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Lim Si Jie
2019-06-20 16:43:55
3 Buffett-Style Companies With Wide Economic Moats
One of the factors that Warren Buffett takes extra notice of is whether a company possesses a business economic moat. In our local space, we look to three Buffett-style companies that share the same favourable trait. Investors Takeaway: 3 Buffett-Style Companies With Wide Economic Moat By RHB China Aviation Oil For investors who are unfamiliar with China Aviation Oil (CAO), the company supplies jet fuel to foreign and domestic airlines flying through Chinese and other international airports. Its state-owned parent is Asia-Pacific’s largest physical jet fuel trader and the sole supplier of imported jet fuel for China’s civil aviation market. This literally puts CAO in the “monopoly status” for the supply of imported jet fuel to China’s aviation industry and is one of the key inves
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
Mr R
2019-06-18 18:24:39
Chicken or fish, Sir? A quality stock that should sit in your portfolio
The answer to that question would have been a flat, “No thank you, I am good. Please reserve your tasteless airline food for the other passengers.” Well, being the polite gentleman that I am, I would not have verbally articulated my exact thoughts when the ever-so-polite SQ lady saunters down the narrow lane during meal times. There was one particular special occasion with the missus that we flew first class and ate a bucketload of caviar, mixing that with champagne on tap. No chicken nor fish. That was awesome. However unless you are a drug lord, Hollywood star, the CEO of SIA itself or my buddy Victor (lets just keep with his first name), such experiences are generally out of reach for the normal hardworking middle-class folks we all are. According to some researchers, the reason why
Sim Kang Heong
2019-06-09 10:59:51
4 Stocks This Week (China Focus) [7 June 2019] Hi-P; China Aviation; Ying Li; CapitaLand Retail China Trust
Amid the trade dispute with the United States, China’s economy has slowed, with both industrial output and retail sales growth declining sharply. In April, industrial output growth dropped to 5.4%, compared to 8.5% in March. Retail sales rose by 7.2%, compared to a 8.7% increase in March, and the lowest in more than ten years. The FTSE ST China Index is a subset of the FTSE ST All-Share Index, comprising stocks that have reported either at least 50% of their revenues from Mainland China, or reported at least 50% of their operating assets are located in Mainland China. The 19 constituents of the index have a combined market capitalisation of more than $60 billion. From January to May 2019, the index’s 5 best-performing constituents averaged a total return of about 22%. These are Hi-P In

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