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Lim Si Jie
2019-04-15 11:18:32
The Avengers: SG Stocks Edition (Part 2)
In part two of this 4-part series, we continue to highlight three SG stocks that deserve to be part of The Avengers’ investment portfolio. Investors Takeaway: Which SG Stock Deserves To Be Part Of “The Avengers”? The Hulk: ComfortDelgro Like The Hulk, ComfortDelgro Corporation has been undergoing multiple transformations to turn its weakness into incredible strength. Turning Around Its Taxi Business Following a fleet renewal programme, ComfortDelgro is doing its best to turn around its Taxi business. Since the acquisition of Uber, Grab has pulled away from a price war. ComfortDelgro shareholders can be assured that there wouldn’t be a prolonged exodus of drivers to private-hire cars again. Strength In Bus, Rail Business Remain Intact ComfortDelgro’s bus business is the most s
Lim Si Jie
2019-03-28 13:25:58
4Q18 Earnings Roundup: 9 Gems To Invest In If You Are Looking For Quality (Part 1)
For the past seven quarters, STI failed to beat earnings expectations as there were more misses than beats. However, in 4Q18, STI finished the quarter where the beats exceeded misses. That being said, the quality was less than ideal with most of the beats coming from one-off gains. Besides that, conservative estimates also helped some STI stocks to emerge as beats. Moving forward, CIMB recommends investors to invest in quality stocks that have the potential to become solid earnings beater. Investors Takeaway: 4 Large Caps To Invest In If You Are Looking For Quality CapitaLand CapitaLand finished FY18 with a strong finish, locking in ROE of 9.3 percent for the full year. With strong capital deployment from $4.1 billion worth of divestments and $6.1 billion of new investments in 2018, CIMB
Lim Si Jie
2019-03-28 11:53:14
3 Strategies After A Disappointing Earnings Season
The latest earnings season was a disappointment, to say the least. Multiple sectors such as banks, property, telco and O&G saw earnings cut due to slowing global growth and US-China trade war. As a result, earnings growth was slashed for FY19. This contributed to the fall in STI from its February high of 3,286. Going forward, DBS is expecting STI to stay around the support area of 3,180 with a bull-case forecast of 3,500 by end of the year. Investors Takeaway: 3 Strategies After A Disappointing Quarter By DBS For investors, the deepening cuts point to a worrying sign of things to come in the upcoming quarters. So, how should investors adjust their investment strategy to avoid underperformance in the upcoming month? According to DBS, there are three strategies that investors should cons
Lim Si Jie
2019-03-06 12:24:18
3 Strategies To Beat The Market Again
After ending 2018 on a bad note, the performance of the stock market in the first two months of 2019 has gave investors a reason to cheer. If you are looking to repeat the splendid performance, here are some strategies for you to consider. Investors Takeaway: 3 Strategies If You Want To Beat The Market Again By DBS Take Advantage Of Interest In S-REITs With Fed Chairman Powell re-iterating the Fed’s dovish stance to be patient on rate hikes, interest in REITs should sustain going forward. The consensus now appears to be zero rate hikes for this year as the Fed continues to monitor how the economy evolves. Previously, DBS recommended investors to focus on large cap REITs in resilient segments such as retail and industrial (warehouse and business parks). DBS likes these large cap REITs f
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2019-02-25 20:56:23
Corporate Result -- Jan/Feb 2019
1. SPH Reit  --  4th Jan 20192. SPH  --  11th Jan 20193. First Reit  --  16th Jan 20194. FrasersCom Trust  --  18th Jan 20195. Kep Reit  --  21st Jan 20196. Frasers Cpt Trust  --  21st Jan 20197. Mapletreelog Trust  --  21st Jan 20198. Kep DC Reit  --  22nd Jan 20199. Kep Infra Trust  --  22nd Jan 201910. MapletreeInd Trust  --  22nd Jan 201911. MapletreeCom Trust  --  23rd Jan 201912. Kep T&T  --  23rd Jan 201913. Suntec Reit  --  23rd Jan 201914. CapitaMall Trust  --  23rd Jan 201915. SGX  --  24th Jan 201916. Kep-KBS US Reit  --  24th Jan 201917. Kep Corp  --  24th Jan 201918. Frasers L&T  --  24th Jan
Dinesh Dayani
2019-02-19 17:58:57
12 Investment Platforms Singaporeans Can Use To Invest A Fixed Monthly Sum
This article contains links to our affiliate partners. DollarsAndSense receives a share of revenue from your sign-ups. Adopting a disciplined approach to invest a fixed sum of our salary each month can help us start our investing journey and grow our wealth in the long term. Investing this way has two main benefits: 1) we do not time the market and 2) we are able to conveniently achieve dollar cost averaging (DCA). Timing The Market If we are trying to time the market, we will only invest when we think the markets are at a low or when they are going up. It’s virtually impossible for even the best fund managers and investors, let alone average investors like us, to determine when markets are at their troughs or when they are going to spike upwards. By investing a fixed sum each month, w
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2019-02-05 16:20:46
Elliott Wave Calculator -- FinTech ?
