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The Motley Fool Singapore
David Kuo
2019-08-12 19:07:24
The Week Ahead: ComfortDelGro, ThaiBev And ST Engineering
The Singapore earnings season will draw to a close for the blue chips this week after six more Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) companies step forward with results. Thai Beverage (SGX: Y92) posted a 12% drop in bottom-line profit in May. That was due to a poor performance in its spirts and food businesses in the second quarter. The focus in the third quarter could be the performance of its recently acquired Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Company (Sabeco). Defence contractor, ST Engineering (SGX: S63) kicked off its financial year in May with an 11% jump in first-quarter net profit to S$131 million. Revenue was up 5% thanks to a strong performance in aerospace and land systems. ComfortDelGro (SGX: C52) registered a 7.8% rise in revenue for the first three months of the year, which helped to
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2019-08-08 20:19:59
Corporate Result -- Jul/Aug 2019
1. SPH REIT  --  11th Jul 20192. SPH  --  12th Jul 20193. Kep Infra Trust  -- 15th Jul 20194. Kep Reit  --  15th Jul 20195. Kep-KBS US Reit  --  16th Jul 20196. Kep DC Reit  --  16th Jul 20197. CapitaCom Trust  --  17th Jul 20198. Kep Corp  --  18th Jul 20199. SATS  --  18th Jul 201910. FrasersCom Trust  --  22nd Jul 201911. Mapletreelog Trust  --  22nd Jul 201912. CapitaMall Trust  --  23rd Jul 201913. MapletreeInd Trust  --  23rd Jul 201914. Frasers Cpt Trust  --  23rd Jul 201915. MapletreeCom Trust  --  25th Jul 201916. Cache  --  25th Jul 201917. SIA Engg  --  26th Jul 2019 18. Suntec Reit  --  26th Jul 201919. Fr
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2019-08-03 07:41:42
ST Engineering share price in explosive rally
It seems that Temasek Holdings had chosen the right man to lead ST Engineering. Prior to Vincent Chong taking on the top job in October 2016, ST Engineering share price had been roiled by a devastating corruption scandal news that broke in 2014. That episode saw ST Engineering share price collapsing from $4.40 in 2013 to a low of $2.70 in early 2016. Since then, ST Engineering share price has finally seen glimpse of light at end of the tunnel. With a new CEO and a major rebranding exercise, this corporate behemoth appears to put to rest the haunting dark chapter. ST Engineering share price performance was indeed intriguing. I would have bought into this counter a couple of years ago if not for the appointment of the new CEO. Usually, I would avoid companies which experienced a change of l
Jeanne Mah
2019-07-19 09:22:15
Tired Of City Life? Here Are 11 Family-Friendly Farms In Singapore For A One-Day Getaway
Contrary to popular belief, farms in Singapore are not just limited to agricultural farms. You might think that you will only see endless rows of onions or radishes, but in this urban city, goat farms, crocodile farms, and a tortoise museum exists as well. The best part is, you can interact with animals and even feed them. Farms are highly engaging places for children to learn first-hand where their food comes from. Some farms sell produce as well, so if you are thinking of getting your weekly groceries from a farm, you can be assured of its quality. Here are 11 farms you can visit whenever you want to take a break from city life. Agricultural Farms #1 Bollywood Veggies This organic farm in the Kranji countryside is one of the most popular vegetable farms in Singapore, with an average r
Lim Si Jie
2019-07-18 17:04:02
3 Unique SG Stocks That Every Investors Should Take Notice
DBS thinks that there are three unique stocks in the market that will still allow investors to make a decent return on their investment. Investors Takeaway: 3 Unique SG Stocks That Every Investors Should Take Notice Blue Chips + Growth: SembCorp Industries Among the blue chips, DBS has taken a liking for Sembcorp Industries. According to DBS, Sembcorp Industries offers a unique value proposition as a proxy to ride the cyclical O&M upturn. At the same time, it is supported by a defensive utilities business, especially with its India operations showing signs of turnaround with an improving spread. DBS believes that this should re-rate its Energy business which is undervalued at 0.6 times P/BV and six times PE against 6-7 percent ROE. Furthermore, DBS strongly believes in the long-term gr
Lim Si Jie
2019-07-17 16:48:39
It’s Time To Switch Back To Liquid Large Caps (Part 2)
In the first part of this two-part series, we covered four value REIT and property plays that CIMB recommends in the current investment climate. In part two of this series, we focus on four other large cap plays that are able to sustain and absorb shocks in the market. Investors Takeaway: 4 Liquid Large Cap Plays That Are Shock Resistant ComfortDelGro Corporation There was a lot of attention on ComfortDelgro Corporation’s taxi segment this quarter with consensus estimates expecting a recovery in taxi revenue. However, recovery in its taxi revenue did not pan out as expected in 1Q19. Moving forward, CIMB foresees a year-on-year decline in taxi revenue amid weakness in China and a higher fleet idle rate in Singapore. That being said, CIMB still anticipates good growth from ComfortDelgro
Singapore Stocks Investing
Tom K
2019-07-12 23:28:57
The above is the snapshot of the Oversold Straits Times stocks for the week ended 12 Jul 2019. The Overbought STI stocks as shaded by orange above are CapitaLand stock, ComfortDelgro stock, SIA stock, ST Engineering and Wilmar International stock. There is only one Oversold STI stock for the week ended 12 Jul 2019. This… Continue reading OVERSOLD STI STOCKS (12 Jul 19) The post OVERSOLD STI STOCKS (12 Jul 19) appeared first on SINGAPORE STOCKS INVESTING.
