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Share Price as of: 2022-07-01 17:16
Market / ISIN Code: SGX Mainboard / SGXE29738106
Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Information Technology / Technology Hardware & Equipment / Electronic Equipment, Instruments and Components

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The Fifth Person
Adam Wong
2022-04-28 17:25:52
How to buy U.S. shares in Singapore and open a U.S. brokerage account (updated 2022)
As remarkable as Singapore is as a first world financial hub, our local stock market is rather… humdrum. And the main reason for that is — with 5.6 million people — the Singapore market is just too small. So unless a home-grown Singaporean company is able to expand beyond its shores, its potential growth remains limited. However, expanding overseas into new markets brings a new host of challenges. In a region as culturally diverse as Asia, a company needs to understand different languages and local customs in each new market, and navigate the unique business regulations, tax codes, compliance laws of each country. So unless a company is able to successfully crack the humongous Chinese market, it remains challenging for many firms to grow bigger beyond Singapore. Case
SG ThumbTack Investor
2021-11-03 01:11:45
Guest Post: Money Lessons That Squid Game Has Taught Us
This is a guest post by @GrandpaLemon, posted here with permission If anything, Squid game has been a teaching experience and I just want to call out a few money lessons that one should have learnt from this show, you know, just for the future’s sake. Hospital and Surgical Insurance I am not selling any, don’t worry I always joke with my wife saying if anything happens to me, send me to any public hospitals. Hence, for my entire life, I only buy Integrated Shield Plan for Public Hospital Class A coverage with rider. In my mind, I only think of the Hospitalization part, it never occur to me that I might need a day surgery. These few months, I have some health issue. My underwear is getting wet every time, and I am sure is not from my shooting gun. For those who are n

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