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2021-01-17 16:10:18
The year started with index 3238 and ended a couple of days back with index 2843. This represents a drop of 12.2%. I stayed the course and continued to add more dividend stocks. At STI 2800 plus, local market is starting to appear not so cheap. But compared to other major indices it’s relatively cheaper. As I am already pretty heavy on local banks, I turned my attention to overseas market, mainly HK and My.I continued to add shares which I see potential for good dividend payouts and subscribe to scrip dividends where possible. The past year, the latter proved fruitful, as in the case of local banks, Far East consortium and sinoland. I took position in water oasis. I noted that it has postponed its board meeting and now the shares are suspended pending audits of its accounts. I
Dinesh Dayani
2021-01-04 09:59:15
4 Cheapest Value Stocks In Singapore [3 Jan 2021] Yanlord Land (SGX:Z25); HPH Trust (SGX:NS8U); China Everbright Water (SGX:U9E); Hong Fok (SGX:H30)
In 2020, Singapore’s benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) declined about 12% to 2,843.81. While this seems like a poor performance, Singapore stocks (and its global peers) staged one of the fastest recoveries after plunging over 30% at the height of the COVID-19 uncertainties in March. Beyond the recovery in share price, markets globally are also looking forward to the COVID-19 vaccine. On the back of this, investors have rotated out of healthcare and technology stocks into more cyclical sectors and value stocks. This has translated into the Straits Times Index (STI) generating close to double the gains of the S&P 500 Index in 4Q2020. Read Also: Complete Guide To Investing In The Straits Times Index (STI) ETFs In Singapore In this edition of 4 Stocks This Week, we take a closer look a
2020-12-21 17:26:36
Companies with Free Cash Flow Yield of more than 10%
 After reading the book "Market Masters" a  few times, there are at least 2 "Masters" that swear by free cash flow yield. In fact, they both mentioned 8- 10% yield as a very attractive proposition. Hence, I did a scan of all the companies in my portfolio, excluding the reits and financial companies, and discovered several such companies. I calculated FCF yield by using 5 years average OCF minus  5 year average PPE minus 5 year Purchase of Business (If regular and significant), then divide by number of shares and then finally the price. Data drawn from FSM Screener. I gave Sembcorp Industries a miss, since it is considered a "new" business after demerger and Keppel, because its number are too volatile, for the numbers to be meaningful.They are:1) Lung Kee (HK 0255) (15%)
2020-11-30 17:34:00
What an incredible run up that happened in  the month of November. Early November began with a market level of around 2500 and ended the month putting on some 350 points to end at 2850! This update was prepared on 29/11. Edited 30/11 end of day, market slumped by 58points. So overall still this month up by close to 300points, or 12% gain in a month. Imagine a person who predicted a big crash and turned full cash at 2500 level to some others who still have a high cash warchest. They would have missed out on this big run up in prices, and also dividends from some of the counters, if any.Overall, I stayed the course, as I realised that I am unable to time the market and would fail miserably if I attempt to so do from past experiences. The edit above also proves this point . How can
Dinesh Dayani
2020-11-22 10:20:09
Best Performing Transport Stocks [20 Nov 2020] COSCO (SGX: F83); SATS (SGX: S58); HPH Trust (SGX: C6L); ComfortDelGro (SGX: C52)
In the early part of November, global investors rotated out of momentum stocks (particularly those benefitting from work-from-home trends) to value stocks. This was mostly driven by developments of multiple working vaccines, following the US elections. One of the sectors that have come back into focus in the transport industry. In Singapore, the 10 most traded transport-related stocks gained 11% in November alone. Read Also: Joe Biden Is Now U.S President: 7 Things Singapore Investors Need To Know In 4 Stocks This Week, we look at 4 of the best performing transportation stocks on SGX in the past 4-weeks period, above the $500 million mark. COSCO SHIPPING (SGX: F83) Singapore-listed COSCO (SGX: F82) is engaged in the business of 1) logistics; 2) dry bulk shipping; 3) ship repair and marine
