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GICS® Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Industrials / Transportation / Road and Rail

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The Motley Fool Singapore
Tim Phillips
2019-08-15 15:49:10
UOL’s Strong Investment Property Portfolio and Equity Investments Hold the Fort
UOL Group Limited (SGX: U14) reported a slight decline in net profits excluding one-offs for the second quarter of 2019. UOL is a Singapore-listed property company with S$20 billion of assets under management. The property group has its fingers in many aspects of the property market, such as property development, property investments, and hotels operations. Muted financials, but bright outlook Let’s start with some numbers. For the quarter ended 30 June 2019, UOL group reported a 7% decline in pre-tax profit to S$141.8 million, excluding fair value gains. This decline in earnings was due to lower profit from property development and higher finance expenses. Including fair-value gains, the group saw a 50% increase in pre-tax profit to S$323.7 million. Property development revenue an
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2019-08-15 15:11:23
3 Things to Like About ComfortDelGro Corporation Ltd’s Latest Earnings
ComfortDelGro Corporation Ltd (SGX: C52) is one of the largest land transport companies in the world, with operations in several countries, including Singapore. Earlier this week, the company announced its financial results for the second quarter ended 30 June 2019. Here are three things to like about its latest results. Overall growth in business ComfortDelGro’s overall business grew year-on-year. For the reporting quarter, revenue improved by 4.2% year-on-year to S$980.8 million mainly due to strong contributions from the acquisitions made in 2018 and growth in its public transport services business, partially offset by the weakness in the taxi business due to keen competition. Total operating costs went up by 4.1% due to higher staff costs, which was necessary to support the grow
The Motley Fool Singapore
Lawrence Nga
2019-08-15 10:50:44
Is Fraser and Neave Limited’s Stock a Buy After Declining 16%?
Fraser and Neave Limited (SGX: F99), or F&N for short, is a consumer group with expertise in the food and beverage (F&B), and publishing and printing sectors. As at 12 December 2016, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (SGX: Y92) had a 28.53% stake in F&N. At its current price of S$1.70 (at the time of writing), F&N’s shares are down by 16% from its 52-week high price of S$2.02. Personally, the very first question that I have in mind is whether the stock is cheap now. This question is important because if the firm’s shares are cheap, I might take some time to learn more about the company’s future prospects. Clearly, there is no easy answer. However, we can still get some insight by comparing F&N’s current valuations with the market’s valu
The Motley Fool Singapore
Royston Yang
2019-08-14 08:52:42
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited Has an Excellent Business Segment That Will Make Investors High
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (SGX: Y92) is a large liquor and beverages conglomerate with four distinct divisions: spirits, beer, non-alcoholic beverages (NAB), and food. The group has, as of 30 September 2018, 173 subsidiaries, including 18 distilleries, three breweries, and 11 non-alcoholic beverage production facilities in Thailand. The group has a presence in over 90 countries. As the group is a gigantic corporation with a market capitalisation of around S$20.6 billion, it’s easy to get lost when analysing the company. An easy approach I adopted is to look at the company’s various business divisions and tease out their contributions to the group’s overall revenue and profitability. In the process, I discovered an excellent business segment of Thai Beverage th
The Motley Fool Singapore
David Kuo
2019-08-12 19:07:24
The Week Ahead: ComfortDelGro, ThaiBev And ST Engineering
The Singapore earnings season will draw to a close for the blue chips this week after six more Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) companies step forward with results. Thai Beverage (SGX: Y92) posted a 12% drop in bottom-line profit in May. That was due to a poor performance in its spirts and food businesses in the second quarter. The focus in the third quarter could be the performance of its recently acquired Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Company (Sabeco). Defence contractor, ST Engineering (SGX: S63) kicked off its financial year in May with an 11% jump in first-quarter net profit to S$131 million. Revenue was up 5% thanks to a strong performance in aerospace and land systems. ComfortDelGro (SGX: C52) registered a 7.8% rise in revenue for the first three months of the year, which helped to
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2019-08-08 20:19:59
Corporate Result -- Jul/Aug 2019
1. SPH REIT  --  11th Jul 20192. SPH  --  12th Jul 20193. Kep Infra Trust  -- 15th Jul 20194. Kep Reit  --  15th Jul 20195. Kep-KBS US Reit  --  16th Jul 20196. Kep DC Reit  --  16th Jul 20197. CapitaCom Trust  --  17th Jul 20198. Kep Corp  --  18th Jul 20199. SATS  --  18th Jul 201910. FrasersCom Trust  --  22nd Jul 201911. Mapletreelog Trust  --  22nd Jul 201912. CapitaMall Trust  --  23rd Jul 201913. MapletreeInd Trust  --  23rd Jul 201914. Frasers Cpt Trust  --  23rd Jul 201915. MapletreeCom Trust  --  25th Jul 201916. Cache  --  25th Jul 201917. SIA Engg  --  26th Jul 2019 18. Suntec Reit  --  26th Jul 201919. Fr
Sim Kang Heong
2019-08-06 12:08:41
What To Do If You Lose Your Wallet Or Purse In Singapore?
