivered a world-leading ret
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2021-03-23 22:25:13
CDL share price to hit $10 with UK S-REIT IPO?
SIGN UP FOR $10 TO UNLOCK ALL ARTICLES! It’s like an intriguing plot straight out of Hong Kong’s TVB drama. The unfolding Sincere Property saga has rocked Singapore’s leading property giant, City Developments Limited (CDL), which announced an impairment loss of $1.78 billion due to investments in the Chinese property developer. The impairment contributed to the Group’s worst full-year financial performance in its operating history. Arising from this crisis, investors must be sweating on the kind of collateral damages that would be inflicted on CDL share price. Investors first smelled blood for CDL share price in October 2020 when former director Kwek Leng Peck resigned after purported disagreements with the board over the Sincere investments. Consequently, the market reacted viole
2021-03-13 15:41:56
US stimulus enables STI to cross 3,100, markets shrugged off rising bond yields – for now
The STI rose 82 points or 2.7% to 3,095.22; On Thursday, the index closed at 3,106; The main driver was the US’s US$1.9 trillion stimulus; Wall St continued to rise to new heights despite rising bond yields; ECB has pledged to buy government debt to try and contain yields; In local news, CDL refuted blame by China unit Sincere Property; Aztech Global ended its debut at S$1.29 versus S$1.28 IPO price; Oceanus rejected negative online rumours STI crossed 3,100 briefly, driven by US stimulus optimism The main theme last week that drove markets higher was the passing of the long-awaited US stimulus package by Congress, the Biden’s administration’s first major legislative victory. It passed by a narrow margin but there was a sense of relief that after around 6 months of negotiations,
2021-02-28 11:41:39
Monthly wrap for February 2021: Vaccine optimism vs rising bond yields
The STI gained 1.6% for Feb at 2,949.04; Optimism came from vaccine news, pessimism from higher bond yields; Wall St’s all-time highs on Wed were erased by fears of rising rates; Wilmar announced record dividend; Sembmarine hopeful that worst of writedowns is over; CapitaLand reported first-ever loss; OCBC and UOB reported lower 4Q profits; Writedowns for Sincere Property dragged CDL into the red. Opposing forces set the direction As the month of February unfolded it became apparent that direction would be set by two opposing forces. On the upside was optimism surrounding vaccine rollouts and development, whilst on the downside was pressure from rising bond yields that came because of an improving economic outlook – although the 10-year US Treasury yield was down 6 basis points at
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2021-02-25 17:41:08
Corporate Result -- Jan/Feb 2021
1. SPH Reit  --  13th Jan 2021  (Business Update)2. First Reit  --  14th Jan 20213. CICT  --  21st Jan 20214. Frasers Cpt Trust  --  21st Jan 2021  (Business Update)5. SGX  --  22nd Jan 20216. Kep Reit  --  25th Jan 20217. Mapletreelog Trust  --  25th Jan 20218. Parkway Life Reit  --  25th Jan 20219. Kep DC Reit  --  26th Jan 202110. Suntec Reit  --  26th Jan 202111. Kep Pac Oak US Reit  --  27th Jan 202112. Kep Infra Trust  --  27th Jan 202113. Ascott Reit  --  27th Jan 202114. MapletreeCom Trust  --  27th Jan 2021  (Business Update)15. Kep Corp  --  28th Jan 202116. Starhill Global Reit  --  28th Jan 202117. MNACT&n
2021-01-24 22:23:26
STI regained the 3,000 level on Thursday – then lost it on Friday
Biden’s peaceful inauguration brought some support; STI climbed above 3,000 on Thursday but fell back on Friday; Wall St’s fall on Friday attributed to Fauci warning about new virus strains; Singapore govt keeping close eye on property market; Takeover offer for Sunningdale Tech was raised; CDL expects material impairment loss from controversial Sincere investment in China; Oceanus was in play, drawing SGX query Biden assumes US presidency peacefully, market hopes for stimulus soon There was a sense of relief last week that the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden passed without any problems. This helped bolster sentiment on Wall Street, where the mood remained positive that the incoming administration will soon put into placed a large stimulus package. However, as the week pr
Create Wealth Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading
2021-01-16 19:50:49
Properties in Singapore only Go UP!!!
 Valerie KorFri, 15 January 2021, 6:00 amSINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - The top loss of the week during the week of Dec 29, 2020, to Jan 5, 2021, was incurred by the seller of a four-bedroom unit on the seventh floor at St Regis Residences Singapore in District 10. The 2,594 sq ft unit was bought in December 2007 for $8 million ($3,084 psf) and sold on Jan 5 for $4.8 million ($1,850 psf). The seller therefore saw a 40% loss of $3.2 million, which is annualised at 3.8% over 13 years.St Regis Residences Singapore is a 173-unit condominium along Tanglin Road. Developed by City Developments, it is located next to The St Regis Singapore hotel and is a short drive to the Orchard Road shopping belt and Tanglin Mall. The 999-year leasehold project was completed in 2008.
