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Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-09-18 21:47:45
47 Undervalue SG Property Stocks for Privatization including Perennial (弱肉强食)
Perennial Real Estate Holdings (SGX: 40S) becomes the next target for privatization. However, not all the acquisition news is good for retail investors. In this article, Dr Tee will share the considerations by Big Boys or major shareholders to acquire or privatize a stock with Perennial as an example, with sharing of Reverse Takeover (RTO) stocks. You will learn the 47 undervalue Singapore property stocks which are profitable with over 50% price discount in asset value. Interestingly, Perennial started its property business in year 2014 through Reverse Takeover (RTO) of St. James Holdings (entertainment business) which IPO in 2008. RTO is a quick way of “IPO” by acquiring an existing company which could be different business nature. A more famous example would be RTO of Berkshi
The Fifth Person
Rusmin Ang
2020-05-04 09:02:24
10 things I learned from the 2020 Centurion AGM
Centurion Corporation came under fire when a large number of migrant workers in Singapore were infected with COVID-19. A few of Centurion’s worker dormitories were classified as hot spots for the contagious disease and were subsequently gazetted as isolation areas. To make matters worse, the plight migrant workers are facing has caught the attention of both local and international media. Critics have pointed out that migrant workers in Singapore are mistreated, underpaid, and have to endure poor living conditions in cramped spaces. Being one of the largest providers for worker dormitories in Singapore with 28,000 beds, Centurion plays an important role in providing living facilities to many of the unsung heroes who have made tireless contributions to Singapore’s overall developm

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