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2019-05-05 05:23:11
Is NetLink NBN Trust a value trap?
Investors must be wondering if NetLink NBN Trust would do an Asian Pay TV Trust (APTT) or Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) Trust. Both the unit prices of APTT and HPH suffered catastrophic meltdowns in recent years due to declining business fundamentals. Incidentally, Temasek Holdings is a major shareholder in all the three trusts. Even though both APTT and HPH Trust are favoured by investors for their high yields, the plunge in their unit prices would have offset the returns. Thus, the important lesson for NetLink NBN Trust investors is never judge a trust by its yield. Always make the effort to understand the business fundamentals when investing in equities. While big boys like Temasek Holdings can afford to lose monies in their investments, retail investors surely don’t have such deep po
S-REIT Investment Blog
2019-02-04 08:30:00
Portfolio Updates - A good start to the year (consoling for me)
2019 started off very well as my portfolio recovered partially. Not in all but it has consoled my heart. Here are some of the updates.Asian Pay Television Trust I have a residual portfolio of 32,000 shares which I sold it earlier this year at $0.127. I know that it has recovered but I was looking at the statistics and I don't think there is any reason for it to go up. Thus, I sold it off and look for other opportunities.Sasseur REIT Looking at the statistics of Sasseur REIT and the recent drop in price, it has become attractive that I actually bought 60,000 shares at $0.64. Thus it is worth about $38,000. The reason is that it is trading at an attractive rate of 9.6% yield and it is also trading at the discount to its NAV. Currently, it is the highest yielding REIT which is still trading b
A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs)
2019-02-02 09:41:13
How Do You Value A Company With Negative Terminal Growth Rate (APTT Case Study)
Most valuations' case study tends to focus on companies that are exhibiting positive growth rate in their earnings or cashflow over the next 5 years.They project the running cashflow rate by forecasting them over the next five years then discount them to the present value using a predetermined wacc rate.The alternative is to use the Gordon Growth Model to identify the company's terminal growth rate then have them discounted back over the present value using the same method.The terminal value of a company is a rough approximation of its future value at some date beyond which specific cash flows cannot be estimated.Example of a Gordon Growth Model using Terminal Growth RateIf you are a sell-side analyst working in a large corporation, it makes sense that you want to be covering stories that

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