Eight percent per annum: Value investing in Singapore stocks
2019-07-03 22:47:09
2019 Dividend List: 10 Years On
We started this dividend list in 2009 and in a blink of an eye, ten years flashed past. The list had since gone global as there are just that many (or few) dividend stocks in Singapore. Some of them had been bought out, some just weren't strong businesses to begin with and faltered and some others go in and out of the lists and a handful of names remained in it to this day. Last year, we dissected global dividend companies and discussed a few interesting names: Coach, Cisco, advertising companies. We see some of the same names this year and sadly, there isn't really good names or stories to share. The list tend to capture past business models with no growth such as brick-and-mortar shops without the new crowd drawing experiential retail innovation like Escape Room, Kidzania etc.
Growing your tree of prosperity
Christopher Ng Wai Chung
2019-07-01 23:01:53
The Model Thinker #25 - Signaling Models
Signalling models are very important in Singapore society. These models identify conditions under which people send costly signals to reveal information or their type.One of the most important forms of signalling in Singapore are academic qualifications, with the best corporate jobs going to folks with the highest Latin honours or 1st Class qualifications. This is in spite of the fact that most engineers on the job are unlikely to be made to solve calculus problems as part of regular work.The simplest model works by setting the cost of attaining a qualification along with its benefits which are distributed to equally to anyone who earns that qualification. A stronger candidate will expend fewer resources to obtain the benefit, so they will strive hard to earn it. A weaker candidate will ha
Lim Si Jie
2019-06-27 14:34:31
5 Small Mid-Cap Stocks To Add to Your Portfolio
The implementation of additional tariffs on Chinese imports sent markets reeling. Although trade talks are ongoing and there may still be possibilities for a deal, economists and analysts are anticipating that ramifications are beginning to bite. Amidst the uncertainties and a global economic slowdown, the STI shines as one of the most attractive markets in ASEAN to invest in, given its low price-to-earnings and high dividend yield. According to MBKE, against this backdrop, there are still some interesting names that investors can find within the small/mid-cap space. Here are five small/mid-cap stocks that MBKE thinks you should be adding into your portfolio to prepare for 2H19. Investors Takeaway: 5 Small/Mid-Cap Stocks To Add to Your Portfolio By MBKE CDL Hospitality Trusts CDL Hospit
Lim Si Jie
2019-06-25 12:15:57
Your Portfolio Should Consist Of These 5 Large Caps
With the trade war in full steam, it does not help that Singapore is expected to experience the sharpest economic slowdown in Southeast Asia. Investors need to take extra caution when deciding what goes into their portfolio for 2H19. According to MBKE, here are five large caps that investors should pick up in these uncertain times. Investors Takeaway: 5 Large Caps That Your Portfolio Should Consist Of By MBKE UOB While United Overseas Bank (UOB) is facing slower domestic growth, MBKE believes that the slowdown in domestic growth will be offset by increasing contribution from overseas operation. UOB’s lagging net interest margin should also see an improvement going forward from re-pricing loan yields and better liquidity management. Another fundamental that MBKE likes about UOB is its s
The Fifth Person
Ong Kang Wei
2019-06-07 11:13:08
11 things I learned from the 2019 ST Engineering AGM
ST Engineering is an integrated engineering company with four key segments: aerospace, electronics, land systems, and marine. It provides products and services for both commercial and military applications, which means that its financial figures usually demonstrate more resilience than its less diversified peers. I attended ST Engineering’s 2019 AGM thinking that there wouldn’t be anything too interesting; I was expecting it to be boring, actually. You can’t blame me — revenues grew at a CAGR of 0.2% over the past five years, while earnings fell over the same period. It seemed like a stable blue chip having immense difficulties with growth. While the company’s growth is still lackluster, I left ST Engineering’s AGM with a radically different view of the company. In
Governance For Stakeholders
Mak Yuen Teen
2019-05-24 06:33:46
Hyflux’s board ticked boxes but let down stakeholders
At various points during the Hyflux saga so far, I have given comments to the media and made periodic postings about the company’s corporate governance and its restructuring. I have not to this point written extensive commentaries on it like I have done for many other companies, like SingPost, Datapulse, YuuZoo, Noble and others. There were a number of reasons. First, I thought there were enough people commenting on every single development (in fact, I had turned down requests for comments from the media on several occasions). Second, I did not think there was the kind of egregious behaviour that we have seen in many other companies, even though I thought the Hyflux board was flawed and let down stakeholders. More recently, there was a third reason – I had set a major examinati
