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GICS® Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Industrials / Capital Goods / Construction and Engineering

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T.U.B Investing
The Unique Bunch (T.U.B)
2017-09-14 18:30:29
The Share Buyback Counter
In my own opinion, having written a 3-part series on the construction industry (Part 1, 2 and 3) and invested in many construction and property counters, I believe my understanding of the construction and property industry is at least above average.Thus, this time round I will be writing about Tiong Seng Holding Limited (Tiong Seng), which I had been vested since the start of the year at a very low price of only $0.230. It has since risen till the current price of $0.320. A whopping 36% paper gain!Profile In Short (Taken from 2016 Annual Report)Riding on over 58 years of strong track record, Tiong Seng is a homegrown leading construction and civil engineering company in Singapore and a niche real estate developer in China.Accorded the highest A1 grading from the Building Construction
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2017-09-01 12:00:21
3 Companies That Have Bought Back Their Shares This Week
Warren Buffett is a huge advocate of businesses buying back their shares. He believes that share buybacks can reveal a thing or two about the company’s management. He once said, “What you’d like to do as an investor is hook them up to a machine and run a polygraph to see whether it’s true. Short of a polygraph the best sign of a shareholder-oriented management — assuming its stock is undervalued — is repurchases. A polygraph proxy, that’s what it is.” On that note, let’s check out three companies picked at random that have repurchased their shares during the week. 1. BBR Holdings (S) Ltd (SGX: KJ5) According to its website, BBR Holdings is “one of Singapore’s leading construction and specialised engineering groups with more than 20 years of
SG ThumbTack Investor
2017-07-02 16:34:39
TTI’s Portfolio Results – FY17Q2
Before we know it, it’s the halfway mark of FY17 and it’s time for the customary crunching of numbers to see where TTI stands, relative to the general market. To summarize: Not too good. STI ETF’s figures are kinda crazy this year, and although in recent weeks STI is showing some weakness, on an annualized basis it is still on a tear. Clocking in with an XIRR of 28.58% at the halfway mark, STI ETF continues it’s impressive run in 2017. By contrast, TTI’s XIRR for 2017 stands at 12.81% as of 2017Q2. Total portfolio size has increased rather rapidly though, from $943,815.80 as of the start of the year, to $1,201,907.53.   Of this increase of $258,091.73 since 6 months ago, $194,600.89 is accounted for by capital infusion, while $63,490.84 comes from capital g
SG ThumbTack Investor
2017-06-15 01:54:00
Geo Vs GEAR! + Options Update
There hasn’t been regular updates as this is traditionally a really busy time of the year for me, work-wise. School holidays + everyone wants to get work done before going for summer vacations. In fact, I too, am planning my CNY getaway next year right now as we speak. (Just inserting a random summer vacation pic so that email pic below doesn’t become picked up as the heading pic by other aggregating websites!) Well, I’m actually ok with visiting and doing all the CNY stuff. It’s all great fun for the kids too. It’s just that my schedule tends to be really really tight these days, and going around visiting lazily just seems to be a huge waste of time. Increasingly, time is the major consideration when it comes to planning my travels, instead of cost. And ever

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