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SGD 7.340
+0.040 / +0.55%
Share Price as of: 2022-06-24 17:16
Market / ISIN Code: SGX Mainboard / SG1S83002349
Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Real Estate / Real Estate / Real Estate Management and Development

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Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2022-06-25 23:40:30
5 Stock Actions for 5 Black Swans (五内如焚)
Over the past 2 years of pandemic, global stock markets have been experiencing roller-coaster rides, down and up and down … mainly due to these 5 black swans with high uncertainties in cyclic manner: 1) COVID19 Pandemic 2) Supply Chain Disruption 3) Interest Rate 4) Inflation 5) Russian-Ukraine War Global stock markets experienced mini dotcom bubble with over 30%-50% major correction in technology stocks, especially in US Nasdaq and Hong Kong. Both long term investors and short term traders are worried of high inflation over 8%, interest rate hike (may exceed 3% in 1 year), Russia-Ukraine War (higher commodity prices), supply chain disruptions and endless COVID19 cases (over 2 years) which contribute to declining stock prices. These 5 black swans (五内如焚) may
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2022-06-25 23:38:37
Top 4 Crisis Defender Dividend Stocks (抗压存股)
Global stock markets experienced mini dotcom bubble with over 30%-50% major correction in technology stocks, especially in US Nasdaq and Hong Kong. Both long term investors and short term traders are worried of high inflation over 8%, interest rate hike (may exceed 3% in 1 year), Russia-Ukraine War (higher commodity prices) which contribute to declining stock prices. A potential black swan may spread the fears in technology stocks to most sectors, resulting in a global financial crisis. Instead of worrying about uncertain markets, a smart investor and trader may consider strong dividend giant stocks with protection by defensive sector business, a natural way to hedge against high inflation with interest rate hike while collecting growing passive incomes in a steady way. In recen
Dinesh Dayani
2022-05-24 15:30:09
SPDR STI ETF VS Nikko AM STI ETF: What’s The Difference Between These 2 STI ETFs Listed On The SGX?
For those new to investing, putting your money in a benchmark country index is one of the easiest and safest ways to begin your journey. In Singapore, the benchmark index is the Straits Times Index (STI), and there are two STI ETFs – SPDR STI ETF and Nikko AM STI ETF – that we can invest in. What Is A Benchmark Index? A benchmark index of a country usually refers to the largest and most liquid stocks listed on its stock market. In Singapore, the Straits Times Index (STI) is made up of the 30 largest (by market capitalisation) stocks listed in Singapore. Combined, these companies comprise approximately 80% of the entire market value of stocks listed in Singapore. Hence, how the 30 stocks on the STI performs is representative of how the Singapore market performs. The STI is co
Angela Koo
2022-05-04 10:58:35
[2022 Edition] Top 10 Richest Billionaires In Singapore And How They Earn Their Wealth
After the startling rise of billionaires in Singapore last year during the height of the pandemic, the rise of the richest in Singapore seems to have tapered slightly, with the net worth of many of these billionaires being slightly lesser than last year. This year’s billionaire list according to Forbes, includes some notable mainstays and new entrants. Read Also: [2021 Edition] The Richest In Singapore And How They Made Their Fortunes #1 Li Xiting Net Worth: $17.6 Billion Global Ranking: #94 Industry: Healthcare Net Worth in 2021: $21.5 Billion Retaining the top spot is Li Xiting, founder and chairman of Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronic. Born in China, Li is a naturalised Singapore citizen. A supplier of medical devices and headquartered in Shenzhen, his wealth was propelled by th
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2022-02-27 14:38:17
Corporate Result -- Jan/Feb 2022
1.  SPH REIT  --  7th Jan 2022  (Business Update)2.  Keppel DC Reit  --  24th Jan 20223.  Parkway Life  --  24th Jan 20224.  MapletreeInd Trust  --  25th Jan 2022  5.  Keppel Reit  --  25th Jan 20226.  Frasers Cpt Trust  --  25th Jan 2022  (Business Update)7.  Starhill Global  --  25th Jan 2022 8.  Keppel Infra Trust  --  26th Jan 20229.  Keppel Pac Oak US Reit  --  26th Jan 202210.  Suntec Reit  --  26th Jan 202211.  MapletreeCom Trust  --  26th Jan 2022  (Business Update)12.  Keppel Corp  --  27th Jan 202213.  MNACT  --  27th Jan 2022  (Business Update)14.
