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The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2018-04-05 09:32:42
Would Warren Buffett Be Interested in APAC Realty Ltd, One of the 30 Best Stocks in Singapore for 2018?
APAC Realty Ltd (SGX: CLN) is a real estate services provider that was listed on the local stock market at the end of September last year. The company has three main business segments: real estate brokerage services; franchise agreements; and training, valuation, and other ancillary services. The real estate brokerage services segment is operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary, ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd, one of the largest real estate agencies in Singapore. My Foolish colleague, Chong Ser Jing, recently ranked all the stocks in the Singapore market according to the Magic Formula, an investing strategy popularised by Joel Greenblatt in his book, The Little Book That Beats The Market. Ser Jing wanted to find the 30 best stocks in Singapore for 2018, based on the Magic Formula, and APAC Rea
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2018-04-04 15:29:07
Here’s How You Can Benefit From The Singapore Property Market Upturn
The Singapore private property market seems to be in a recovery mode, after a four-year bear market. Flash estimates by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) released on Monday, 2 April, showed that private home prices in Singapore rose by 3.1% in 2018’s first quarter when compared to the preceding quarter. This is the steepest quarter-on-quarter increase since the second quarter of 2010. The latest statistic follows the turning point reached in the URA property price index in the third quarter of 2017. For those who believe in the long-term potential of properties here in Singapore, this could provide an opportunistic time to invest. However, not many may be able to fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to pay the down payment for an investment property. For those who stil
2018-03-30 22:11:27
2018 Q1 SGX Top 50 Share Price Gainers
2018 Q1 SGX Top 50 Share Price Gainers We identified SGX top 50 share price gainers for 2018 Q1 by comparing the last traded price as of yesterday versus their 2017 year-end closing price. Infinio Group (5G4.SI) topped the list with 600% price gain in the past 3 months, followed by ~450% price gain of Creative Technology (C76.SI). AEM Holdings (AWX.SI), Far East Group (5TJ.SI), Delong Holdings (BQO.SI), Samurai 2K (LC3.SI), Venture Corp (V03.SI), Hi-P International (H17.SI) are among the 2017 Top 50 Share Price Gainers that continued to outperform during 2018 Q1. Among the outperformed stocks are also companies who had their IPO in 2017, including Y Venture (1F1.SI, July 2017), APAC Realty (CLN.SI, Sept 2017) , Clearbridge Healthcare (1H3.SI, Dec 2017), Samurai 2K (LC3.SI, Jan 2017). C
Lim Si Jie
2018-03-28 14:54:51
4 Property Stocks To Catch The Enbloc Fever
Three months into 2018, transaction values of property are already tracking above expectations. As the traditional peak period for property transactions approaches, transactions for 2018 might even exceed consensus estimates. This is partly driven by foreigner demand for private properties in Singapore. Given the ongoing momentum in property transactions, it has also encouraged developers to maintain its enbloc activities. DBS believes that landbanking appetite remains strong and there is still a significant number of sites available for purchase. Investors have also started to increase their demand for “proxies” to the property sector’s recovery. Investors Takeaway: 4 Property Stocks To Catch The Enbloc Fever City Developments According to DBS, City Developments is the undispute
2018-03-20 16:42:53
Property news round up 18 Mar 2018
AI-enabled portal UrbanZoom aims to improve housing market data transparency TECHPRENEUR Michael Cho believes that the man in the street should have equal access to housing market intelligence as the real estate agent – and for free. That was the motivation that drove him to create UrbanZoom – an online artificial intelligence (AI) enabled research portal that includes an auto-valuation tool and other useful transaction data designed to be user-friendly for home buyers and sellers in Singapore. UrbanZoom is decidedly not a listing portal, since that space is over-saturated, with even the likes of Carousell Pro and Facebook Marketplace having entered the space. This makes it difficult to innovate, value-add or compete on that front, he says. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2018-03-07 11:22:49
APAC Realty Ltd’s 2017 Earnings: Robust Growth Overall
APAC Realty Ltd (SGX: CLN), which went public in September 2017, is a real estate services provider with three main business segments – real estate brokerage services; franchise agreements; and training, valuation, and other ancillary services. The real estate brokerage services segment is operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary, ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd, one of Singapore’s largest real estate agencies. At the end of last month, APAC Realty announced its financial results for the full year ended 31 December 2017. Here are 10 things investors should know from the earnings announcement: 1. Revenue for 2017 improved by 39.2% year-on-year to S$400.6 million. The increase was due to higher brokerage income from resale and rental of properties, and new home sales. Growth in business confer
