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Dinesh Dayani
2022-05-24 15:30:09
SPDR STI ETF VS Nikko AM STI ETF: What’s The Difference Between These 2 STI ETFs Listed On The SGX?
For those new to investing, putting your money in a benchmark country index is one of the easiest and safest ways to begin your journey. In Singapore, the benchmark index is the Straits Times Index (STI), and there are two STI ETFs – SPDR STI ETF and Nikko AM STI ETF – that we can invest in. What Is A Benchmark Index? A benchmark index of a country usually refers to the largest and most liquid stocks listed on its stock market. In Singapore, the Straits Times Index (STI) is made up of the 30 largest (by market capitalisation) stocks listed in Singapore. Combined, these companies comprise approximately 80% of the entire market value of stocks listed in Singapore. Hence, how the 30 stocks on the STI performs is representative of how the Singapore market performs. The STI is co
2022-05-09 15:12:26
STI lost 2% in line with sharp falls on Wall St
The week’s main focal point was the US FOMC meeting Despite the Fed’s dovishness, Wall St eventually buckled The STI followed suit, dropping 65 points or 2% at 3,291.89 US bond yields spiked up again, 10-year Treasury now yielding 3.13% China’s slowdown also weighed on sentiment In local developments – Thai Beverage to revive listing plans for beer spinoff, Temasek’s Azalea launched new bond issue A dovish Fed failed to soothe Wall St’s inflation/interest rate nerves The US Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) meeting and the subsequent volatility on Wall Street were the main focal points of last week’s stock market trading during which the Straits Times Index lost about 65 points or 2% at 3,291.89. After the meeting which ended on Wednesday, the Fed s
Timothy Ho
2022-04-02 17:18:00
Singapore Companies Listed On NYSE: Sea; Grab; PropertyGuru
In our financially connected world, financial exchanges are no longer just marketplaces that serve companies and investors from a specific country or region. For example, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) includes many foreign listed companies such as Yangzijiang (SGX: BS6), Thai Beverage (SGX: Y92) and Hongkong Land (SGX: H78). Similarly, Singapore companies can also list on overseas financial exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The NYSE is an American stock exchange that is also the world’s largest stock exchange by market capitalisation. Top companies around the world such as Alibaba, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan and Visa are all listed on the NYSE. Besides American (and some Chinese) companies, there is also a small handful of Singapore companies that we can find on the
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2022-02-26 20:00:56
4 Undervalue-Growth-Dividend Giant Stocks in Singapore and US (股海四宝)
It may be a dream for an investor to find an all-rounded stock with strong business fundamental and growing share prices with regular dividends as passive income (monthly / quarterly / half-yearly) for long term investing or short term trading. In this Dr Tee 2hr video education (4 Undervalue + Growth + Dividend Giant Stocks in Singapore and US), you will learn:1) US and Singapore Stock Market Outlook – Short term, medium term & long term2) LOFTP Investing Strategies for Growth Investing and Momentum Trading – Level Analysis (L1 Stock, L1 Sector, L3 Country, L4 World) – Optimism Analysis (0-100%) – Fundamental Analysis (Strong / Weak) – Technical Analysis (Follow-trend / Counter-trend) – Personal Analysis (Short Term Trad
Joanne Poh
2022-02-21 10:46:13
Happy 20th Birthday to the SPDR STI ETF! A Look at How Far Singapore’s First Locally Listed ETF Has Come
This post was written in collaboration with State Street Global Advisors. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective lens. We are committed to providing the best information in order for you to make personal financial decisions with confidence. You can view our Editorial Guidelines here. “Buy ETFs!” is one of the most frequent pieces of investment advice newbies tend to hear. But when Singaporeans talk about exchange-traded funds (ETFs),  a popular category often comes to mind — the Straits Times Index or STI tracking family of ETFs. The most well-known of the bunch is the SPDR® Straits Times Index ETF (ES3), or the SPDR STI ETF. You see, the SPDR fund was the first ETF known
Clara Lim