You have probably been through the disorienting, traumatising experience of losing your wallets or purses in the past. Here’s hoping you won’t need to relive this unpleasant experience ever again. But if the worst does happens, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you reunite with your precious wallet, or if that’s not possible, get back on your feet as soon as possible while minimising the financial impact of this unfortunate incident. Read Also: Emergency Guide: What To Do When You Get In A Car Accident? Step 1: Check If Your Wallet Is Indeed Lost Before pressing the panic button the moment you cannot locate your wallet, slow down for a few moments and methodically check your bags and person. Assume that the wallet is with you, unless proven otherwise, because chances are,
Don Low
2019-07-29 17:42:28
SI Research: 3 Stocks To Protect Against Recession Risk
According to latest official readings, the Singapore economy is “flirting” dangerously with recession. In 2Q19, Singapore’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew a meagre 0.1 percent, widely missing economists’ expectations of a 1.1 percent growth. Exacerbated by the US-China trade war, the local manufacturing sector dragged the broader economy, contracting by a wider 3.8 percent in the quarter. That said, over in the US, the Federal Reserve has been signalling a strengthening case for an interest rate cut at the end of this month. The undercurrent driving this is also none other than the ongoing trade war with China, which is beginning to materially impact on US economy as well. Given the two information, what can retail investors do to protect themselves against adverse shocks? We of
Jimmy Ng
2019-07-25 11:03:43
Investors’ Corner (DBS Group Holdings, SPH REIT, ComfortDelgro Corporation, Singtel)
DBS Group Holdings Price – $25.61 Target – $30.30 At end-Apr, DBS Group Holdings’ (DBS) management guided for 2019 loan growth in the mid-single digits. Hence, we believe business loans expansion could more than offset the weak housing mortgage trend and expect DBS to record a 1% q-o-q loan expansion for 2Q19. In 2Q19, the 3-month SIBOR averaged 1.98% which is higher than 1.92% in the previous quarter. This is positive for DBS’s net interest margin (NIM) and we believe the group’s 2Q19 NIM could climb marginally from 1Q19’s 1.88%. Following US Fed chair Jerome Powell’s comments pointing towards a rate cut at the next meeting at end-Jul, we lowered both 2020F and 2021F earnings marginally by 1%. Likewise, our long-term ROE assumption is also lowered to 13.6%. Nevertheless, DBS
The Motley Fool Singapore
Royston Yang
2019-07-24 09:53:52
2 Dividend Champions With Great Growth Prospects
Investors are normally segregated into two main categories — those more oriented towards growth, and those who prefer yield. Growth companies usually pay out a small amount (or none) of their profit as dividends, instead of reinvesting that cash back into growing the business, while yield companies are often more mature and generate cash flow in excess of what the business requires. I look for that sweet mix of both growth and yield, as I am neither too keen on pure growth (which comes with its own set of risks and does not pay any dividends) nor too enamoured with yield alone (as my portfolio’s value will surely stagnate). To be fair, investors like myself who go for such companies usually have to compromise on passive income — yields on such growth companies tend to be fai
Lim Si Jie
2019-07-17 16:48:39
It’s Time To Switch Back To Liquid Large Caps (Part 2)
