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T.U.B Investing
The Unique Bunch (T.U.B)
2021-10-20 12:38:26
TUB Snippets 2: SGX Companies
If you have read my old posts, you will know I still invest in SGX Companies. But since I have gotten into shorter term active trading, these are some of the SGX companies that I am VESTED IN for potential short term investment period. 1. Asian Pay Television Trust (Vested at S$0.132) Major shareholder shift as of 2021. As of Jul 21 – A press release was announced: "NCC (National Communications Commission of Taiwan) rejects Da Da Digital’s proposed transaction to acquire 65% indirect interest in the Trustee-Manager of APTT NCC’s decision has no impact on the operations and cash flows of APTT or TBC, nor the distribution guidance of 1.0 Singapore cent per unit for 2021Araedis Investment Pte. Ltd., an associate of Da Da Digital, has been increasing its stake in APTT; remains committed
Investment Income For Life
Blade Knight
2021-05-02 17:19:38
Equity Portfolios Updates (30 Apr'21)- The Return of Increasing New COVID Clusters And Will It Lead To Another Singapore Lockdown?
 It is worrying when the Singapore government starts to talk about a second circuit breaker is on the table if current measures to tighten the surge in local COVID does not curb it successfully.  Based on current cases, it may get worse over the next few weeks. I am awaiting the release of more findings by the Ministry of Health with regard to how effective is our COVID vaccines and how the virus managed to "break through" doctor and nurses who already got 2 full shots of the vaccines. Is it due to mutant strains whereby current vaccines are no longer effective? There is a high chance that upon the first trading day in May'21, the SGX might see a huge drop in prices due to concerns over a 2nd lockdown. I also think that various government agencies are tightening anti-COVID contro
Investment Income For Life
Blade Knight
2021-03-18 22:49:00
Equity Portfolio Updates (15 Mar 21)
1. Write off remaining estimated residual value for Eagle Hospitality Trust ("EHT")- S$20KI have done a full write off of S$20K of my remaining investment in EHT. Latest update from DBS Trustee is selling off of most of the hotel properties (15 out of 18 properties) via a "stalking horse" bid. The stalking horse bid is a technique use to reserve a minimum floor price during upcoming auction.  The opening bid is way below even the recent market valuation and stapled securities owners will not get anything back after paying off bankers and creditors at such a low price. Good news is that the 3 remaining hotels do not need to be sold off immediately under duress pricing as apparently, they can still be operational and not under chapter 11. Clearly, the only viable option was to appo
Investment Income For Life
Blade Knight
2021-02-07 21:03:13
5 Potential SGX High Yield Dividend Stocks with High Liquidity And Profitability
Recently, I have started looking around for other potential high dividend yielding stocks with good liquidity and profitability for inclusion into my future equities portfolio. The strategy is to sell off some of the stocks/REITs position that I maybe overly concentrated (such as Lendlease REIT) once their prices increases over the next 1-2 years (it is only a matter of time the covid vaccination succeed in lifting the devastating full/partial economic lockdown in different countries)  so as to embark onto further diversification- the ideal situation is not to have more than S$50K in any stocks going forward as I figured out that is the maximum permanent capital loss I can afford to replace or top up annually in the unfortunate event of a business failure. The top 5 potential hig
BigFatPillar Blueprint
Fredrick Lim
2015-05-02 00:09:21
Differences between Reit and Business Trust
Every now and then, i got question regarding to dividend stock after my post on dividend stock to be in your porfolio. With most dividend stocks fall under Reit or the Business trust model, but as an investor, do you know what is the differences between both? I got this nice article from that have a good comparison between both. For the full list of REIT listed in Singapore, do click here, and if you interested in Business Trust listed in Singapore, please click here instead. 3 Important Differences Between A REIT and A Business Trust That Investors Have To Know (From The Singapore stock market is home to quite a wide selection of real estate investment trusts (

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