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ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2022-01-01 16:23:19
Strategic Investor 2021 Review
FTSE STI ended the year 2021 at 3,123.68 compared with 2,843.81 a year ago, representing a gain of 279.87 points or +9.84%.  Most would like the performance was due to the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic which started in January 2020.  While the pandemic is still ongoing with the latest being the mutated Omicron variant, it is still too early to conclude the pandemic is over or stock market correction is over.  Just a food of thought, if vaccine is able to get the world out of pandemic, those nations who have been mass vaccinating the population out of the pandemic are still requiring further booster shot against newly mutated variant why ?The following summarized the Investment Portfolio performance for 2021 vs 202020212020Variant Non-Strategic Unrealized Gain/Loss &nbs
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2021-11-27 23:38:09
Stock Incubator Part 1.4 -- Nordic Group
With reference to the news dated 10th Nov 2021 of Nordic Group launched an acquisition of Starburst Holdings Limited.  The announcement was for Nordic Group to acquire Starburst with a pre-conditional voluntary offer.  The offer shall only be triggered when it has satisfied or waived off the pre-condition on or before 10th February 2022.  Should the deal go through, the offer will be S$0.238/share in cash to all Starburst Holdings Limited's shareholders.As a shareholder of Nordic Group since 2014, this piece of news really caught me off guard.  Firstly, Starburst Holdings Limited is not a competitor of Nordic Group in term of business.  While Nordic Group's business is mainly focused on O&G or O&M sector, Starburst on the other hand is focused on the milita

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