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GICS® Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Energy / Energy / Oil, Gas and Consumable Fuels

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SG ThumbTack Investor
2019-04-28 23:36:14
TT Portfolio Performance & Review
Just realized that my last overall portfolio performance update was back in June 2018, and I haven’t been updating it for the past 10 months. The page is now updated and revamped. I’ve added in a line chart of the portfolio size, going back to 2011 since I’ve started tracking. Note that this includes any capital injections or withdrawals. (Mostly injections, except for 2015 and thus far, in 2019). I’ve opted not to add to the portfolio thus far in 2019, as I’ve shunted some capital into the property fund instead. Hopefully, there’d be some firesales that come up soon. Thus far, all the “firesales” that I’ve seen, are not really firesales but just marketing ploys. I’ve only really seen 1 true blue firesale a couple of years back, a
Lim Si Jie
2019-04-25 09:34:50
The Avengers: SG Stocks Edition (Part 4)
In the first three parts of this 4-part series, we highlighted six chosen stocks as part of our ‘The Avengers’ investment portfolio. As we approach the last of this 4-part series, we will end the much awaited wait for the complete ‘The Avengers’ investment portfolio with the final two SG stock picks: Geo Energy and CapitaLand. Investors Takeaway: Which SG Stock Deserves To Be Part Of “The Avengers”? Black Widow: Geo Energy Geo Energy, like Black Widow, is not one to be underestimated. Geo Energy: Putting 2018’s Miss Behind Geo Energy will be seeing a significant ramp-up in production, according to Phillips Securities Research (PSR). In the prior year, Geo Energy saw its production miss targets due to the disruption on the loading impacted by maintenance work performed by

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