Based on my knowledge on Elliott Wave, I've developed from scratch an Elliott Wave Calculator software to help analyze stock market movement.  Though this app is still developing, the very basic function is there and usable.  Question is how accurate can this be ?Case Study 1ComfortDelGro from Dec 2017 when it hit the low of $1.806 to the high of $2.49 in Oct 2018 and to the low again of $2.07 in Nov - Dec 2018.  During these periods, the price movement completed wave 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, A, B, C -- one cycle of Elliott Wave as shown from the chart below.According to the above wave nodes and their respective value, this is input into the Elliott Wave Calculator (the Fibonacci Calculator) as shown in the snapshot belowThe value of each of the wave and its respective Fibonacci ratio
Ching Sue Mae
2019-02-03 10:16:41
4 Stocks This Week (In The News) [1 Feb 2019] – Ascendas REIT; Y Ventures; ComfortDelGro; No Signboard
Being in the news could often go both ways for a stock. In this week’s edition of 4 Stocks This Week, we look at 4 counters that have been widely talked about in recent weeks. Ascendas REIT (SGX: A17U) Grab announced their new $181.2 million headquarters in one-north business park. The Grab headquarters is estimated to be completed in 2020, consolidating their current offices and housing all of Grab’s Singapore employees. It will be the first dedicated physical facility for the company and also home to the company’s largest R&D centre. Ascendas Reit will be in charge of building and managing Grab’s headquarters. Grab has committed to a long lease commitment of 11 years, with a renewal option of five years for the building,providing Ascendas Reit with a stable income stream.
Lim Si Jie
2019-01-31 14:05:03
3 Things To Do If US-China Trade Talks Go Wrong
With the 90-day truce in the US-China trade war coming to a halfway mark, attention is now on the outcome of those talks. While the news so far appears to be indicating that the talks will end in a positive note, it is hardly a foregone conclusion. Things could still change in a swift if either party changes its mind. So, what happens if the US-China trade talks fall apart? Investors Takeaway: 3 Things To Do If US-China Trade Talks Go Wrong By DBS Stay Invested In REITs S-REITs managed to put in the second-best performance in 2H18 after healthcare. According to DBS, S-REITs should continue to garner investors’ interest as bond yields are still pressured by the Fed turning more dovish. The Federal Reserve’s previous guidance in December last year pointed to two interest rate hikes in
The Fifth Person
Ian Tai
2019-01-22 16:13:06
13 things to know about ComfortDelGro before you invest
It has been a rough few years for ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited (CDG). Its stock price fell to S$2.00 in December 2017, down from its peak of S$3.20 in June 2015. This coincided with rising competition from ride-hailing providers, Uber and Grab, which caused a 20% reduction in taxi fleet size for both Comfort and CityCab from 2015 to 2017. Source: Google Finance In March 2018, Grab took over the entire Southeast Asian operations of Uber. There were mixed views on CDG with regards to Uber’s exit from the Singapore market. But it’s been evident that CDG has been a benefactor as it curbed the reduction of its taxi fleet and saw its stock price rebound from its low in 2017. So is the worst over for CDG? Will it emerge a stronger entity in the coming years? In this article,
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2019-01-15 14:52:40
Investing in Parent Stock vs Subsidiary Stock
When 2 large businesses are combined, it does not mean it would become a giant stock. Capitaland + Ascendas-Singbridge of Temasek are merged into the 9th largest global property investment company (Asian largest), 51% shares is under control of Temasek.   Before merging, Capitaland has been a slower growth giant stock due to its large size. An investor may not need to consider large parent company. Instead, its subsidiary company with much smaller size could be more profitable, eg. Capitamall Trust (SGX: C38U) of Capitaland and Ascendas Reit (SGX: A17U) are stronger REIT / property giant stocks than its parent company stock.   A giant is not defined by its size of business, but by its internal strength of strong fundamental. An investor could have the best of 2 worlds investin
Lim Si Jie
2019-01-14 13:59:17
2019 Investment Strategy: Stay Sheltered In Yield Plays With Growth Potential
In this article, we continue to highlight another investment theme that DBS recommends for investors in 2019: Yield plays with growth potential. Investors Takeaway: 5 Yield Plays With Growth Potential By DBS ComfortDelGro Corporation The greatest concern about investing in ComfortDelgro Corporation (ComfortDelgro) is the impending full entry of Go-Jek. Go-Jek’s entry will create increased competition from the private hire cars on ComfortDelgro’s core business. However, DBS is confident that competition is unlikely to heighten back to the times when Grab and Uber were both competing in the space. Heading into 2019, DBS is forecasting positive year-on-year growth for ComfortDelgro, which may be surprising to some investors. DBS notes that ComfortDelgro has been showing positives signs of
Dinesh Dayani
2019-01-07 10:14:54
Straits Times Index (STI) Stocks: How Much Would You Have Gained (Or Lost) If You Invested In 2018
The Straits Times Index (STI) is made up of the 30 strongest and most liquid stocks listed in Singapore. Comprising close to 80% of the entire market value in Singapore, the returns that the stocks on the STI provides is essentially the market returns or benchmark returns. For investors who are new or prefer taking a hands-off approach, being able to invest in the STI can be the most practical way to invest. This is primarily because it offers several advantages such as diversifying our investment portfolio with just one investment as well as receiving the market returns without requiring much knowledge or spending time monitoring and adjusting our portfolios. Currently, there are two listed STI exchange traded funds (ETFs) – the SPDR STI ETF and the Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF – that w

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