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2022-09-25 22:13:36
FHT share price scored own goal
Sign up for only $19.99! What a disaster! Frasers Hospitality Trust (FHT) share price became the talk of the town following the shocking failed attempt to privatise the S-REIT. 74.88% of the votes were cast in favour of the privatisation, just a whisker short of the 75% required for the deal to push through. Consequently, FHT share price suffered a catastrophic meltdown, falling by 23% to reach $0.54 within a week. The failed privatisation deal, coupled with the devastating fallout for FHT share price, should be a surprise outcome for Thai billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi. After all, Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust (FLT) and Frasers Commercial Trust (FCOT) were merged successfully in 2020 without any hiccups. Many investors had anticipated a “straightforward outcome” for
Angela Koo
2022-07-20 18:38:01
Complete Guide To Understanding CPF’s Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS)
While Medishield Life and Careshield Life are compulsory health insurance plans that have received much public attention, most Singaporeans have not given much thought to DPS prior to the announcement. You may be surprised to find out that you are covered under DPS and have been doing so since you made your first CPF contribution. According to CPF Board, 1.9 million CPF members are covered under DPS as of the end of 2019. On 1 April 2021, DPS was enhanced to provide better coverage for CPF members. Here’s all you need to know about DPS. What Is Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS)? Implemented since 1989, the DPS is intended to provide protection for CPF members and their family in the event of untimely death, terminal illness or total permanent disability. DPS is a term-life insurance
Timothy Ho
2022-07-18 08:14:20
Guide To Buying Maternity Insurance In Singapore
Over the past few years, maternity insurance has started becoming more popular in Singapore with more insurers offering it. When we first wrote about maternity insurance in 2015, we only found one insurer offering this type of insurance. In this article, we will explore the types of coverage these maternity insurance policies offer, as well as the premiums that you can expect to pay. What Is Maternity Insurance? Maternity insurance is a single-premium insurance policy covering unexpected complications arising from pregnancy, which could affect either mother or child. Coverage from the policy is typically provided in the form of a one-time pay out if an insured event occurs. This is useful for parents to offset additional medical costs arising from these pregnancy complications. For mater
Joanne Poh
2022-06-28 11:09:56
Best Endowment Plan Singapore: Great Eastern, OCBC, DBS Savvy, NTUC, Prudential
Investing isn’t something that’s reserved for rich people. In Singapore, investing is essential to financial health. Endowment plans are a fairly common type of product that Singaporeans often buy for investment purposes. There are a variety of endowment plans, including the infamous investment-linked insurance. The various types can be so different that it’s impossible to compare them apple-to-apple. That’s why you need to know what you want out of an endowment plan before you know what type to buy. Before you make an informed comparison of the various types of endowment plans, you should never blindly buy one just because it was recommended to you by an agent! Contents Best endowment plans in Singapore What is an endowment plan? Why do people buy endowment plans? Should I get an
Dinesh Dayani
2022-06-22 13:26:10
Singaporeans’ Roadmap: Key Personal Financial Schemes And The Decisions You Have To Make At Every Age In Singapore
We look at how Singaporeans navigate key personal financial schemes and decisions in our lives in a uniquely Singaporean way. Along the way, and usually when we hit certain milestones, we can expect financial support levers and oftentimes, even having to make financial decisions. When reading this, you can think of it as the “Game of Life” from a Singaporean perspective. When You Are Born Even before you can start talking or walking, your CPF accounts are created for you. As a brand-new Singaporean baby, you receive a MediSave grant of $4,000. This isn’t just some arbitrary amount either. In fact, it is a sufficient amount for Singaporean babies to pay for your own MediShield Life premiums until you turn 21. These funds can also be used for Integrated Shield Plan premiums a
Phillip CFD
Vanessa Wong
2022-05-04 16:40:33
Celebrating World Health Day – Shining the Spotlight on 2 Healthcare Related Stocks
Celebrating World Health Day – Shining the Spotlight on 2 Healthcare Related Stocks Facebook0Pinterest0TwitterLinkedinReddit0 Jeremy Chua, Dealing  Jeremy graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and is a member of the largest dealing team in Phillip Securities. He strongly believes in the importance of staying invested in the financial markets and evaluates stocks using fundamentals to make informed investment decisions. In his free time, he enjoys researching on market events and disruptive investment themes to generate new investment ideas for the short and long term. Chua Minghan, Assistant Manager, Dealing Chua Minghan graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s d
Investment Moats
2022-03-27 09:20:08
Can I Retire Early With a $2.5 Million Dividend-Focused Portfolio?