Lim Si Jie
2019-05-16 11:01:35
Shifting Gears With 3 High Risk-To-Reward Plays
The STI rallied to a year-to-date high of 3,400 points in April, but that came to an end. As the market enters correction mode following renewed trade war tensions, Credit Suisse thinks that a high risk-to-reward investment strategy will be the go-to strategy in the current investment environment. Here are three high risk-to-reward plays for investors who are looking to shift gears in your investment portfolio. Investors Takeaway: Shifting Gears With 3 High Risk-To-Reward Plays Keppel Corporation A key reason that Credit Suisse picked Keppel Corporation (Keppel Corp) as one of its top risk-to-reward play is the improving O&M outlook. With plans to hire 1,800 full-time staff over the course of 2019, it seems that Keppel Corp’s management is confident of the improving prospects in t
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2019-05-15 17:11:54
Corporate Result -- Apr/May 2019
1. SPH REIT  --  5th Apr 20192. SPH  --  9th Apr 20193. First REIT  --  10th Apr 20194. Kep Infra Trust  --  15th Apr 20195. Kep DC Reit  --  15th Apr 20196. Kep-KBS US Reit  --  16th Apr 20197. Kep Reit  --  17th Apr 20198. Soilbuild REIT  --  17th Apr 20199. Kep Corp  --  18th Apr 201910. CapitaComm Trust  --  18th Apr 201911. MapletreeInd Trust  --  22nd Apr 201912. MapletreeCom Trust  --  23rd Apr 201913. FrasersCom Trust  --  23rd Apr 201914. Suntec Reit  --  24th Apr 201915. CapitaMall Trust -- 24th Apr 201916. Frasers Cpt Trust  --  24th Apr 201917. CapitaR China Trust  --  24th Apr 201918. SGX  --  25th Apr 201919.
Lim Si Jie
2019-05-09 14:00:03
4 Refreshing Stock Picks You Should Consider
4 Refreshing Stock Picks You Should Consider After a splendid run-up in the past 4 months, stocks are looking a tad expensive. A correction seems overdue, as markets began to feel jittery about renewed trade tensions. For investors who are out on a hunt for bargain stocks to rebalance your portfolio, here are four stocks that you should consider. Investors Takeaway: 4 Refreshing Stock Picks You Should Consider By UOBKH ST Engineering ST Engineering has been on an acquisition spree of companies that are earnings accretive. Its latest acquisition, Newtec, is a satellite communication company in the broadcast & consumer space. According to UOBKH, Newtec’s satellite communication technology is a critical infrastructure in providing real-time content. Industry sources have estimated t
Lim Si Jie
2019-04-29 17:22:26
The Fed and ECB Are Making Yield Plays In Fashion, Again
Earlier this month, the US Federal Reserve came to a decision to maintain a larger balance sheet relative to the pre-2008 crisis period. This decision to end quantitative tightening came earlier after much internal deliberation. Revising Balance Sheet Normalisation Principles The Fed also announced the revision and replacement of its balance sheet normalisation principles. It will cease downsizing its balance sheet starting from October 2019. It will focus on holding treasury securities while its holdings of mortgage-backed securities gradually run-off to zero. Starting from October 2019, principal repayments received from mortgage-backed securities would be reinvested in treasury securities, subject to a maximum of US$20 billion per month. The Fed Slamming Brakes On Interest Rate Hike In
Lim Si Jie
2019-04-26 16:40:02
No Worries If You Have Invested In These 4 Stocks
In the last earnings season, around 20 percent of companies reported earnings that fell below RHB’s estimates. Going into 1Q19 and beyond, RHB recommends some quality counters that investors would not have to lose sleep over. Big Names Falling Prey To Earnings Downgrade Among them, Dairy Farm, Genting Singapore and Golden Agri-Resources were some of the big names that missed earnings expectations. Given the moderation of growth in 2019, RHB has downgraded the outlook in its coverage universe. A Sign Of More To Come Prior to 4Q18, downgrades eased during 3Q18. However, as the 4Q18 earnings season progressed, the pace of downgrades started picking up. Since September 2018, the telecom, transport, consumer staples and banking sectors have seen the most downgrades to consensus earnings. RHB:
Lim Si Jie
2019-04-25 12:59:06
3 Investment Strategies To Jumpstart Your Portfolio In 2Q19
In the first quarter of 2019, local benchmark Straits Times Index ended flat as investors juggled between worries about higher US recession risks and the impending outcome of the US-China trade talks. The only bright spot was the S-REIT sector as it outperformed on the Fed’s dovish interest rate hike forecast. The slowdown in hike came from lower GDP growth expectations and rising unemployment, leading to the inversion of US yield curve to heighten recession fears. According to DBS, here are three investment strategies for you to jumpstart your portfolio. Investors Takeaway: 3 Investment Strategies To Jumpstart Your Portfolio By DBS Strategy 1: ‘Peak’ Interest Rate, Uncertain Growth Environment Calls For Greater Focus On Yield/Defensive Stocks According to the Fed’s dot plot, they

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