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Scg8866t Stockinvesting
2021-09-08 17:41:24
Portfolio Review for 8th September 2021
  Please click and read this disclaimer if you wish to continue with the contents below. For my previous portfolio review click here YTD(2021) I have made a total profit of S$22,052.38 from my equity investments(predominantly in HK) with an XIRR of 10.42%(XIRR is annualized). From my 6 years of tracking, I have made a total of S$121,695.03 from this portfolio alone. The China anti-trust/monopoly crackdown has shocked the market and caused massive irrational selling, especially in the tech sector which I am most vested in. The selling might be showing signs of bottoming these few days, but one can not be completely certain. Articles like this is giving confidence back to the capital markets. CCP actually wants to open up its capital markets more to foreig
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
2021-07-29 14:44:25
HPH Trust hikes dividend, a trap or an opportunity?
This article is for education purposes only, and not to be taken as advice to buy/sell. Please do your own due diligence before committing to any trade/investment. Respecting the Li Ka-Shing faithfuls I admire your loyalty to the Li Ka-Shing brand for the long-time investors who held Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (HPHT) from an IPO price of USD1.01. It sure wasn’t easy to watch the share price drift all the way down to USD 0.10 per share and struggling to hold on to the price when the world entered into some forms of pandemic lockdowns. HPH Trust, like all the trusts (i.e. real estate, hospitality etc), is always a play on dividends. When it announced its interim dividend of HKD 0.065/unit against a nearly 4-fold increase in semi-annual earnings, investors are hesitant to trust the
2021-05-26 21:10:11
Random thoughts: BT article on "5 investment pitfalls"
 I read an BT article on 5 investment pitfalls. I thought I blog about it to crystallize my thoughts. I hope I will be able to illustrate the various points made by the author with my own examples."If something is too good to be true, it probably is" I wonder what is considered "too good to be true"? Dividends yield of more than 10%? I remember I used to own APTT, LMRT, Sabana Reit and even SPH at $3.6. Most of them have yield around 10%. except SPH.Even suspended Qingmei gave an yield of 15% for me, once. I think there is big difference here between trailing yield and future yield. Looking back, buying counters with trailing yield of around 10% or more usually does more harm than good to my portfolio. There are indeed years where I harvest the above 10% yield, but it is not
Scg8866t Stockinvesting
2021-02-11 23:54:08
Portfolio Review for CNY 2021
  Please click and read this disclaimer if you wish to continue with the contents below. For my previous portfolio review click here YTD(2021) I have made a total profit of S$100,926.24 from my equity investments(predominantly in HK) with an XIRR of 2,562.89%(XIRR is annualized). From my 6 years of tracking, I have made a total of S$200,568.90 from this portfolio alone. In terms of benchmarking with STI, HKSE and World index, I seem to have made further improvements in 2021. I have started to outperform the World index. The large difference between my XIRR and TWR is due to XIRR being annualized in nature and the drastic price appreciation of some of my stocks recently. Portfolio composition(4 index etfs and 25 stocks): Transactions:Initiated a position
2020-10-30 14:33:28
Notice for EGM of SillyInc
Dear Readers, Notice of EGM hereby issued. The company seek the mandate to go beyond 10% of the holding in overseas market. As SillyInc expand the radar, It is quite likely that Hong Kong Exchange counters will exceed 10 percent of porftolio very soon. Singapore will remain the core and majority of the portfoilo for years to come. Beyond Hong Kong, Silly Inc has made a maiden investment in AT&T and might invest further if the price is right, so it is very unlikely that SillyInc can be a pure local player Some of the Hong Kong Counters vested1) Lonking 33392) HSBC 00053) SinoPec 03864) GA pack 04685) Cosco Ship Int 0517Those in watchlist include1) APT Satellite 10452) Stella Holding18363) Ping An Insurance 23184) ICBC 13985) Tracker Fund 2800US companies will play a secon
Scg8866t Stockinvesting
2020-07-06 21:10:21
Portfolio Review April 2020
Please click and read this disclaimer if you wish to continue with the contents below.Bench marking myself against STI and World Index:Year to date:STI Index: -18.52%World Index: -10.83%My Portfolio: -8.90%Three years trailing:STI Index: -17.17%World Index: 4.36%My Portfolio: 8.4%Last three years trailing was semi decent since I transitioned out of my bond portfolio completely by end 2017. Year to date, I managed to outperform STI index by 9.62% and World Index by 1.93%. Three years trailing, I manage to outperform STI index by 25.57% and World index by 4.04%.Portfolio composition:Comments on some of the counters:Sunevision(HK:1686) operates and owns the largest data center in Hong Kong. With more people working from home, more bandwidth demand will need to be met. More
2020-06-29 20:17:52
SillyInc 1H review
2020 1H is really a roller coaster ride. In march, the market drops more than 5% consecutive for days. The plan to purchase companies as they fall 20% became 25% to 30%, and towards the end of march become a wait and see move.There are several questionable coporate actions, the purpose of the piece is to crystallize the thinking process through writing, and please forgive me if I sound incoherence.1) Moments of freezing in actionBut all accounts, Singpost, Hong Kong Land, Capitaland has hit 30% threhold of fall. Yet, I freeze. I have not mentioned Hong Kong counters like 0517 cosco and GA pack. While it is understandable to focus the firepower in the local market where there is high degree of familarity, there is no reason why I let a 30% fall go, and I did nothing.Reflection: When the mar

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