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The Motley Fool Singapore
Royston Yang
2019-10-08 15:39:18
4 Companies That Cut Their Dividends Recently
No investor likes to experience the pain of a dividend cut. However, this phenomenon is almost impossible to avoid as businesses go through ups and downs according to the ebb and flow of the economy. Companies cut dividends for a variety of reasons, ranging from the need to conserve more cash for a rainy day, poorer profitability due to decreased demand for their products and services, and also preparation for a large merger and acquisition. Investors need to analyse the underlying reasons for the reduction in dividends as not all such events are negative by nature. A reduction in dividends can help prepare the company for rough weather ahead and conserve precious cash, but there are also cases where a decrease in dividends marks the start of a long, painful decline in business performanc
Lim Si Jie
2019-06-26 12:35:48
3 Real Estate Plays With Growth Profile That Investors Will Love
Real estate plays are not stranger to Singapore investors. In this article, we zoom in on the real estate sector, uncovering three overlooked gems with strong potential for growth. Investors Takeaway: 3 Real Estate Plays With Growth Profile That Investors Will Love By RHB Starhill Global REIT  Starhill Global REIT is a hybrid office and retail REIT with presence in both Singapore and overseas market. Its retail portfolio has been facing some pressure from the deteriorating retail climate. However, according to RHB, its Singapore retail portfolio appears to be bottoming out. Rents at Orchard Road are looking to be inching up, along with the government’s effort to revamp the shopping precinct, should help shopper traffic to return and hence benefit Starhill Global REIT’s retail portfo

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