Sharing is Caring
Alan Luo
2018-03-06 09:06:55
SG Market (06 Mar 18)
MARKET OVERVIEW- Market jitters over a brewing global trade war could ease on bets that US President Trump's threat to impose hefty steel and aluminium tariffs was just a negotiating tactic to obtain concessions from its trading partners but sentiment is fragile, and investors are still nervous over rising interest rates and bond yields.- Technically, the STI could rebound to 3,470 in near term with support at 3,420 level. POSITIVE NEWS*APAC Realty- Its ERA Realty Network was appointed as the marketing agent for the collective sale of Nicon Gardens. - Nicon Gardens is a 99-year leasehold landed development located in Choa Chu Kang and will be launched for tender on 8 Mar and close on 18 Apr. - Owners are expecting at least $110m for the 47 townhouses, which has 62 years left on its lease a
Sharing is Caring
Alan Luo
2018-02-26 08:58:32
SG Market (26 Feb 18)
MARKET OVERVIEW- The market could continue its uptrend following a positive close on Wall Street last Fri, while investors await a slew of Singapore economic data this week, including Jan industrial production and PMI for Feb.- Technically, the STI is heading towards its near term objective at 3,575 with immediate support at 3,470.CORPORATE RESULTS*Genting Singapore- 4Q17 net profit slid 17% to $132.8m but FY17 earnings of $601m (+78%) came in within expectations.- Revenue for the quarter rose 4% to $580.1m on stronger slot and VIP volumes, despite lower hold rate, as well as improved leisure and hospitality segment, with daily average visitorship growing between 6-9%.- Adjusted EBITDA rose 9% to $255.1m on record low provisions from a more measured credit policy.- However, operating margi
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2018-02-22 10:08:19
Singapore Budget 2018: These Singapore-Listed Entities Could Benefit (And a Bonus Tip)
In a previous article, I looked at how some Singapore-listed companies may benefit Budget 2018. The themes I discussed are: Singapore’s aging population; an infrastructure boom; and the government’s future financing needs. In this article, I will look at a few more themes and how they might benefit certain companies and exchange-traded funds, before rounding off with a bonus tip for “lazy” investors. HDB Proximity Housing Grant There will be changes to the proximity housing grant given to families or singles. For example, those families buying HDB resale flats to live with their parents or children will see their proximity housing grant increase. Singles who buy a resale flat to live near their parents will also get a grant. By the term “near,” it now means “within 4km”
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2018-01-23 17:37:39
A Deep Dive into APAC Realty Ltd, One of the 30 Best Stocks in Singapore for 2018
APAC Realty Ltd (SGX: CLN) is a real estate services provider that got listed on Singapore’s stock market in end-September 2017. The company was featured as one of the 30 best stocks to own in Singapore for 2018. The 30 best shares were picked using Joel Greenblatt’s Magic Formula, which was made famous in Greenblatt’s book, The Little Book That Beats The Market. To know how exactly the formula works, you can head here. To apply the formula, we should just “close our eyes,” buy the 30 stocks, and hold them for a year. However, some investors may not like this hands-off approach. If you belong to the hands-on camp, this new series of articles is for you. Starting from the last company in the list of Magic Formula stocks for 2018, we will take a look at each of the 30 stocks’ bu
Starfish SRS Fund
2018-01-07 00:10:45
Portfolio Activities for Dec 2017
December turned out to be a short month, so let's see how the SRS portfolio turned out.SRS PortfolioThe portfolio ended the year at a record high of $237,815 (an increase of $5,314 since my last update in November). UMS continued to be the biggest contributor to the gains and since my last update, i received the following:$361 distributions from Starhill Globalscrip dividend of 545 shares from Frasers Commercial Trust$1,000 cash dividends from UMS HoldingsNon SRS PortfolioHyflux PerpsHyflux Perps continue to be a big drag on my portfolio, falling by 20c to $0.80. While i received the 6% dividend of around $3,024 in end Nov 2017, I really don't like how the management is running the company whereby it has decided to do a distribution in specie of its consumer business to existing investors.
Singapore IPOs
2017-12-31 15:20:51
Singapore IPOs Tikams for 2017
2017 turned out to be active one where there were 21 IPOs on Singapore Exchange.(source from terms of post market performance, Samurai and Unusal performed the best and became multi-baggers with gains in excess of 415% and 290% respectively 😫I managed to get placement or ATM shares from 10 out the 21 IPOs. 6 of them made money with 4 making losses due to bad timing. 2017 ended as "2nd best year" where my total gains was $27,298 and the bulk of it came from:Sanli Environment $21,753Kimly $5,700APAC Realty $2,051For those readers who just joined this year, you can read about my past tikams here.2016 - $15,8492015 - $8092014 - $31,093 and 2013 - $23,4672012 - $4,923Now that we have come to the end of 2017 (with a few hours more), I would like to tak

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