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Timothy Ho
2017-11-19 09:57:14
4 Stocks This Week (Major Corporate Develoments) [17 Nov 17] – Genting Hong Kong, mm2, Raffles Education, Noble Group
Major corporate actions are an inevitable part of business. Publicly-traded companies are responsible in being accountable to their shareholders. That’s why companies are expected by the exchange to make timely announcements on major corporate actions that may affect their operations. In this week edition of 4 Stocks This Week, we look at a few companies that have been in the news lately due to announcements or significant changes that could impact their company. # 1 Genting Hong Kong (SGX: S21) – Delisting Earlier this week, Genting Hong Kong announced that it would be delisting from the Singapore Exchange (SGX) on 17 April 2018. The company will continue to be traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). What this means is that moving forward, existing Singapore investors who w
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2017-11-17 20:25:45
Corporate Result -- Oct/Nov 2017
1.  SPH Reit  --  9th Oct 20172.  SPH  --  11th Oct 20173.  Soilbuild REIT  --  13th Oct 20174.  M1  --  16th Oct 20175.  Kep DC Reit  --  16th Oct 20176.  Kep Infra Trust  --  16th Oct 20177.  Kep Reit  --  17th Oct 20178.  Kep T&T  --  17th Oct 20179.  ESR-REIT  --  17th Oct 201710.  Kep Corp  --  19th Oct 201711.  CapitaCom Trust  --  20th Oct 201712.  FrasersCom Trust  --  20th Oct 201713.  MapletreeGCC Trust  --  20th Oct 201714.  CapitaMall Trust  --  20th Oct 201715.  CapitaR China Trust  --  23rd Oct 201716.  Mapletreelog Trust  --  23rd Oct - The key to successful Trading In The Stock Markets
Art Team
2017-11-15 20:47:03
3 Trending Up Stocks in Singapore (3只上升趋势新加坡股)
Hi Guys, do your portfolio has below 3 Trending Up Stocks in Singapore? Are you still holding on stocks that are not moving or worst that is trending down ?  What I know is that market still bullish now, if you are worry too much about the crash, then you may put your money in your bank.3 years ago i have friends fear for market crash, and he pulls out from the stock market and put his cash in the bank, well nothing wrong with this but i would said he has missed out a lot of opportunities or more specifically opportunities cost which he may benefit from the bullish market but he gave up due to fear and chose to put his money in the bank.You got to have your own planing and risk management to act when market really turn down, no one can control the market but you can control your own t
Stock Market Best-Kept Secrets
Ronald K
2017-11-10 17:52:43
Genting SP - Moving Higher with Big News
As usual, my forecast for Genting was correct. Even when the STI sold down, the stock is moving higher where it reached a high of 1.33 since I gave an alert on my bog at 1.295. It applied that a major news is upcoming or the stock won't have moved so strongly when the overall market is bearish. See my blog post when I alerted to watch the bullishness in Genting. K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
Living Investment
2017-11-10 15:16:19
What stocks driving up the STI?
The Straits Times Index (STI) did very well for 2017 so far. It was up nearly 19% since the start of 2017 to end at 3,423.91 points. 13 stocks of the 30 component stocks of STI beat the benchmark. Stock 30/12/2016 09/11/2017 Change YZJ Shipping 0.815 1.565 92.0% Global Logistics 2.20 3.32 50.9% UOL 5.99 8.80 46.9% City Dev 8.28 12.14 46.6% Genting Singapore 0.905 1.320 45.9% DBS 17.34 24.30 40.1% OCBC 8.92 11.84 32.7% Keppel Corp 5.79 7.60 31.3% Jardine Strategic H (USD) 33.2 43.54 31.1% UOB 20.4 25.38 24.4% CapitaComm Trust 1.48 1.835 24.0% Jardine Matheson (USD) 55.25 65.69 18.9% CapitaLand 3.02 3.59 18.9% Ascendas Reit 2.27 2.65 16.7% Hongkong Land (USD) 6.33 7.32 15.6% Thai Bev 0.85 0.96 12.9% SembCorp Ind 2.85 3.20 12.3% SIA 9.67 10.83 12.0% SG
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Ronald K
2017-11-09 16:32:22
Genting SP - It's Big Buyers Coming
The big buyers for Genting SP just arrived. I shared my views yesterday that something was brewing and indeed today, the buyers just emerged with bulks of volume eating. developments and new insights is coming for Genting. Watch this counter as the chart shows that it's on it's way up slowly. Genting hits 1.32!!!Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
Donovan Norfolk Ang's Market Analysis
Donovan Norfolk Ang
2017-11-08 23:59:50
Genting Singapore: 8 November 2017, Wednesday, 11.50pm Singapore Time
Genting Singapore: 8 November 2017, Wednesday, 11.50pm Singapore Time(Click on Technical Chart Above to Expand)Attached is the technicals for Genting Singapore, a casino stock that is listed in Singapore SGX. The red circled region and before are the years of 2011 and 2012 where I gave live analyses and live forewarnings calling for short-sells and sells on Genting at $2.20, $2.10 and $2.00 respectively. The year 2014 (red circled region) is where I gave calculations, analyses, and live forewarnings calling for Genting to plunge severely to 86cents region to end its downwave (refer to past time-stamped track records on analysis site).The yellow boxed region is where Genting made a bottom and huge accumulation at below 86cents support line (hiding under support line for re-accumulation
