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Ernest Lim's Investing Blog
2019-11-12 21:50:26
Yangzijiang – may be ripe for a bounce (12 Nov 2019)
This week, besides Food Empire which caught my attention (click HERE), Yangzijiang (“YZJ”) also caught my attention for being a laggard. It has given up all the gains since its large 7% jump on 5 Nov 2019. Notwithstanding the recent mild profit taking, it seems to be holding up well above its uptrend line. Given that its results are just around the corner, it may be an opportune time to take a look at YZJ. Do take a look at the basis, and more importantly, the risks.   Basis A) Chart analysis – a breakout / breakdown seems to be on hand with breakout more likely Based on Chart 1 below, YZJ has experienced five days of share price consolidation after its large 7% jump on 5 Nov 2019. In fact, it has given up all the gains since then and closed at $0.980 today. Prices are starting to c
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Collin Seow
2019-11-06 15:27:58
CPF Investment: Passive Income Guide for All Singaporeans
Today, we are going to share with you how to invest your CPF investment money in a no-brainer way. The best part? You need not be financial savvy to do this. A beginner can do it! And I’ll reveal the exact step-by-step process, which you can follow easily. What is CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS)? It is to provide option to CPF members to invest their CPF savings in your Ordinary Account (OA) and Special Account (SA) in various instruments such as insurance products, unit trusts, fixed deposits, bonds and shares in Singapore. The Average CPF Interest Rate is 2.5% to 4% for Ordinary Account. Check their latest CPF interest rate here. Below is the latest CPF rate (1st Oct to 31st Dec 2019).   Share this Infographic On Your Site </p><br /><br /><br /><br /&
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2019-09-06 14:25:05
Straits Times Index Changes: Hutchison Port Holdings Trust to Be Shipped Out; Mapletree Commercial Trust to Replace
Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (SGX: NS8U) will be booted out of the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI), Singapore’s stock market bellwether. Instead, Mapletree Commercial Trust (SGX: N2IU), owner of Singapore’s largest shopping mall VivoCity, will take its place. The changes will be applied after the market close on Friday, 20 September 2019 and will be effective come Monday, 23 September 2019. The index’s co-creators – Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Singapore Exchange Limited, and FTSE Russell – made the announcement yesterday after the stock market closed. The shuffling is part of the September quarterly review of the Straits Times Index (STI). Differing fortunes   Hutchison Port Holdings Trust has not been performing well financially over the pa
The Motley Fool Singapore
Royston Yang
2019-09-05 09:10:55
4 Metrics That Can Help You Avoid Big Losses When Investing
When analysing companies, investors need to be aware of certain financial metrics. Such metrics provide important information on how a company is performing, and they may also warn of impending deterioration in the business in future periods. Such early warning signs are crucial in helping investors avoid debilitating losses. Risks abound in investing, and one can never be too careful when it comes to identifying warning signs of impending stress. While businesses definitely do face challenges time and again, remember that it is the great ones that manage to overcome adversity and emerge stronger, while the weak or imprudent ones end up falling by the wayside. Here are four important metrics (along with examples) that can help investors avoid big losses. 1. Profit margins Gross and net pr
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2019-09-05 09:08:16
3 Largest Share Buybacks by Singapore Companies in August 2019
A recent report by the Singapore Exchange revealed that 23 companies bought back around 71.5 million shares for a total amount of over S$70 million. The latest buyback is up by around 69% from July 2019’s figure of S$41.6 million, but down significantly from August 2018’s S$245 million. With that, let’s explore three companies with the largest share repurchases last month. No. 1: Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Holdings Ltd The company that carried out the biggest share buyback in August was Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Holdings Ltd (SGX: BS6). The shipbuilding company bought back 20 million shares for between S$0.85 and S$0.99 per share, spending a total amount of S$18.47 million. Yangzijiang’s shares tumbled around 36% last month on negative news surrounding Chairman Ren Yu
The Motley Fool Singapore
Jeremy Chia
2019-09-03 11:48:25
3 Essential Rules for Successful Asset Allocation
