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Market / ISIN Code: SGX Mainboard / SG1U68934629
Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Industrials / Capital Goods / Industrial Conglomerates

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Joanne Poh
2022-06-15 16:48:10
5 Best Regular Savings Plans in Singapore 2022: Invest With $100 a Month
Investing is like exercising daily, improving your cooking skills or sleeping earlier — we all know we should be doing it, but due to lack of time, discipline or knowledge, it sometimes falls to the wayside. Not knowing where to start is a big reason Singaporeans put off investing. You promise yourself that someday you’ll get around to googling Investing for Dummies. But for now there are more pressing things to do. The solution? Regular savings plans offer an easy, no-brainer way to grow your money on a limited budget even if you know nothing about investing. With one of these plans, you can start investing the minute you turn 18. That way, by the time you actually get around to scouring the world wide web for knowledge, you’ll already have a small and growing nest egg. What is a r
Dinesh Dayani
2022-06-03 17:43:25
20 Investment Platforms Singaporeans Can Use To Invest A Fixed Monthly Sum
This article may contain links to our affiliate partners. DollarsAndSense may receive a share of revenue from sign-ups. Adopting a disciplined approach to invest a fixed sum of our salary each month can help us take the first steps in our investing journey. Over the long-term, this can also grow our wealth and provide a supplementary retirement nest egg. Investing this way has several main benefits: No Need To Time The Market If we are trying to time the market, we will only invest when we think the markets are at a low or when they are going up. This is virtually impossible for even the best fund managers and investors, let alone average investors like us. By investing a fixed sum each month, we end up buying high-quality investments regardless of its price at any point in time. Don
Dinesh Dayani
2022-05-24 15:30:09
SPDR STI ETF VS Nikko AM STI ETF: What’s The Difference Between These 2 STI ETFs Listed On The SGX?
For those new to investing, putting your money in a benchmark country index is one of the easiest and safest ways to begin your journey. In Singapore, the benchmark index is the Straits Times Index (STI), and there are two STI ETFs – SPDR STI ETF and Nikko AM STI ETF – that we can invest in. What Is A Benchmark Index? A benchmark index of a country usually refers to the largest and most liquid stocks listed on its stock market. In Singapore, the Straits Times Index (STI) is made up of the 30 largest (by market capitalisation) stocks listed in Singapore. Combined, these companies comprise approximately 80% of the entire market value of stocks listed in Singapore. Hence, how the 30 stocks on the STI performs is representative of how the Singapore market performs. The STI is co
2022-05-03 17:24:52
Monthly wrap for April 2022: STI down 1.5% in April
The STI was well-supported despite Wall St’s plunges DBS and OCBC’s 1Q earnings were in line with expectations, UOB’s fell short US stocks underwent their worst 4 months since 1939 on spiking inflation and slowing growth 10-year US Treasury yield rose 25% in April to 2.9% Singapore’s core inflation could hit 4% later this year: MAS Terms of Sembarine-Keppel O&M merger announced: analyst views mixed Yangzijiang Financial posted disappointing debut after being spun off The STI was well-supported in April despite losing the 3,400 level To a pessimist, the main takeaway from April’s trading might be that the Straits Times Index lost its grip on the 3,400 level. After all, it was only as recently as 5 April that the index closed at 3,445, leading to hopes that it might soon cha
Investment Income For Life
Blade Knight
2022-05-02 16:31:20
Take It With A Pinch Of Salt-The Reluctant Half-Baked Chain Offer for SPH REIT By New Major Shareholder Cuscaden Peak And 3 Points To Note.
