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Governance For Stakeholders
Mak Yuen Teen
2018-10-16 07:00:51
Independent directors: More than minimum compliance is needed
First published by The Business Times on October 16, 2018 By Mak Yuen Teen and Chew Yi Hong We refer to our article headlined “The things independent directors do for shareholders” (BT, Sept 19, 2018) and would like to reply to the two companies that have responded it. Gaylin Holdings responded on Sept 26 through an SGX announcement to questions we had raised about the relationships between the three independent directors (IDs) and the private equity fund, ShawKwei & Partners, which is Gaylin’s controlling shareholder. The company cited the absence of shareholding and family relationships and significant recent payments to the IDs that could affect their independence. Gaylin also said that it had obtained advice from a law firm regarding their independence. Such legal
Ernest Lim's Investing Blog
2018-10-14 13:56:09
STI has dropped almost 17% since 2 May! Is a bear market coming? (14 Oct 18)
Dear all, U.S. equity markets have logged their worst weekly performance in the past six months. For our local market, STI has dropped 16.7% from an intra-day high of 3,642 on 2 May 2018 to an intra-day low of 3,035 on 11 Oct 2018. It closed at 3,069 on 12 Oct 2018. Is a bear market coming? There are mixed views. Bears are saying that we have not reached the bottom yet. Some perma-bears are even saying this may be the start of the bear market. Bulls are saying that this represents a window of opportunity to accumulate stocks on weakness and that the bull market is not over yet. My personal view is that this is unlikely to be the start of the bear market. Since last month, I have already informed clients to trim their portfolios. In fact, on 26 Sep, I have sent out another email to reiterat
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2018-10-06 13:59:31
The Straits Times Index Falls 1.5% for the Week
The Singapore stock market, as represented by the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) tumbled by 47.3 points, or 1.5%, to end Friday at 3,209.8. Most of the index components finished in the red, including all three banks. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Limited (SGX: O39), or OCBC for short, was the bank that fell the most at 2.2% to S$11.19. On Monday, OCBC announced that a planned sale of Hong Kong Life Insurance to First Origin International Limited had been called off as the buyer failed to meet certain conditions before a September 30 deadline. Hong Kong Life Insurance is 33.33%-owned by OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited, a subsidiary of OCBC. Another loser for the week was industrial real estate investment trust (REIT), Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust (SGX: A17U). Its units declined by 3.4
Governance For Stakeholders
Mak Yuen Teen
2018-09-19 06:53:20
The things independent directors do for shareholders
First published in The Business Times on September 19, 2018 By Chew Yi Hong and Mak Yuen Teen  Independent directors serve as an important check and balance in companies. While they owe fiduciary duties to the company like other directors, they play a special role in safeguarding the interests of minority shareholders. Following the latest review of the Code of Corporate Governance in Singapore, such directors will not be considered independent after nine years, unless approved by a two-tier vote by shareholders from January 2022. Tests for independence based on family and employment relationships will be in the listing rules from January next year. Other relationships have been moved to practice guidance that is not subject to the “comply or explain” requirement, but appropri
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2018-08-10 19:16:13
Stock Fair Value – Growth Stock & Undervalue Stock
There are many ways (eg. FA, TA, PA, Optimism) to define a stock fair value or price, depending on the strategies. From only FA (Fundamental Analysis) perspective, there are 2 main strategies:   1) Asset Approach (Undervalue Stocks) – Buy a stock at price below the good asset value (eg. cash and property), waiting patiently for the recovery of share price, sell when price is above the asset value.   Recent acquisition of Wheelock Properties is a good example. The offer of acquisition requires major shareholder to pay about $600 millions cash. If successful, the company has about $900 millions cash of asset (excluding other assets such as properties), therefore the buyer actually would get $900M – $600M = $300M in return. This is similar to shopping in stock market
Jimmy Ng
2018-07-27 17:41:20
Oversold Markets Climb Out Of Epic Decline
US stocks rallied as investors’ attention was diverted to stronger corporate earnings away from the shadow of the trade wars. Alphabet stock soared to record highs rising 3.5 percent on 24 July 2018 as Google earnings beat estimates. Unfortunately, shareholders of Facebook were not so lucky. The social-media giant lost close to US$100 billion of its market cap as its share price plunged by more than 20 percent in the after-hours session on 25 July following a weak guidance. Trade tensions between US and Europe may ease after President Trump and EU chief Juncker agreed to work together to lower trade barriers. Meanwhile, the US administration has promised US$12 billion of aid plans aimed at helping farmers affected by the trade wars. China has also put in place policies designed to help s
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2018-07-20 14:16:35
Acquisition of Undervalue Property Stock (Wheelock Properties) by Parents / Grandparents
In the last 5-day Ein55 class in July 2018, a student submitted homework on a portfolio of giant property stocks in Hong Kong including Wharf Holdings (HKEX: 0004). The major shareholder is another giant stock, Wheelock & Co (HKEX: 0020) which also own an undervalue Singapore property stock, Wheelock Properties (SGX: M35).   Similar to many other Singapore property stocks, Wheelock Properties has been undervalue (Price to Book ratio < 1) for many years, as much as 40% discount at one time. Besides, the company has not been appointing a CEO since 2012 as there is little activity for expansion, a strong signal of potential acquisition.   In Jan 2016, share price of Wheelock Properties dropped to around $1.35, below 25% Optimism, an excellent opportunity for acquisition by
A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs)
2018-07-19 20:40:28
Wheelock Privatization Shows Why Deep Value Investing Is So Difficult To Execute For Perfection
After a few days of trading halt, there's finally news that Wheelock Properties will be privatized.Wheelock Properties have been a deep value asset play for a very long time especially for investors who buy based on the premise of a net cash position, their relative valuation to the one listed in HK and waiting for a privatization offer.The Offer Price values the company at $2.10 per share, which represents a premium of over 20.7% over the last transacted price of $1.74 per share on the 13th Jul.While this seems like a no-brainer win for most people, one has to look over their real long term return over the last 10 years after recovery from the GFC.In fact, if we look at the offer price of $2.10, that actually only presents 0.78x of the Price-to-NAV which is way lower than the intrinsic va

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