Joanne Poh
2022-02-21 10:46:13
Happy 20th Birthday to the SPDR STI ETF! A Look at How Far Singapore’s First Locally Listed ETF Has Come
This post was written in collaboration with State Street Global Advisors. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective lens. We are committed to providing the best information in order for you to make personal financial decisions with confidence. You can view our Editorial Guidelines here. “Buy ETFs!” is one of the most frequent pieces of investment advice newbies tend to hear. But when Singaporeans talk about exchange-traded funds (ETFs),  a popular category often comes to mind — the Straits Times Index or STI tracking family of ETFs. The most well-known of the bunch is the SPDR® Straits Times Index ETF (ES3), or the SPDR STI ETF. You see, the SPDR fund was the first ETF known
2021-12-19 11:13:15
Central banks in focus in soft week
The Straits Times Index lost 31 points or 1% at 3,111.63 The US Fed said it would wind up its bond buying by March and possibly raise rates three times next year Bank of England raised its benchmark rate to combat inflation MAS announced new property cooling measures Local brokers still optimistic on property sector Wall Street fell sharply on FOMC news, spread of Omicron and “quadruple witching’’ Could the market have prematurely brushed off Omicron? Central bank actions put STI under pressure, but mainly in low volume The Straits Times Index fell 31 points or 1% to 3,111.63 during a week in which central bank actions provided the main focus. First, the US Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced it would end its bond-buying programme by March and might raise interest rates three t
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2021-08-27 09:55:42
Corporate Result -- Jul/Aug 2021
1.  SPH Reit  --  12th Jul 2021  (Business Update)2.  Mapletreelog Trust  --  19th Jul 20213.  SPH  --  19th Jul 2021  (Business Update)4. Suntec Reit  --  22nd Jul 20215.  Frasers Centrepoint Trust  --  22nd Jul 2021  (Business Update)6.  SATS  --  22nd Jul 2021  (Business Update)7.  MapletreeCom Trust  --  23rd Jul 2021  (Business Update)8.  SIA Engg  --  23rd Jul 2021  (Business Update)9.  Keppel DC Reit  --  26th Jul 202110.  Keppel Pac Oak US Reit  --  26th Jul 202111.  Mapletree NACT  --  26th Jul 2021  (Business Update)12.  Keppel Reit  --  27th Jul 202113.  MapletreeInd
2021-05-09 16:36:46
SPH: Told my family members to cut loss
SPH restructuring is a bad deal for shareholders, in the near to middle term.While a demerger from Sembmarine did Sembcorp good, there are several differences. 1) Sembcorp Industries shareholders receive Sembmarine Shares. SPH shareholders get nothing, in fact, they lose NTA value for "nothing"2) SCI post demerger can focus on renewables, and while one can argue that SPH can now focus on property, SPH is now a property company commanding a valuation that is on par with Capitaland and don't see how it can be compared to Capitaland. In fact, UOL is trading at 0.65 book value, and smaller but established players like CES, Centurion with students accommodation business and also workers accommodation business is trading at 0.47 PB.HongKong Land, btw trades at 0.3. I would agree that S
What's Behind the Numbers
Eye of the Storm
2021-01-21 19:44:52
Portfolio Updates (January 2021)
 Equity market had a good start of the year and STI has finally touched 3000.00 last Thursday! But it felt short of my expectations as I was hoping the index to breakthrough 3,000 psychological support/resistance on Thursday itself.  Hence I am expecting some pullback before it stays above 3,000.Whereas Nasdaq continued its climb to record high but ended modestly lower last Friday when Biden announced his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan and his tax proposals. Well that's the nature of stock market which the stock price reacts to every news that's going on but at least we can assured that market ups and downs won't be caused by single tweet anymore.(1) Dividend PortfolioReits and bank shares in my dividend portfolio performed well in January which were lifted up my gains in STI and Ha

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