I thought that the current offer price of S$0.9372 per unit for SPH REIT by Cuscaden is just a half hearted and half baked one- in fact it is forced under SGX rule to make this chain offer- so do not expect too much from it and don't waste too much time pondering over it. Cuscaden looks like it is heavily bruised from the tussle with Keppel Corp over the recent Singapore Press Holdings acquisition. While it won a great battle for taking control of Singapore Press Holdings, it had burned a big hole in its bank account and it is clear that at this particular juncture, Cuscaden is ok for it to remain listed as it is. 3 things to take note of, regarding this upcoming acquisition offer for SPH REIT:1. The market price as at 29th April 2022 is S$0.975 per unit but chain offer price is at S$0.937
Create Wealth Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading
2022-04-16 08:30:20
Investing Is A Tale Or Story Of Hindsight Wisdom, Regret And Sorry??? (2)
Read? Investing Is A Tale Or Story Of Hindsight Wisdom, Regret And Sorry???Read? 5 Worst-Performing Straits Times Index Stocks Over the Past 10 YearsUncle8888 smiled when he read 5. Keppel Corp: -11.4%Finally, in fifth place is Keppel Corporation (SGX: BN4), the Singapore-based conglomerate that has interests in property, infrastructure and offshore & marine businesses.Over the past 10 years, Keppel shares have delivered a total return of -11.4%.During the 2010s, its offshore & marine segment was hit hard as oil prices plummeted in the middle of the decade.See lah! It shows that investing is tale or story of hindsight wisdom, regret or sorry!If we changed the time frame of Kep Corp to over past 20 years; then buy and hold over long term becomes buy and freehold - investme
2022-04-04 14:42:47
Stocks are holding their ground
The STI gained 6 points or 0.17% at 3,419.11 The gain came despite a negative external backdrop Keppel O&M and Sembmarine need more time to merge Yangzijiang was in play after capital injection into proposed spin-off SPH to cease trading on 7 April, to be delisted on 13 May Aviation activity to return to pre-pandemic levels by late 2024: UOB-Kay Hian US Treasury yield curve inverted after strong jobs report The STI held firm, possibly boosted by the reopening of the economy Despite no signs of when the war in Ukraine might end and notwithstanding concerns over high oil prices and the US Federal Reserve’s determination to raise interest rates aggressively this year, the Straits Times Index this week held its ground, rising a modest 6 points or 0.17% to 3419.11. A big part of this g
2022-03-01 12:02:16
Monthly wrap for February 2022: Upward momentum stalled because of Russia’s attack on Ukraine
The STI first shot up 6% in Feb but closed with net 0.2% loss Main reason was Russia’s attack on Ukraine Commodity, oil prices surged; investors moved money to safe havens Will the Fed ease back on its tightening because of market turbulence? Singapore’s market cap up 0.3% at S$860.2b DBS was ordered to set aside S$930m in additional capital SPH to convene Cuscaden scheme meeting on 22 March The STI first gained 6% in Feb, but closed with a net loss of 0.2% Over the course of a turbulent month, the Straits Times first gained 192 points or almost 6% when it closed at 3,441.57 on the 17th, only to be hit by selling after Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th of the month. The outcome was that not only did the index lose its grip on the 3,400 level, it also fell below 3,300 to end at 3,24
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2022-02-27 14:38:17
Corporate Result -- Jan/Feb 2022
1.  SPH REIT  --  7th Jan 2022  (Business Update)2.  Keppel DC Reit  --  24th Jan 20223.  Parkway Life  --  24th Jan 20224.  MapletreeInd Trust  --  25th Jan 2022  5.  Keppel Reit  --  25th Jan 20226.  Frasers Cpt Trust  --  25th Jan 2022  (Business Update)7.  Starhill Global  --  25th Jan 2022 8.  Keppel Infra Trust  --  26th Jan 20229.  Keppel Pac Oak US Reit  --  26th Jan 202210.  Suntec Reit  --  26th Jan 202211.  MapletreeCom Trust  --  26th Jan 2022  (Business Update)12.  Keppel Corp  --  27th Jan 202213.  MNACT  --  27th Jan 2022  (Business Update)14.
Joanne Poh
2022-02-21 10:46:13
Happy 20th Birthday to the SPDR STI ETF! A Look at How Far Singapore’s First Locally Listed ETF Has Come
This post was written in collaboration with State Street Global Advisors. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective lens. We are committed to providing the best information in order for you to make personal financial decisions with confidence. You can view our Editorial Guidelines here. “Buy ETFs!” is one of the most frequent pieces of investment advice newbies tend to hear. But when Singaporeans talk about exchange-traded funds (ETFs),  a popular category often comes to mind — the Straits Times Index or STI tracking family of ETFs. The most well-known of the bunch is the SPDR® Straits Times Index ETF (ES3), or the SPDR STI ETF. You see, the SPDR fund was the first ETF known

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