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Create Wealth Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading
2021-09-15 07:37:27
Singaporean Cat Or Homegrown Cat??? (Refresh)
Sinktel - Home-grown CEOs since Day 1; but its share price is way below Singtel IPO @ $3.60 for donkey years despites keep changing home-grown Cats! Time to change to a Black Cat?As investors; who care whether Black Cat or White Cat? Cat which puts more money into our bank account is Good Cat!Read? Singaporean Cat Or Homegrown Cat???Read? DBS : Highest paid CEO in SingaporeMr Shanmugam brought up how Mr Leong, in his maiden speech in Parliament last year, had professed his "deep disappointment" that DBS Bank was still without a home-grown chief executive, and asked if the PSP NCMP still believes that naturalised Singapore citizens should not hold top positions.
Angela Koo
2021-09-06 12:42:56 On The Investor Alert List: What Exactly Is Happening And What Are The MAS Regulations Around Cryptocurrency Exchanges
On 2 September 2021, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) placed (Binance) on the Investor Alert List. This has garnered the attention of investors as Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with a 24-hour trading volume of US$29 billion, more than 5 times that of Coinbase, the second-largest crypto exchange. The MAS Investor Alert List is a list of unregulated persons (or companies) who may have been wrongly perceived as being licensed or regulated by MAS. For most people, it effectively acts as a list to avoid scams and shady financial institutions. For example, in the recent billion-dollar nickel trading fraud case, the company – Envy Asset Management – was listed on the investor alert list since March 2020. Naturally, this has draw
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-08-31 01:07:11
4 Growth Investing and Momentum Trading Stocks (四大天王)
In this Dr Tee 2hr video education (4 Growth Investing and Momentum Trading Stocks), you will learn:1) US and Singapore Stock Market Outlook – Short term, medium term & long term2) LOFTP Investing Strategies for Growth Investing and Momentum Trading – Level Analysis (L1 Stock, L1 Sector, L3 Country, L4 World) – Optimism Analysis (0-100%) – Fundamental Analysis (Strong / Weak) – Technical Analysis (Follow-trend / Counter-trend) – Personal Analysis (Short Term Trading / Long Term Investing) 3) 4 US & Singapore Giant Stocks from 4 Promising Sectors – US Giant Finance Stock: BlackRock (NYSE: BLK) – US Giant Technology Stock: Alphabet / Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) – Singapore Giant Luxury Stock:
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-08-29 00:00:45
3 Singapore Bank Stocks (DBS, OCBC, UOB) vs Signature Bank 3X Profits (无名小卒)
Many readers have benefited from Dr Tee past 200 educational articles during pandemic, including making over 50% profits from 3 Singapore major bank stocks: DBS Bank, OCBC Bank and UOB Bank, which continue the strong momentum of prices with growing business. However, the big money is usually with hidden giant stock (无名小卒), Dr Tee Graduates could see the opportunity 1 year ago in Signature Bank (NASDAQ: SBNY) with 3X potential profits gained so far, outperforming 50% rally of 3 Singapore major bank stocks. Let’s learn further from Dr Tee on the journey of successes for these 4 giant bank stocks, including how to position in other remaining Top 100 global giant bank stocks. A review of latest financial reports, stock prices, Ein55 intrinsic values and Optimism levels wil
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2021-08-17 09:44:20
DBS Group Holdings share price in China war
LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP It seems that DBS Group Holdings share price may have peaked. During the report of 1QFY2021 financial result, DBS Group reported first quarter net profit doubled from the previous quarter. That feat set DBS Group Holdings share price on fire. However, recent 2QFY2021 financial revealed 15% decline of net profit on quarter-to-quarter basis. In this regard, is this the end of an era for DBS Group Holdings share price? Make no mistake. The local bank is not facing any crisis. In fact, DBS Group is still raking in healthy level of profit. Year-to-date, DBS Group Holdings share price had also increased by a whopping 21.35%. Notwithstanding these, it should be noted that the powerful surge of DBS Group Holdings share price was built upon the bank’s recovery from the low “
Investment Moats
2021-07-15 23:08:57
I used Hugo for a month and Managed to Save some Gold
You might have friends who keep complaining to you that it can be such a challenge saving money. These are the friends who frustrate you the most because you know the solution to their problem is very simple and implementable, yet their habits and psychology is a huge impediment for them to successful saving. I was introduced to this new fintech platform called Hugo. Hugo will systematically make you save by putting some money during many of your spending transactions into a gold vault. Instead of just telling you about it, I decide to keep using Hugo for one month. Here is my experience with Hugo. How Hugo Wealthcare Works One of the main goals of Hugo is to help us develop healthy saving and spending habits. I will talk about the former later but let us t
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-06-19 21:35:29
Seasonality Effect with Ex-Dividend Months on Singapore Stock Market (2009-2021)
Seasonality or Monthly Effect (stock index vs month/year) is strong for months of May and August for Singapore stock market, especially 30 STI component stocks. This is mainly related to Ex-dividend dates for 30 STI in Singapore but may not apply to smaller cap giant stocks which continue to be bullish in month of May. Learn further from Dr Tee on details of this unique Singapore stock myth.For recent May 2021, STI ends with only 1+% lower but still it is a mini “bear” month, aligning with myth of “Sell in May and Go Away“. As we could see from the Seasonality Chart (2009 June – 2021 May) for Singapore stock market, over the past 12 years, for the month of May, 10 years were down (including this month, May 2021), only 2 years were bullish. For month of Au
2021-06-13 18:54:42
US jobs report took centrestage
The STI lost 27 points or 0.8% at 3,151.04 last week; Trading was cautious as the market waited for Friday’s May US jobs report; The Fed mid-week said it will start selling off corporate bonds; The lower-than-expected jobs figure eased inflation concerns; In the local market, CFM’s shares more than doubled after purchase announcement that drew SGX query; CDL sprang into play on Thurs – but fell back on Friday; MKE said it’s positive on the tech sector; Hyflux to be liquidated. US jobs, inflation concerns and the Fed The US May jobs report played a key role in an otherwise uneventful week during which the Straits Times Index fell 27 points or 0.8% to 3,151.04. Up till Friday when the report was actually released markets traded cautiously, the chief concern being whether a strong
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2021-06-08 07:56:07
DBS Group Holdings share price at record high!
LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP Has DBS Group Holdings share price fulfilled its destiny? On 14 April, I wrote that DBS Group Holdings share price could smash past $30 following the release of the first quarter business update. Indeed, DBS Group Holdings share price did not fail to disappoint investors. Recently, the counter hit the record high of $30 on the back of a stellar financial result. For perspective, the Group’s first-quarter 2021 net profit doubled from the previous quarter and increased 72% from a year ago to $2.01 billion. Thus, the buoyant form of DBS Group Holdings share price is not unexpected. To put the icing on the cake, it was the first time that DBS’ quarterly earnings crossed $2 billion. The solid financial result is amazing given that global economy is still in the doldrum a
Singapore Stock Analysis | Opening Trading Account | Collin Seow
2021-06-04 03:34:12
3 Singapore blue chip stocks to watch [Q2 2021]
This article is for education purposes only, and not to be taken as advice to buy/sell. Please do your own due diligence before committing to any trade/investment. Singapore blue chip stocks with notable upgrades/downgrades by analysts [end-May 2021] Can we trust analysts’ reports? Throughout the years, we occasionally see analysts flip-flopping between buy and sell calls within several weeks. As investments are highly subjective to one’s view, the difference in perspective is understandable. However, it can lead to controversies as investors argue that there may be a hidden agenda behind them. A recent example would be in March 2021 when the market was hit with fears of higher interest rates. Analysts at JP Morgan issued an “underweight” position on both S-REITs and industrial REI
2021-05-30 17:33:58
STI gained 1.95% on economic optimism
Investors managed to shrug off US inflation and Fed tapering worries; The STI rose 61 points or 1.95% at 3,178.55; Positive local economic news helped, including new S$800m package; GDP strength translated to market performance: SGX; Singtel, SembCorp Industries announced restructurings. Economic optimism edged out inflation and Fed tapering worries The local stock market last week was subject to the same forces that have driven it and other global equities for several months now. On the one hand there was positive local and US economic data to provide support and optimism for what lies ahead after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. On the other hand, there was a drag from US inflation worries and concerns that the fresh waves of COVID-19 infection being experienced globally will retard the f
Angela Koo
2021-05-19 08:28:16
Bitcoin VS Ethereum: What Is The Difference Between These Two Cryptocurrencies?