2022-02-03 16:21:49
Investing in Shares (2021) – MoneySmart Guide to Buying SGX Stocks
These days, owning Apple stock is as much a status symbol as owning an Apple watch. (Well, they’re both expensive…) But apart from making you more attractive, stocks and shares are also investment vehicles and can help grow your money. Sounds great, right? So why don’t more Singaporeans invest in shares? One reason is that the stock market is a big and confusing place. It’s hard to know where to start. If that sounds like you, read this 101 guide to investing in shares in Singapore. Contents What are stocks/shares? What kind of returns can you get from shares? How do you choose what shares to buy? Top 10 SGX stocks in 2021 How can you start investing on SGX? Can Singaporeans invest in foreign stock markets? What are stocks/shares? I’ve been using the words “stocks” and “s
2022-01-23 12:14:25
Banks help keep the STI afloat as Wall St tumbled
UOB took over from DBS as main bank play The STI added 13 points or 0.4% at 3,294.86 despite sliding Wall St SPACS Vertex Tech and Pegasus Asia debuted on Thurs and Fri respectively SGX RegCo issued trading warning on Metech Wall St fell every day of the week as bond yields spiked up on rising rate expectations Fed funds futures pricing in 5.6% chance of a 25-basis points rate hike at this week’s FOMC Nasdaq is now 14% below its Nov all-time high UOB took over from DBS as main bank play Earlier in the month it was gains in DBS that contributed the most towards the Straits Times Index’s upward push. Last week as DBS’s momentum stalled, UOB and OCBC took over, their gains helping the index add 13 points or 0.4% at 3,294.86 – a rise that came despite surging US bond yields that cau
Create Wealth Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading
2021-12-20 08:40:43
Hunting For Multi-baggers In Local Market
Probably; the difference in the nature of multi-baggers hold by Panda/Koala retail investors in boring Super Terrible Index is their freehold multi-baggers generating lifelong passive income without fear of losing their money ever.Free Dividend Fallacy? No lah! It Is Freehold Dividends For Life!!!Active management and a willingness to take risks with smaller stocks easily trump the Straits Times Index's dull returnsRead? Hunting for multi-baggers in the local marketAMONG the first few books I ever read on investing were Peter Lynch's One Up On Wall Street and Beating The Street - which got me excited about "multi-bagger" stocks.Lynch coined the term to refer to stocks that appreciate by a multiple of their initial value. So, a stock that trebles in value is a 3-bagger, and a stock tha
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-11-28 00:08:10
5 Singapore Semiconductor and 5G Giant Stocks
In this Dr Tee 1hr video education (5 Singapore Semiconductor and 5G Giant Stocks), you will learn:1) Singapore Stock Market Outlook2) Long Term Investing / Short Term Trading on 5 Singapore Semiconductor and 5G Giant Stocks: – Valuetronics Holdings (SGX: BN2) – AEM Holdings (SGX: AWX) – Frencken Group (SGX: E28) – UMS Holdings (SGX: 558) – Micro-Mechanics Holdings (SGX: 5DD) 3) Bonus Stock Diagnosis and Audience Q&A – Thai Beverage (SGX: Y92) With super rally of 5G and semiconductor sector cycle, strong business earnings would help to support stock prices until the arrival of Dotcom or Technology Bubble Version 2.0. Investors need to learn to position in these giant stocks with investing or trading strategies, a
Eight percent per annum: Value investing in Singapore stocks
2021-08-21 20:47:00
2021 Singapore Dividend List using Poems Stock Screen
When we first starting discussing screens more than 10 years ago, there were no good screens out there for retail investors. But technology advances, today we can easily screen for stuff. Just google "stock screener" and you get tonnes of screens. Even screens for ETFs! It is true that most would be made for the US and other big markets. But still, you can get good stuff.I have been using poems as described in last year's post. This year, I would also be showing the poems screen. Singapore has been hit badly by the pandemic and we do get a lot of interesting results. So, this year's screen will be the first time in a long while we discuss Singapore stocks.Here's the criteria I used for this year's screen.I have focused on ROE and ROA (which are proxies for ROIC or return on invested c

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