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Annie Lim
2018-03-13 13:29:46
Alpha Picks For March 2018
In February, many of the stocks took a hit and went down amidst fear of interest rate hikes and uncertainties over US’s inflation. However, given the backdrop of global economic growth, UOBKH opines that these “recovery plays and reflation picks” will still do well. Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) has been added to UOBKH’s alpha picks for March 2018, due to the eventual divestment of its 30 percent shareholding in Great Eastern Life Malaysia either through an upcoming IPO or a trade sale. The plan is likely to happen in 2H18 and analysts are expecting the funds from divestment of shareholdings to be a catalyst to “further propel growth”. DBS Group Holdings DBS Group Holdings (DBS) has been performing well, exceeding analysts’ e
Lim Si Jie
2018-03-07 16:54:13
Worried About Market Volatility? Here’s How You Should Position Your Portfolio
In close to three decades since the introduction of Volatility Index (VIX), the “fear index” has never been as low as 2017, having hit an all-time low of 9.14 in November 2017. As we entered 2018, VIX slowly crept up and shot to 37.2 at the start of February. While VIX is now lower at 19.6, it is still above levels seen in 2017. While the VIX has historically been an early warning signal for a market crash, UOBKH believes it is different this time around. UOBKH notes that the current volatility is not as severe as compared to 2015. The recent market pullback of around 11 percent from its peak, however, mirrors the same magnitude of the plunge in 2015. But since then, the market is slowly recovering back to its all-time high in January. UOBKH: Investors Should Look Beyond Short-Term Noi
The Fifth Person
Rusmin Ang
2018-02-20 11:10:15
Dividend payout ratio – and why it’s more important than a high dividend yield
If you love income stocks that pay a high dividend yield, then you ought to know about this one important ratio – the dividend payout ratio. The dividend payout ratio is the percentage of a company’s profit that is paid out as dividends to shareholders. For example, if a company earns one million in profit and pays $500,000 as dividends, then its dividend payout ratio is 50%. The dividend payout ratio can also go above 100%. So if a company earns a million and pays out $1.2 million, its ratio is 120% — which essentially means it paid out more than it earned in a given year. In the long run, a dividend payout ratio above 100% is not sustainable. As an income investor, we want to invest in stocks that can pay a steady or growing dividend — even during a recession. The 2008/9
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Trader F
2018-02-08 18:49:14
8th Feb STI Market Update: Maintain Your Focus
One of the biggest single day drops in the markets we’ve seen in a while. Good to see some volatility coming back into the markets. Of course, it caught some of our positions, but that’s part and parcel of trading. After that immense drop in US, you should have exited or scaled out of your long positions. As noted in our community, record your observations from this event and learn from it, then move on. Move on to focus on finding the next opportunity, and the next opportunity, and the next opportunity… It’s so important to be part of a community, to support you and remind you of what you should be doing. The value is less apparent during peaceful markets, but it becomes very clear during challenging times. And you’ll be glad for it. Don’t trade alone. If you want to surr
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Trader F
2018-01-27 12:35:00
27th January STI Market Update: Capricorn Effect?
  As we near the end of January, we have yet another festive season to look forward to, Lunar New Year! But first let’s take a look at the month which just passed. Global markets have experienced a rally, which the STI is clearly taking part in as well. This up move in global markets in January once again provides testament to the seasonal tendency called the January Effect, also known as the more mystical-sounding Capricorn Effect. If you haven’t heard of it, or don’t know exactly what it is, just take a read on this Wiki link or this Investopedia link here. Great information on both sites. If you’d like to know exactly how to position yourself in the markets at any time, Click here to find out more. STI Taking a bit of a breather now. Uptrend still, so don’t pick tops. Be p
Lim Si Jie
2018-01-26 10:33:30
Big Ticket Picks For Alpha Returns (Part 2)
Following the first part of the UOB-Kay Hian (UOBKH) Singapore Alpha Picks series, we highlight five other alpha picks from UOBKH to help you achieve alpha returns against the Straits Times Index to kick off your 2018 on a good note. Investors Takeaway: UOBKH’s Five SG Alpha Picks To Kick Off 2018 GL Another hospitality play that UOBKH recommends is GL. GL is the owner of prime hospitality assets, including over 4,700 hotel rooms in London. The group has been looking at selling its non-core businesses including Clermont Casino (UK) and Molokai Ranch, Hawaii. The potential streamlining of assets could help GL realize the true value of its current core assets. Another potential catalyst that could boost its share price is privatisation by its current shareholders. BUY, TP $1.185 (Curren
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Trader F
2018-01-17 17:28:04
17th January 2018 STI Market Update: CityDev Building Dreams.