2021 has been a spectacular year for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC) reached its all-time high of US$64,899 on 14 April 2021 while Ethereum (ETH) reached its peak of US$4384.43 on 12 May 2021. As cryptocurrency prices soared, many new crypto-millionaires and billionaires were created and mainstream public and institutions started paying more attention to this previously niche field. According to DBS Bank, which launched its digital exchange for cryptocurrencies in December 2020, daily trading value has increased more than 10 times since its launch. The digital assets under custody totalled over $80 million, while there has been a strong momentum in the growth of investor base with close to 120 investors. Considering that DBS Digital Exchange is only limited to accredited investors, these n
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-05-16 01:00:31
Latest 30 STI index Stocks Strategies (卧虎藏龙)
30 STI index stocks represent the overall Singapore stock market performance. The list is dynamic, recent new comers are Keppel DC Reit (replacing SPH) and Frasers Logistics and Commercial Trust (replacing Jardine Strategic Holdings). During the COVID-19 stock recovery, there is a sector rotation, investors start to pay more attention to cyclical stocks (eg. bank, properties and transportation sectors, etc), which are main businesses of 30 STI stocks. In this article, you will learn from Dr Tee on the Latest 30 STI Index Stocks Strategies, some may be considered for longer term investing and / or short term trading with COVID-19 recovery stock rally. Bonus for readers who could read every words of the entire article, learning unique strategy to position in 30 STI Index stocks for b
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-04-25 01:40:02
Top 100 Singapore and Global Bank Stocks to Profit (大小通吃)
An individual or even a country could not survive without a national bank which supplies cash to exchange for products and services needed in daily life. Even with low interest rates globally, giant bank stocks could still remain profitable, share prices recovering strongly during pandemic, sharing consistent dividends as passive incomes. Higher government bond yield could further support these giant bank stocks with positive outlook of more interest incomes. In this article, you will learn from Dr Tee on Top 100 Singapore and Global Bank Stocks to profit in current stock market, some may be considered for longer term investing and / or short term trading with COVID-19 recovery stock rally. Bonus for readers who could read every words of the entire article, learning unique strategy
Dinesh Dayani
2021-04-21 15:12:03
Straits Times Index (STI) Report Card: How Singapore-Listed Blue-Chip Companies Performed In 1Q 2021
The Straits Times Index (STI) is comprised of 30 of the largest and most liquid companies listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Account for nearly 80% of the entire value of all listed companies on the SGX, the STI is commonly referred to as Singapore’s benchmark or market return. We can gain exposure to the STI by investing in one of the two STI ETFs listed on the SGX. With one investment decision, we become broadly diversified to 30 high quality companies and will earn the Singapore market return. Read Also: Complete Guide To Investing In The Straits Times Index (STI) ETFs In Singapore How Did The STI Perform In Q1 2021? While many of us may be attracted to invest in U.S. or Chinese companies, the STI has been no slouch in 2021. According to SGX, the STI delivered a world-leading ret
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2021-04-14 07:49:22
DBS Group share price to test $30 mark?
LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP Will the coming financial result set DBS Group share price on fire? While OCBC share price is on a roll following three consecutive of net profit growth, things had not been so rosy at DBS Group. In third quarter, the bank announced a stunning 22% decline in net profit for 4QFY2020 on a quarter-to-quarter basis. Against this backdrop, DBS Group share price could be at an intriguing cross-road. Unlike OCBC and UOB, DBS Bank should be viewed as a pure-play growth stock. This is because its key businesses are entrenched mainly in banking and wealth management sectors. On the other hand, OCBC and UOB are known to have substantial stakes in non-financial sectors like property development (UOL), stock brokerage (UOB Kay Hian), insurance (Great Eastern), etc. In view of this,
Ching Sue Mae
2021-04-10 13:54:08
Investing With Syfe: 6 Things You Need To Know About This Singapore’s Robo-Advisor
This article was first published on 6 September 2019 and updated on 10 April 2021 to reflect Syfe’s latest fees and additional portfolios that have been launched. Additional updates by Timothy Ho. This article contains affiliate links. DollarsAndSense may receive a share of revenue from your sign-ups. The rise of robo-advisors is apparent not just in Singapore, but also in many other countries globally such as USA and Canada. Here in Singapore, investors have more than 10 different robo-advisors to choose from. Two prominent robo-advisory platforms known by many are AutoWealth and StashAway, which were amongst the first in the field. Other FinTech companies competing in the robo-advisory field include Endowus, FSM MAPS and MoneyOwl. You can read up more about what these compani
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2021-03-28 02:02:33
88 Singapore 10X Growth Stocks for Bullish New Year (招财牛年)
A daydream of an investor may be to become 10X richer in this New Year, similar to bullish 10X Stocks such as IFAST and Tesla over the past 1 year.  This dream could be realized one day but patience is required with strategies aligned with own personality. In this article, you will learn from Dr Tee on 88 Growth Stocks in Singapore, some may be considered for longer term investing and / or short term trading with COVID-19 recovery stock rally. Bonus for readers who could read every words of the entire article, learning unique strategy to position in 6 giant growth stocks and also generalized strategy, applicable for all growth stocks including speculative growing Bitcoin. 1) Growth Small Cap Stock: IFAST Corporation (SGX: AIY) 2) Growth Technology Stock: AEM Holdings (SG
Dinesh Dayani
2021-03-14 10:27:35
Astrea VI Private Equity Bond: 10 Things To Know Before Investing
There are three main reasons why it is attractive to invest in bonds: i) it is generally safer than investing in stocks, ii) we get a fixed return each year, and iii) we get visible income flows for several years. The newest bond IPO that we can invest in is the Astrea VI Private Equity Bonds. Astrea VI PE Bonds is offering $250 million in its initial public offering (IPO). This is upsized from previous Astrea IV and Astrea V PE Bonds – which was popular with retail investors. Astrea IV’s public offer was $121 million and was 7.4 times oversubscribed, while Astrea V’s public offer was $180 million and was 4.5 times oversubscribed. Here are 10 things we need to know before investing in it. Read Also: Step-By-Step Guide To Bond Investing In Singapore #1 Astrea VI PE Bonds Is The Latest

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