2020-10-31 09:25:51
 As I write this towards the end of october 2020, market has fallen below 2500. Lots of reds when i open up the screen during the time of writing this.Counters added this month : P&O, Oriental Holdings, Miramar Hotel and DBS.I am doing more research on the UK dividend counters before getting some of them. As usual, a good sustainable yield with a past history of being able to raise dividends. I am looking at counters like rdsb, gsk, lgen, national grid etc. As usual, each counter would probably occupy 1% or less. So objective would be to avoid losers, rather than ability to pick winners, that's good enough. ( thanks to kind friends for their gracious non-selfish sharing)Cash flow is the key in this kind of down market, no cash flow, can forget about buying anything without selling
2020-10-02 09:57:32
Portfolio and dividend update September 2020
This is my update for the month of September.  This covid crisis has accelerated my overseas investments, namely into the HK and Malaysia markets. Might go into the UK market also, should attractive opportunities present themselves. Diversification and adding of good dividend paying stocks with a solid track record of paying would be the foci here. Absorb volatility in prices, as these are beyond anyone's control, with adequate holding power and use cash flow from dividends to add more dividend stocks to further enhance cash flow.Dividends coming in frequently is still a delightful experience , with as frequently as twice a day to once in a few weeks.Cash flow is the key in this kind of down market, no cash flow, can forget about buying anything without selling anything.Cheers!!!Comin
2020-09-01 06:48:51
So far in my many years of investing, this is the toughest period. Not sure how long more it will last, maybe 1 more year, 2 years. And the economic impact and the time to recover might take longer. The recent SATS results, the management estimated that the recovery might take up to 2024. That's a long time more, 4 years! Lot of unprecedented events, lots of companies such as HSBC and Malaysian banks etc which never skipped dividends previously, now not paying. And a lot of others are reducing their dividends. Many of these are not lousy companies which are not making money or on the brink of collapse, but are stellar blue chips like the banks, both in singapore and overseas. And in US, stock markets have recovered to almost the same as precovid levels. Incredible by itself when
2020-07-31 20:48:01
Dividend and portfolio update - July 2020
Would like to emphasise this to readers again as before : stay the course .... dont panic. this time its NOT different***Latest: MAS asked Banks to issue dividends 60% of 2019 level.  SCI, GPI and SATS no dividends Dividends up to the next few months by estimated datesComing weeks to months -- cash flowing in from counters in my portfolio ...27/7 Sre28/7 MIT28/7 HKBJ30/7 HGC6/8 KC*7/8  SIAE LPI*12/8 SPost14/8 BSemb14/8 SphReit17/8 KSH*18/8 STel20/8 DBS*27/8 suntec  UOB*28/8  CMT  CDG* OCK*31/8 GE*3/9 STE*4/9 HSB* 7/9 Hysan*9/9 WW* ZL10/9 PBB*. teckwah*11/9 CKH*14/9 CLP*16/9 CHsong TaiC17/9 Goldlion*18/9 singre*25/9 Panamy Lungkee* TCIL*27/9 CRCT*28/9 PG*2/10 OCBC* MB*. BOCHK*14/10 Lb*17/10 HKL*18/10 SGX*21/10 MIT*26/10 HKBJ*30/10 AeonC
2020-07-02 15:45:04
Portfolio and dividend update June 2020
Would like to emphasise this to readers again as before : stay the course .... dont panic. this time its NOT differentDividend by month1) singtel Panasonic tai Cheung  Chen Hsong holdings2) sgx  starhillg fct sphreit cmt  capitacom mit suntec hsbank lian beng nam lee singpost LPI capital3)   taisin  hsbank petronas capitaretail pbb clp manulife4) hsbc dbs cimb5) steng sgx  uob sph starhillg fct sphreit cmt cdg hcg Singre teckwah mit sci suntec  hlf ocbc ge ckh6)  netlink hsbank maybank petronas Kc dbs hkland FLT clp manulife Lung kee7) singpost  tcil hsbc bochk aeon creditHK hk Beijing enterprises8) singtel  plife  suntec ocbc  starhill sci kc steng fct singpost sphreit cmt ock  capitacom  siaen mit sats uob cd

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