When it comes to asset allocation, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Asset allocation should depend on factors such as age, income, risk tolerance, financial needs and goals. However, there are some general rules that you can follow when deciding how to divide your stock portfolio.  Rule #1: Money that you need in the next six months should be held in cash Although all the rules I will list here are going to be important, this is perhaps the most important of all. The last thing you want is to be forced to liquidate your stocks during a market downturn and incur a loss on your investment. As such, any money that you will need to spend over the next six months should be held in cash. In fact, I think it may be prudent to be a bit more conservative than that and have at leas
The Motley Fool Singapore
Jeremy Chia
2019-09-03 10:48:29
11 Singapore-Listed Shares Likely to Be Affected by the Chinese Yuan Devaluation
The Chinese yuan slumped to an 11-year low on Monday, 26 September to around 7.1425 to the US dollar. This was touted to be China’s retaliation to the US imposing more tariffs on Chinese products. Because of that, the Chinese yuan has also weakened considerably against the Singapore dollar over the last year. As of the time of writing, one Singapore dollar can be exchanged for 5.16 Chinese yuan, as compared to 4.98 just a year ago. The sudden devaluation of the Chinese currency will definitely have a knock-on effect on numerous Singapore-listed China companies that report their earnings and pay dividends in Singapore dollars. With that said, here are some companies that will be negatively affected by China’s currency devaluation. China-focused REITs There are a number of REITs
The Motley Fool Singapore
Jeremy Chia
2019-09-03 08:04:00
2 Singapore REITs That Recently Reported Growth in Dividends
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have grown in popularity in Singapore. Besides providing relatively high yields, REITs also offer exposure to a wide range of assets. With that in mind and with earnings season having just ended, here are two REITs that have delighted shareholders with a bump up in DPU. Riding on the growth of the Chinese consumer Sasseur Real Estate Investment Trust (SGX: CRPU) saw its entrusted manager agreement (EMA) rental income increase by 2.7% on a comparable basis in the second quarter of the year. More importantly, the REIT which owns four outlet malls in China rewarded unitholders with a 5.9% increase in distribution per unit (DPU).  The REIT’s EMA rental income has a fixed portion that is stable and a portion that is tied directly to tenant sale
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2019-09-03 07:59:53
August Straits Times Index Recap: Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Leads the Market Lower
Most of the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) stocks were in the red last month. In all, 24 components were in negative territory; five were in the green while one – UOL Group Limited (SGX: U14) – ended the month unchanged at S$7.35. For the month, the Straits Times Index fell 5.9% to 3,106.5. The biggest loser of the lot was shipbuilder, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Holdings Ltd (SGX: BS6); its shares plunged 36.4% to S$0.91, down from S$1.43 at the end of July. In the middle of last month, Yangzijiang said that Ren Yuanlin, Yangzijiang’s executive chairman and controlling shareholder, is assisting in a confidential investigation carried out by certain government authorities in the country. Is it time to bail out on Yangzijiang’s shares amid the uncertainties? Maybe no
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2019-09-02 13:08:04
30 Best Singapore Shares for September 2019 and Beyond
The Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) is up just 1.2% so far for the year. With the US-China trade war, Hong Kong protests, Brexit, and general economic slowdown worrying investors, it’s not surprising to see the Singapore stock market languishing. If you are looking for stock ideas amid all the macro fears, you have come to the right place. Using our data provider, S&P Global Market Intelligence, and a Magic Formula methodology popularised by Joel Greenblatt, we found some of the best stocks for the month that could go on to perform well. The basic premise of the Magic Formula is to find the 30 best shares in the market as ranked by their cheapness and their quality and to hold on to that basket of shares for a year before repeating the ranking process. For a deeper underst
The Motley Fool Singapore
Royston Yang
2019-08-28 10:35:54
5 Companies That Bought Back Shares Recently
Share buybacks can be an effective method to screen for cheap and undervalued companies. Companies conduct share buybacks when they feel their shares may be undervalued. Here are five Singapore-listed companies that recently bought back shares. 1. Singapore Press Holdings Limited Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SGX: T39) is a leading media organisation. Its core business includes the publishing of newspapers, magazines, and books in both print and digital editions. The group also owns a 70% stake in a real estate investment trust called SPH REIT (SGX: SK6U) that owns a total of four properties in Singapore and Australia. On 26 August, SPH bought back 576,300 shares at a price of between S$1.99 and S$2.00. Note that SPH had reported a weak set of results in its recent Q3 2019 earnings re
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2019-08-24 20:13:16
Yangzijiang share price to sink or swim?