  The newest addition this week is Citydev. City Developments is one of the most successful property developers on our shores. Founded 50 years ago, City Developments has expanded internationally into various areas of real estate. In 2014, they began their fund management arm as well. We are sitting on a few positions now, so we’re just waiting for markets to keep moving. If you’d like to know how you should be positioning yourself in the market right this instant, Click here. STI The STI is going really strong still. Its strength is in line with most major global markets which are making historic highs. STI strength keeping up with global markets   Wing Tai We just got our entry triggered today. Be patient and follow system. Let’s see where this takes us. Wing Tai just trigge
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Trader F
2018-01-11 18:38:33
11th Jan 2018 STI Market Update: Venture New Highs Again
Venture new highs again   We covered Venture early in 2017 as well. This year Venture is yet again on our watchlist as it makes new all-time highs. We have some signals from the setups we’re watching, so waiting on triggers for entry. There are no signs of weakness in the market just yet. So we should take it that the uptrend is still in play. A good many counters are taking to new all-time highs as well. If you’d like to know what the market is doing now, Click here to find out.   STI We’re quite comfortably trading above the 3500 level. However a pullback to test 3470 could be on the cards. If that happens, we should continue to look for buying opportunities. STI still going strong   Wing Tai We finally have our first signal, waiting on the trigger. Be patient and keep your eyes
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Trader F
2018-01-08 17:38:29
8th January 2018 STI Market Update: Some Setups Maturing
  As mentioned in past posts, there are some interesting setups with price consolidating towards the end of the year. We are now seeing some of those setups breaking out of the consolidation to give us fresh signals. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these setups. If you’d like to learn more about how we find the best counters to trade, Click here to learn how   STI Still going strong as we trade above the 3500 level easily. STI going strong   ComfortDelGro We exit at 2.04 Well managed trade! Frees up capital to get in the next winner. ComfortDelGro well managed trade!   Wing Tai Be patient and follow system. No signal yet. Wing Tai be patient and wait for signal   Keppel Corp This is another counter looking to continue its uptrend. We see a strong move off the consolidation
2018-01-07 10:08:29
Property news round up 7 Jan 2018
Singapore Big property deals surge to 10-year high Sales of big-ticket property transactions of S$10 million and above in 2017 surged to their highest level in a decade. This, however, was short of the record achieved in 2007, show latest figures from Savills Singapore and CBRE released separately to The Business Times. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); According to Savills Singapore’s preliminary tally as at Dec 27, investment sales of property reached S$35.64 billion, up 57.3 per cent from the S$22.66 billion in 2016. This was the best since the record S$41.1 billion during the 2007 property boom. Based on JLL’s figures, the surge in 2017 was supported by a strong revival in collective sales to S$8.6 billion from just over S$1 billion in 2016. Better
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Trader F
2018-01-04 18:39:33
4th January 2018 STI Market Update: Happy 2018 Traders!
  Happy 2018 everyone! As the new year comes around, the markets globally are looking strong. We have moves to new highs on the US indices. Asian indices are going up as well with the STI reaching 3500. Is this an indication of a good year for global markets this year? We had a pretty good trading year in 2017 with the markets generally trending higher. If you’d like to see how we did in 2017, read this post here. To find out how we did it, Click here to begin your journey.   STI We’re seeing a strong move higher to start the year. STI reaches 3500 again today. STI starts the year with a strong move   Genting We have an exit at 1.32 when the candle turned red. So that’s it for our Genting trip for the moment. Good little trade with 2 entries! Genting was a good trade, congratz!
2017-12-20 13:54:39
Singapore property outlook 2018 – 3 things to look out for
How does the Singapore property market outlook look like in 2018? Here are 3 things to look out for regarding Singapore’s residential market in 2018 according to Maybank Kim Eng. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Rental recovery supporting price increases According to Maybank, the upcoming demolition of 3,000+ units sold for redevelopment/en bloc will lead to a smaller net supply of just 4,900 units in 2018. This is likely to put downward pressure on vacancy rates. Falling vacancy rates will then lead to a pick up in rents. The expected uptick in rents will be the first pick up after four years of decline. Also read: Oxley’s 2017 en-bloc purchase at Potong Pasir According to Maybank, they see median price growth in the High End (Core Central Region) at
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Trader F
2017-12-15 17:47:26
STI Market Update 15th Dec 2017: Disney buys over FOX for $52.4b
Disney buys over FOX   Who would have thought that a company which started off producing children’s cartoons, would become such a heavyweight in the entertainment industry almost a hundred years on. Disney buys over FOX for 52.4 billion, in one of the most high profile purchases as this year comes to a close. The markets in general have continued their run higher. There is acknowledgements all around from global Central Banks as they began tightening slightly. The markets are not yet reacting to this yet, not with any sustainable moves at least. Barely even with any volatility. If you would like to identify stocks to trade quickly, Click here to find out how.   STI The market continues its slow grind higher. It’s contending with the 3450 level now, so the next milestone level for it
Annie Lim
2017-12-12 11:06:30
Three Trends In The Property Sector To Know For 2018
As the property market makes its recovery, many investors will want to make use of this opportunity to increase their investment in the property and REIT sector. This is in-line with UOB Research’s 2018 strategy as they recommend investors to maintain overweight in this industry, especially so for “stocks with exposure to the residential, hotel and office segments” as these are expected to be the star performers. This article will highlight three main trends that UOB Kay Hian (UOBKH) mentioned in their strategy report on Singapore’s property and REIT sectors, as well as top stock picks (including from other houses) in the sectors for 2018. 1. Improving economic conditions Echoing the optimism of the Ministry of Trade and Industry which has increased their GDP forecast for 2017 and
Towards Financial Freedom (SGX)
2016-05-27 12:19:50
DBS Equity Research: Wired Daily 27 May 2016
Model Portfolio – Include City Developments in Blue Chips and remove Frasers Centrepoint Limited from Balanced and Dividend categories Religare Health Trust - Fairly priced SATS - Positive prospects priced in CDL attempts third PPS deal, this time with top-end condos Motor loans restriction eased. Property easing in the wings? Motor loans restriction eased. – impact on land transport Manufacturing output up 2.9% in April, boosted by biomedicals, semiconductors Stocks to Watch  Model Portfolio – Include City Developments in Blue Chips and remove Frasers Centrepoint Limited from Balanced and Dividend categories • We add City Developments to the Blue Chips category. We had removed it on 15 April when the stock traded higher at $8.66. It has since corrected to as low as $7.90. Po

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