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Ronald K
2017-11-08 17:59:19
Genting SP - Something Major Coming
Something big is brewing in Genting. The stock gap up yesterday but there were not much sellers but instead, today, it broke above the 1.28 level which could spell that a good sign is coming and something major is coming out soon. It could be the Japan Casino approved or it could be some other major news releasing. I am not a news driven person but looking at the chart, it seemed bullish when the market is selling today. Monitoring it closely. K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
Vance Wong
2017-11-08 10:19:18
3 Stocks That Received Maintained Buy Calls Despite Near-term Challenges
1. Breadtalk Group (Breadtalk) The F&B giant’s revenue took a hit recently as both directly operated stores and franchisees in China underperformed on top of the reduction of Food Atrium outlets. Fortunately, restaurant sales from Din Tai Fung went up by 8.3% year-on-year and Breadtalk decided to pull the plug on franchisees in China. The group recently reported new segments for 4orth, its new F&B business concepts division that is still in red by $0.4 million in 9M17’s earnings before interest and taxes terms. Nevertheless, DBS Research thinks Breadtalk’s decisions to consolidate underperforming outlets and sell its stake in properties such as CHIJMES and AXA Tower are potential stock catalysts. As such, DBS Research remains positive on Breadtalk Group Limited (SGX: 5DA), ma
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Ronald K
2017-11-08 09:33:37
Singapore Straits Times Index - 3419 High
The STI reached a high of 3419 today with market looks a little mix but more towards the selling side. We are like 8 points away from the projected 3427 level. market looks mix today with so many stock flipping up and down. China star food is the real star where the stock was up almost 5% with a high of 0.14. Genting SP suddenly had a mad rush of buyers flocking in and recorded a high volume of 1.29. Other than that, stocks like Trendlines which I played 2-3 weeks back took a simmer with so much sellers shorting/selling where I try to avoid for now. The market is exciting but yet selective. Let's see what I can find.Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
Sharing is Caring
Alan Luo
2017-11-08 08:56:27
SG Market (08 Nov 17)
MARKET OVERVIEW- The market could see some profit taking in bank stocks as investors rotate to second tier property and gaming names such as UOL (Buy, TP $9.43), GuocoLand (Buy, TP $2.75) and Genting Singapore (Buy, TP $1.35).- Technically, topside resistance for STI is seen at 3,460, with underlying support at 3,360.SECTOR WATCH*Tourism/Hospitality- Singapore 2Q visitor arrivals and tourism receipts grew 5% to 4.2m and $6.4b, with stronger takings from shopping (+6%) and entertainment & gaming (+5%), while accommodation held steady.- This could spell better times for retailers and leisure operators such as Genting Singapore and Straco.- However, hotel room revenue in 2Q17 remained weak (-1.8%) despite the overall increase in occupancy rate to 84% (+1.1ppt) and higher RevPAR of $194 (+1.7%
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Ronald K
2017-11-07 21:05:08
Genting SP - Almost $17,000 Profits
My student just sent me this Genting SP trade record where he made almost $17,000 worth of profits holding this counter last week. It was a Contra trade but more importantly, he managed to sell on the good news today so as to lock in some good profits. Genting SP is a tough stock to trade as the fluctuations is huge and the volatility is tremendous. Before reaching a high of 1.28, the stock was flushed to 1.205 yesterday before buyers slowly supporting the stock all the way towards the high price today. I am looking for another stock to trade now. Genting is history for now but congrats on your profits!Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
Stock Market Best-Kept Secrets
Ronald K
2017-11-07 09:30:50
Genting SP - Locked in Profits
Genting SP results last evening caused the price to gap up today and the stock reached a high of 1.28 before taking a small small breather to 1.265. had locked in profits and stay out of this counter for now. It seemed as though the sellers are mounting and the buyers and slowly giving way. I am glad that my guys made $ in this call. Congrats all!Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
Sharing is Caring
Alan Luo
2017-11-07 08:37:59
SG Market (07 Nov 17)
MARKET OVERVIEW- Tech manufacturers could enjoy further momentum on positive 3Q results from Venture and Hi-P, while oil-related stocks could be lifted by the 3% surge in crude prices to a 2-year high on the political turmoil in Saudi Arabia.- Momentum indicators for the STI look to be turning south, underlying support at 3,320 and topside resistance at 3,460.CORPORATE RESULTS *Genting Singapore- 3Q17 net profit of $143.8m (+35$) beat estimates.- Revenue rose 8% to $629.9m on stronger VIP and premium mass business volume, higher daily visitorship and spending at its attractions and healthy hotel occupancy.- Adjusted EBITDA jumped 37% to $320.1m, underpinned by improved operating margin of 50.8% (+10.6ppts) and reduced provisions from a more measured credit policy.- Last traded at 24.6x for