8 August 2019 would be remembered by many investors as a scary day because Yangzijiang share price plunged by 20% before trading halt. On that fateful day, 10.5 million shares were shorted by the big boys, making it the highest volume stock being shorted. As usual, retail investors were initially left clueless on what’s happening. It was only on 14 August 2019 that the management revealed in a SGX filing that the Executive Chairman and major shareholder, Ren Yuanlin, was currently assisting the Chinese authorities in a “confidential investigation”. The SGX filing provided nothing specific about the nature of the investigation and also stressed that it is “business as usual” for Yangzijiang as none of its directors and business units are affected by the investigation. Yangzijiang
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2019-08-23 08:21:42
1 Simple Ratio to Showcase the Power of the 10 Largest Industrial Blue Chip Shares
Return on equity (ROE) is a simple metric to showcase how good a company’s management is in turning every dollar of shareholders’ equity into earnings. It’s calculated by taking the annual earnings of a company (found under its income statement) and dividing it by the shareholders’ equity (found under the balance sheet). Generally, the higher the ROE figure, the better it is for shareholders. We all want the companies we’ve invested in to generate as much profit as possible for every dollar of our equity, don’t we? A recent report by the Singapore Exchange revealed the ROE of the top 10 largest industrials shares of the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI). The first five shares out of the 10 with the highest ROEs are: Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2019-08-19 13:57:34
5 Singapore Blue-Chip Shares with the Highest Dividend Yields
Among the blue-chips shares of the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI), there are several companies that possess market-beating dividend yields. Let’s explore the top five blue-chip stocks with the tastiest yields, as of 16 August 2019. Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (SGX: NS8U) steals the top spot with a yield of close to 12%. The yield is even higher than that seen in the earlier part of this month at 9% due to the falling unit price of late. However, dividend investors should be wary about the high yield; the trust’s distribution per unit (DPU) has been plummeting for some time. In 2011, DPU stood at HK$0.377 per unit, but that has declined to just HK$0.17 in 2018. Coming in at the second spot is Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SGX: T39), or SPH for short. The media giant&rsq
Singapore Stocks Investing
Tom K
2019-08-09 21:24:17
Yangzijiang Stock: a shocking crash
Yangzijiang stock closed 20% lower on Friday 8 Aug 2019, down $0.26 from $1.30 to close at $1.04. Intra-day on 8 Aug 2019, Yangzijiang stock went as low as close to 30% lower to $0.93 before closing the trading day slightly higher. The crash of Yangzijiang stock may be related as reported, to a China’s… Continue reading Yangzijiang Stock: a shocking crash The post Yangzijiang Stock: a shocking crash appeared first on SINGAPORE STOCKS INVESTING.
Lim Si Jie
2019-07-29 18:22:25
6 Blue-Chip Stocks To Own In A ‘Risk-On’ Environment (Part 2)
In this part of the series, we continue with three more blue-chip stock picks that will thrive in a ‘Risk-On’ environment. Investors Takeaway: 6 Blue-Chip Stocks To Own In A ‘Risk-On’ Environment Keppel Corp Keppel Corp is in a unique position where it is expected to ride on the recovery of multiple sectors, i.e. property and O&M sector. According to DBS, the Chinese market, which accounts for half of Keppel Corp’s property segment, is seeing improving sentiment with rising demand and average selling price on the back of loosening liquidity year-to-date, especially in the tier 2 cities. Land sales in the Tianjin Eco-City project should also pick up. For O&M, Keppel Corp’s year-to-date orders of  $1.8 billion has already surpassed the whole of last year. Thus, moving fo
Dinesh Dayani
2019-07-14 01:32:12
4 Stocks This Week (DLCs) [12 July 2019] City Dev; AAC Technologies; Sunny Optical; Sands China
On 17 July 2019, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of launching Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs) in the market. DLCs are short-term trading products that allow investors to amplify their exposure to the market and offer both long and short positions. Offered by Societe Generale in Singapore, the number of securities listed in the market has increased from just 10 initially to more than 76 today, covering both the Singapore and Hong Kong markets. This includes 56 single stock DLCs, such as Venture Corp, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding and Keppel in Singapore and Tencent, Geely Automobile, AIA and China Construction Band in Hong Kong, and the rest comprises indices such as the MSCI Singapore Index and Hang Seng Index (HSI). Allowing traders to leverage their positio

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