In the first part of this two-part series, we covered four value REIT and property plays that CIMB recommends in the current investment climate. In part two of this series, we focus on four other large cap plays that are able to sustain and absorb shocks in the market. Investors Takeaway: 4 Liquid Large Cap Plays That Are Shock Resistant ComfortDelGro Corporation There was a lot of attention on ComfortDelgro Corporation’s taxi segment this quarter with consensus estimates expecting a recovery in taxi revenue. However, recovery in its taxi revenue did not pan out as expected in 1Q19. Moving forward, CIMB foresees a year-on-year decline in taxi revenue amid weakness in China and a higher fleet idle rate in Singapore. That being said, CIMB still anticipates good growth from ComfortDelgro
Singapore Stocks Investing
Tom K
2019-07-12 23:28:57
The above is the snapshot of the Oversold Straits Times stocks for the week ended 12 Jul 2019. The Overbought STI stocks as shaded by orange above are CapitaLand stock, ComfortDelgro stock, SIA stock, ST Engineering and Wilmar International stock. There is only one Oversold STI stock for the week ended 12 Jul 2019. This… Continue reading OVERSOLD STI STOCKS (12 Jul 19) The post OVERSOLD STI STOCKS (12 Jul 19) appeared first on SINGAPORE STOCKS INVESTING.
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2019-06-20 16:19:32
Disruptive Technology for Long Term Lifetime Investing
It is possible for disruptive technology (eg. virtual bank, cryptocurrencies, etc) to change the banking & finance but it won’t be overnight, many major conventional banks are still top choices for longer term or even lifetime investing (need to compare price vs value before entry). SPH has shown weakness since 10 years ago (declining number of newspaper readers and earning), there is enough time to exit from stock investing if one day conventional banks are affected. These blue chips are likely to prepare in advance as well, see how Comfortdelgro adapts to dynamic pricing to fight against Grab Taxi. Technology stocks are generally not suitable for longer term passive investing (unless monitor both share prices and businesses regularly) as new disruptive technology could
The Fifth Person
Ong Kang Wei
2019-06-04 10:55:00
8 things I learned from the 2019 ComfortDelGro AGM
ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited (CDG) is an integrated transport service provider with operations in Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Its four key segments — public transport, taxi, automotive engineering, and testing services — contributed over 97% of its 2018 revenue. Most people know CDG as a taxi business that is being disrupted by ride-hailing platforms like Grab and Gojek. I had a similar impression until I did a deeper dive into the company’s business model. In reality, 70% of CDG revenues come from its majority stake in public transport operator SBS Transit, with a meagre 20% coming from its namesake taxi business. In fact, most of the acquisitions CDG made in 2018 were bus companies. With this more accurate view of CDG’
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2019-05-15 17:11:54
Corporate Result -- Apr/May 2019
1. SPH REIT  --  5th Apr 20192. SPH  --  9th Apr 20193. First REIT  --  10th Apr 20194. Kep Infra Trust  --  15th Apr 20195. Kep DC Reit  --  15th Apr 20196. Kep-KBS US Reit  --  16th Apr 20197. Kep Reit  --  17th Apr 20198. Soilbuild REIT  --  17th Apr 20199. Kep Corp  --  18th Apr 201910. CapitaComm Trust  --  18th Apr 201911. MapletreeInd Trust  --  22nd Apr 201912. MapletreeCom Trust  --  23rd Apr 201913. FrasersCom Trust  --  23rd Apr 201914. Suntec Reit  --  24th Apr 201915. CapitaMall Trust -- 24th Apr 201916. Frasers Cpt Trust  --  24th Apr 201917. CapitaR China Trust  --  24th Apr 201918. SGX  --  25th Apr 201919.

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