It kinda sucks sometimes to receive a question wondering if their family has enough to completely stop work due to health and work stress. But it turns out this is getting quite common given the environment we live in today. One of our advisers also told me he is working on a case similar to this. A reader read my piece about someone who wonders if he has enough to be Coast Financial Independent and make a risky career switch (read the article here) and wonder if I can detect any red flags in his plan. The requirements in his day job are getting tougher and tougher and he is running into issues coping with that and some health conditions. Quitting a high paying job can be scary primarily because you have that feeling you may never have the opportunity to earn that well a
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2022-03-26 22:02:25
6 Singapore Banking and Finance Giant Stocks under Potential Black Swan (因祸得福)
Are you worrying about the current stock market fears which may become the next Black Swan: Russia / Ukraine war, high inflation and interest rate hike, resulting in significant market correction? Is it time to Buy, Hold, Sell, Wait or Shorting? In this Dr Tee 1.5hr video education (6 Giant Singapore Banking & Finance Stocks under Potential Black Swan), you will learn:1) Impact of Political Economy and Business on Stocks– Russia / Ukraine War– High Inflation & Interest Rates Hike– Recent Final Financial Reports of Case Studies 2) Singapore Stock Market Outlook– Short term, medium term & long term 3) 6 Giant Singapore Banking & Finance Stocks– SG Giant Bank Stock: DBS Bank (SGX: D05)– SG Giant Bank Stock: OCBC Bank (SGX: O39)
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2021-12-13 12:46:03
OCBC share price to rocket with Great Eastern Holdings exit?
Year End Special Offer! Will it be 3rd time lucky for OCBC Bank? The venerable bank tried to privatise Great Eastern Holdings (GEH) unsuccessfully in 2004 and 2006. In the 2006 attempt, OCBC Bank managed to raised its stake in Great Eastern to 87.1%. Since then, OCBC Bank has steadily increased its stake to 87.91% as at 31 March 2021. If a privatisation does materialise, what would be the impact on OCBC share price (SGX: O39)? Under SGX Rule 723 of the Listing Manual, listed companies must ensure that at least 10% of their issued shares must be held by the public. As OCBC currently holds about 12% of Great Eastern, the bank would just need to acquire only 2% more of Great Eastern shares in order to trigger the mandatory delisting requirement. The impetus for the acquisition should be the a
Joanne Poh
2021-11-17 21:19:05
Could Singapore Investors Be Affected By China Evergrande’s Debt Crisis?
Made in China jokes aside, people who trade Chinese stocks know that you have to stay on your toes at all times. Sure, they can offer explosive growth potential, but there’s always the risk that the company will go under because of some fraud (Luckin Coffee, anyone?) or government crackdown. To be fair, these threats are present anywhere, not just China. But the ginormous levels of authority the Chinese government wields mean that crackdowns can happen swiftly and transform the business landscape overnight. In addition, China suffers from relatively high levels of business fraud, which is common in developing countries. The latest fiasco is the Evergrande crisis that’s been splashed all over the news for a few weeks already. Even if you don’t dare to invest in Chinese stocks, there i
Scg8866t Stockinvesting
2021-04-01 15:45:23
Portfolio Review for March 2021
  Please click and read this disclaimer if you wish to continue with the contents below. For my previous portfolio review click here YTD(2021) I have made a total profit of S$40,366.60 from my equity investments(predominantly in HK) with an XIRR of 85.56%(XIRR is annualized). From my 6 years of tracking, I have made a total of S$140,009.26 from this portfolio alone. In terms of benchmarking with STI, HKSE and World index. There was a substantial pullback recently due to inflation and interest rate worries. The large difference between my XIRR and TWR is due to XIRR being annualized in nature and the price appreciation of some of my stocks recently. Portfolio composition(4 index etfs and 26 stocks): Transactions: Sold all Haw Par(SG:H
Scg8866t Stockinvesting
2020-09-02 23:43:43
Portfolio Review June 2020
Please click and read this disclaimer if you wish to continue with the contents below.Bench marking myself against STI and World Index:For last month's portfolio review click here Year to date:STI Index: -12.19%World Index: +0.35%My Portfolio: -6.6%Three years trailing:STI Index: -10.84%World Index: +15.54My Portfolio: +10.7% Year to date, I outperformed STI by 5.59% and under performed the World Index by 6.25%. Three years trailing, I outperformed STI by 21.54% and under performed the World Index by 4.84%.Portfolio composition:Transactions:Added more APT Satellite(HK:1045), Dream Intl(HK:1126), Tracker Fund(HK:2800), SwireProperties(HK:1972), FSY(HK:1448) and Alibaba(HK:9988)Commentary:STI ETF(SG:ES3) saw a 27% rise from the March lows likely due to iShare MSCI STI demand(lin
Scg8866t Stockinvesting
2020-08-21 14:10:01
Portfolio Review August 2020
Please click and read this disclaimer if you wish to continue with the contents below. Bench marking myself against STI, HKSE and World Index: For last month's portfolio review click here  Year to date: STI Index: -19.39% HK Index: -6.89% World Index: +1.85% My Portfolio: -5.41% Three years trailing: STI Index: -18.04% HK Index: -3.11% World Index: +17.04% My Portfolio: +11.89% Year to date, I outperformed STI by 13.98% and HK by 1.48%, under performed the World Index by 7.26%%. Three years trailing, I outperformed STI by 29.93% and HK by 15%, under performed the World Index by 5.15%. Portfolio composition: Transactions: Sold all of my Great Eastern(SGX:G07) at 19.42 for a small profit  B

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