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Ronald K
2017-11-06 20:10:33
Genting SP - Earnings Up $143.8 Million
Genting SP reported some good news after market where their earnings were up $143.8 Million. It's a good news definitely and it's no wonder that the stock had a deep flush this morning before recovering to the 1.24 mark. Studied the minute chart and realized that the supply and demand zone is perfectly mapped out in a single horizontal zone. I am waiting to see how the stock is going to perform tomorrow and how this piece of good news is going to affect the stock price. Tomorrow will be the last day that I will hold my stock tips talk and after tomorrow, I shall be slowly taking my holiday breaks. See you all tomorrow evening. K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
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Alan Luo
2017-11-06 08:45:58
SG Market (06 Nov 17)
MARKET OVERVIEW- The market could edge higher on solid US economic data and job numbers but investors will be keeping closer watch on a slew of key earnings releases this week, including those from DBS, Genting Sing, SIA, STE, City Dev, UOL and Singtel.- The STI remains overbought with topside resistance at 3,460 and underlying support at 3,320.CORPORATE RESULTS*DBS- 3Q17 net profit of $822m fell short on estimates.- Net interest income rose 9% to $1.98b on healthy 8% loan growth but NIM narrowed 4bps to 1.73% (-1bps q/q).- But, non-interest income slid 2.7% to $1.08b as growth in wealth management (+35%) was overshadowed by lower net trading income (-22%) and absence of disposal gain from property.- Provisioning soared 87% to $815m (2Q17: $304m) on a spike in specific allowances to the O&
The Motley Fool Singapore
David Kuo
2017-11-05 12:34:50
The Week Ahead: Can DBS Trump OCBC and UOB?
We are about to enter the final stretch of the Singapore earning season. More than a dozen Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) are pencilled in for results next week. DBS Group (SGX: D05) will be the final Singapore banks to post numbers. It has a tough act to follow after blowout results from OCBC (SGX: O39) and UOB (SGX: U11). In August, Singapore’s biggest bank posted an 8% jump in second-quarter profits. However, the bank pointed to pressures in credit in the oil and gas sector. Airport-services outfit SATS (SGX: S58) recently announced a tie-up with Malaysian-based airline AirAsia. Next week it will tell us how it has fared in the second quarter. In July, it said operating profit dipped 1.8% due to the end of rebates extended by Changi airport to help deal with challenging times. C
Singapore Money Matters
Ivan Guan
2017-11-03 20:50:03
Consider bond investment when the stock market is high
You know it, the stock markets have reached an all-time high. If you are like most investors, you probably feel a bit jittery about this. Will there be a market crash soon? If you do not invest in stocks, where can you put your money? Today I will talk about bond investments, the stable source of return for many high net worth individuals and institutional investors. What makes a bond investment? If you are not familiar with bond investments, it is a type of debt instrument. Most likely you are familiar with borrowing money from the bank to finance your housing loan. The company, which is the bank in this case, gives you the money and you will pay back the loan plus the interest over the years. A bond investment is the other way around. You lend your money to a company or a government (t
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2017-10-31 22:33:52
Portfolio -- Oct 2017
Investment Portfolio1. Increased Mapletreelog Trust holding by 140.96% due to the preferential offering of 1 for 10 @ $1.145, hence Strategic cost increased from $0.1358/share to $0.2706/share2. Entitled to Kep REIT scrip or cash dividend of 1.40 cents/share3. Entitled to FrasersCom Trust scrip or cash dividend of 2.4070 cents/share4. Received CapitaMall Trust dividend of 2.78 cents/share5. Received First REIT dividend of 2.14 cents/share6. Received MapletreeInd Trust dividend of 3 cents/share7. Received Frasers Cpt Trust dividend of 2.97 cents/share8. Received MapletreeCom Trust dividend of 2.24 cents/share9. Strategically reduced cost of Strategic section from $0.2706/share to $0.2569/shareStockHolding Price*Market PriceUnrealized Profit/LossDividend ReturnNon-StrategicCapitaMall Trust$1
Stock Market Best-Kept Secrets
Ronald K
2017-10-30 10:15:07
Top Volume - Market Update
The Top Volume continues to outperform. Stocks like Trendlines ran earlier in the morning and KOP suddenly turned up in the Top Volume with price rising. Genting SP, one of the highest traded stock last week flips up and down consistently with buyers/sellers having a tug o war. Capitaland is tanking while the rest is either selling a little or not moving much. It could be Monday blues but there is something definitely brewing in the market and something bi g is about to happen. I will be watching some good stocks to long and some weak stocks to short.Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

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