2021-01-10 15:49:27
A Blue Wave lifts markets in a week of two halves
Explosive end to the week saw the STI gain 5.3%; The push came from the US, where Democrats won control of Senate; Market now hopes for more US stimulus, Wall St at all-time high; Bank stocks in play as US Treasury yield curve steepens; Share buybacks in 2020 rose 75% versus 2019 to $1.03b; A week of two halves as the STI nears 3,000 Football matches sometimes play out in two contrasting halves, the first sometimes dominated by one team and the second by the other. As far as stock markets were concerned, the same description applied for the first week of 2021. Certainly, that it was a week of two halves was very much the case for the Singapore market – the first half was a quiet and sedate few days during which nothing much happened, the second, an explosive surge brought on by unexpe
Investment Income For Life
Blade Knight
2021-01-07 10:03:24
Organisational Behaviour: The meaning of "Sinecures"
The recent reporting of the saga revolving around the continuous resignation of more directors of City Development Limited ("CDL") since the acquisition of a 51% stake in a Chinese real estate developer, Sincere Property Group, lead to a very rare word being utilized in writing these days.The investment into the loss making Sincere Property Group in FY2020 has cost CDL a total of S$1.9 billion as at Oct 2020 which included S$895Mil for its 51% stake , S$303Mil for subscription of bonds and another S$133Mil in working capital loan. CDL will need to take into the account the loss given its 51% controlling stake to its consolidated accounts. In October last year, CDL shocked the market when it announced that a long standing director, Mr Kwek Leng Peck had resigned from the board mainly due to
2021-01-03 12:11:29
Performance of Straits Times Index (STI) Constituents in 2020
Performance of Straits Times Index (STI) Constituents in 2020 The Straits Times Index (STI) ended 379.02 points or 11.8% lower at 2843.81 in 2020.(compared to 3222.83 on 31-Dec-2019)Top Performers in 2020: Keppel DC REIT, Venture Corp, Mapletree Logistics Trust, Wilmar International & Mapletree Industrial Trust. Least Performers in 2020: Singapore Airlines, Jardine Cycle & Carriage, SingTel, ComfortDelGro. Most Volatile: Keppel DC REIT, Singapore Airlines, Sembcorp Industries. The STI's 30 constituent stocks are: ASCENDAS REIT (A17U.SI); CAPITALAND (C31.SI); VENTURE CORPORATION (V03.SI); CITY DEVELOPMENTS (C09.SI); SINGAPORE EXCHANGE LIMITED (S68.SI); UOB (U11.SI); SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES (U96.SI); DBS GROUP (D05.SI); SINGTEL (Z74.SI); GENTING SINGAPORE (G13.SI); THAI BEVERAGE (Y92.SI);
2020-12-31 13:41:56
Portfolio closing 31/12/2020
STI closed at 2843.81DBS  ($25.04)UOB ($22.59)SPH   ($1.13)NetLink Trust ($0.965)SingTel ($2.31)StarHub ($1.31)CityDev ($7.97)Keppel Infra Trust ($0.545)Olam ($1.53)SIA ($4.28)SIA MCBZ300608 ($0.972)Keppelcorp ($5.38)SembCorp ($1.71)Sembmarine ($0.143)SIA Engineering ($1.97)CDL Trust ($1.27)AsiaPay TV Trust ($0.119)Capital China Trust ($1.39)Ascendas India Trust ($1.38)Lippo Malls Trust ($0.062)SuntecReit ($1.49)OUE Comm Trust ($0.385)StarHillGlobal Reit ($0.505)MapleLogistics Trust ($2.01)SATs ($3.98)First Reit ($0.235)KReit ($1.12)SoilBuild Trust ($0.535)HPH Trust ($0.26)AscotReit($1.08)SingPost ($0.705)Comfortdelgro ($1.67)Dutech ($0.24)Ezion ($0.046)*SunningdaleTech($1.53)Kimly($0.315)UOL ($7.71)ST Engineering($3.82)SBDEC17 GX17120W (25,000)SBOCT18 GX18100V (13,000)ATREA
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Collin Seow
2020-12-19 23:08:24
CPF Investment: Passive Income Guide for All Singaporeans
Today, we are going to share with you how to invest your CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) in a no-brainer way. The best part? You need not be financially savvy to do this. A beginner can do it! And I’ll reveal the exact step-by-step process, which you can follow easily. What is CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS)? It is to provide options to CPF members to invest their CPF savings in their Ordinary Account (OA) and Special Account (SA) in various instruments such as investment-linked insurance products, unit trusts, fixed deposits, bonds, and shares in Singapore. The average CPF interest rate is 2.5% to 4% for the Ordinary Account. Check the latest CPF interest rate here. Below is the latest CPF rate (1st Oct to 31st Dec 2020).   Share this Infographic On Your Site </p><br /&g

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