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Lionel Loi
2019-01-13 12:49:03
4 Stocks This Week (Malaysia) [11 January 2019] GSH Corporation; Hatten Land; JB Foods; Riverstone Holdings
On Tuesday, Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Vivian Balakrishnan met his Malaysian counterpart in Singapore to discuss the recent bilateral disputes. After the meeting, both ministers jointly emphasised the importance of keeping the ground calm for discussions to take place and pledged to set up a working group to discuss legal and operational issues to de-escalate the situation. According to SingStat, Malaysia was Singapore’s second largest trading partner for merchandise trade in 2017, with over $108.2 billion of goods changing hands. This amounts to 11.2% of Singapore’s total external merchandise trade of $967.1 billion, second only to China which accounted for $137.1 billion or 14.2%. Malaysia was also Singapore’s tenth largest trading partner for services, amounting for $5.6 bill
SG ThumbTack Investor
2018-11-08 00:32:27
TT Fund: From -146.63% To +14.11% in 2.5 weeks!
1st up, note that TT Fund is not = my personal fund. But I retain all rights to invest it as I deem fit. In my last post, which was barely what, 2 weeks ago?, TT Fund’s ROI has changed dramatically. And I mean dramatically. From -146.63% To +14.11% in 2.5 weeks! In my last post (TTI’s Personal US Fund + TT Holdings Fund Results YTD), TT Fund’s ROI was an absolutely horrifying……. LOL. -146.63% MWR. I got a little kick out of writing about it actually. It’s kinda funny. That’s what a short term MWR can do to you. How is it possible to lose more than a 100%, but it is what it is. Hey man, I don’t do the calculations. Even the TWR as shown in the previous post, was terrible: -11.06% looks bad, but it’s certainly better than losing more than a
SG ThumbTack Investor
2018-10-06 18:30:29
ThumbTack Fund. #$TR!J%@F()*&(*%#!!
This is the sequel to: Birth Of A New ThumbTack Fund: GFH Fund My luck couldn’t be any worse. I entered into 5 long positions for the portfolio, selling put options on AVGO, V, CTL and JNJ.  I’ve also sold calls on VXX (it’s a long position cos I’m indirectly shorting volatility). Total premiums: USD 2,557.99 4 of these were entered on Wed night / Thurs early morning… which was just 1 day before the carnage as the US markets dropped heavily in the Thursday and Friday sessions. Presumably cos of the hike in bond yields. Gosh. How irritating can it get. Just 1 day difference would mean a few grand USD more. In the longer term, it probably doesn’t quite matter so much, but it is a bit irritating right now. I kept the SGD as SGD in ThumbTack Fund, believi

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