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Lim Si Jie
2019-08-21 00:12:30
6 Investment Themes To Ride On The M&A Wave (Part 2)
In this 3-part series, we summarise six M&A investment themes from DBS for investors to consider as an alpha generating investment strategy. In the last article, we highlighted two M&A investment themes in the REIT and healthcare space. In this article, we focus on two M&A investment themes in the tech sector: ‘Consolidating Tech For More Gains’ and ‘Cash Is King’. Investors Takeaway: ‘Consolidating Tech For More Gains’ & ‘Cash Is King’ ⦁ Technology Sector – Consolidate For More Gains The global economy is facing a confluence of risks, which could severely disrupt economic activity and inflict significant damage on longer-term development prospects. One of the sector that is hit the hardest is the tech sector. The supply chain that spans across Asia has
Governance For Stakeholders
Mak Yuen Teen
2019-08-06 07:26:49
When poor governance meets liberal rules
First published in Business Times on June 4, 2019 By Mak Yuen Teen In April, (my colleague at the National University of Singapore Business School) Richard Tan and I released a report titled “Avoiding potholes in listed companies”, published by CPA Australia. The report identified 16 warning signs and red flags in corporate governance, disclosure and reporting that had differentiated 33 companies that had run into serious corporate governance or accounting problems, and comparable companies that had not. The study also found 14 other companies that had many of the same red flags and may therefore be at risk of suffering the same fate soon (although we did not name them in the published report). Allied Technologies Holdings was one of them. In the three years leading up to April

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