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2021-02-17 10:16:56
Commentary: SIAS reminds Sunningdale shareholders to cast their votes
Minority independent shareholders of plastic component suppliers Sunningdale Precision have until 3pm today to vote on the offer made by the company’s chairman Koh Boon Hwee via a holding company named Sunrise Technology Investment Holding (STIH) to take Sunningdale private. Since this is an offer by a majority shareholder and it is by way of a scheme of arrangement, only independent shareholders are allowed to vote, so it is crucial as far as Sunningdale’s future is concerned that as many such shareholders as possible cast their vote before today’s deadline. Before that however, a recap of the salient points would be useful. Reason for the offer The offeror has said Sunningdale’s customers are managing risk actively by adjusting supply chains away from a concentrated production in
The Fifth Person
2021-01-26 11:55:56
Unfolding drama at Sunningdale Tech provides a cautionary tale for retail investors
“A lot of people died fighting tyranny. The least I can do is vote against it.” — Carl Icahn. Shareholder activism has arrived on our shores. Sunningdale Tech Limited has become the latest battleground between insiders looking to take the company private and activists looking to get a better deal for themselves and other minorities. Are the insiders at Sunningdale bullying minority investors? Or can this be a case of David rising against Goliath? If you are a shareholder of Sunningdale, what can you reasonably expect next? For the rest of us retail investors, besides an entertaining dose of reality soap, what lessons can we draw? What is going on at Sunningdale Tech? Sunningdale Tech Ltd is a precision plastic engineering company with manufacturing plants in eight co
2021-01-24 22:23:26
STI regained the 3,000 level on Thursday – then lost it on Friday
Biden’s peaceful inauguration brought some support; STI climbed above 3,000 on Thursday but fell back on Friday; Wall St’s fall on Friday attributed to Fauci warning about new virus strains; Singapore govt keeping close eye on property market; Takeover offer for Sunningdale Tech was raised; CDL expects material impairment loss from controversial Sincere investment in China; Oceanus was in play, drawing SGX query Biden assumes US presidency peacefully, market hopes for stimulus soon There was a sense of relief last week that the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden passed without any problems. This helped bolster sentiment on Wall Street, where the mood remained positive that the incoming administration will soon put into placed a large stimulus package. However, as the week pr
2021-01-17 20:11:55
The STI regained the 3,000 mark on US stimulus hopes
Markets took their cue from a firm Wall St; Sentiment in US was upbeat despite political upheaval; Main hope was that Biden administration would announce stimulus; US President-elect Biden duly announced plans for a US$1.9tr package; China’s exports beat forecasts, trade surplus with US widened; SIA issued US$500m in bonds; 17 parties have signed NDAs to possibly invest in Hyflux; Quarz said S$1.55 per share offer for Sunningdale is too low; SGX queried iFast for fourth time in six months.   US stimulus hopes continued to underpin market’s strength The local stock market last week continued to benefit from Wall Street’s strength that has over the past two months been derived from hopes of a large stimulus bill to tackle the economic challenges posed by the COVOD-19 pandemic.
2021-01-16 19:40:37
Recent Transactions
Portfolio as of 15 Jan 2021.Bought Valuetronics at $0.595 in late December. There has recent trend of privatisations of contract manufacturers, including Sunningdale, Hi-P and CEI Ltd, and I think that the sector deserves more attention. At the moment, I do not think Valuetronics represents an immediate takeover target, as insiders only own c.25% of the outstanding shares, as compared to Hi-P, where the insiders owned 83.% of the company when they made the privatisation offer. However, with a high net cash balance, strong track record of profitability, expansion plans in Vietnam and an improving macro situation with Biden expected to de-escalate US-China trade tensions, I believe that it may still represent an attractive company which may draw the interest of private equity firms, as the c
2020-12-31 13:41:56
Portfolio closing 31/12/2020
STI closed at 2843.81DBS  ($25.04)UOB ($22.59)SPH   ($1.13)NetLink Trust ($0.965)SingTel ($2.31)StarHub ($1.31)CityDev ($7.97)Keppel Infra Trust ($0.545)Olam ($1.53)SIA ($4.28)SIA MCBZ300608 ($0.972)Keppelcorp ($5.38)SembCorp ($1.71)Sembmarine ($0.143)SIA Engineering ($1.97)CDL Trust ($1.27)AsiaPay TV Trust ($0.119)Capital China Trust ($1.39)Ascendas India Trust ($1.38)Lippo Malls Trust ($0.062)SuntecReit ($1.49)OUE Comm Trust ($0.385)StarHillGlobal Reit ($0.505)MapleLogistics Trust ($2.01)SATs ($3.98)First Reit ($0.235)KReit ($1.12)SoilBuild Trust ($0.535)HPH Trust ($0.26)AscotReit($1.08)SingPost ($0.705)Comfortdelgro ($1.67)Dutech ($0.24)Ezion ($0.046)*SunningdaleTech($1.53)Kimly($0.315)UOL ($7.71)ST Engineering($3.82)SBDEC17 GX17120W (25,000)SBOCT18 GX18100V (13,000)ATREA
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2020-10-13 09:35:05
Sunningdale Tech share price to smash $2.50?
Sign up & unlock articles! Is it light at end of tunnel for Sunningdale Tech? FY2019 had been an absolute nightmare for the Group as the precision plastic component supplier recorded its lowest profit in the past 5 years. However, based on the recent financial performance, it appears to me that the management has achieved an impressive turnaround. Will Sunningdale Tech share price storm to $2.50? Talks of Sunningdale Tech reclaiming its former glory are not without basis as several catalysts swing in favour of Sunningdale Tech share price. Based on the recent 1HFY2020 result, net asset value (NAV) stood at $2.00. This means that Sunningdale Tech share price is being traded below its book value. Secondly, Quarz Capital had increased its stake to become a substantial shareholder. T
Singapore Stock Trading Insights | Joey Choy
Trading Impossible | Joey Choy
2020-03-19 14:13:53
Sunningdale Tech: Can the selling continue? Price 0.82. The worst may not be over!
Just beginning of last week, we saw Sunningdale Tech approaching the 1.20 support level bearishly.It has been holding above this support for more than 3 years since 2017 and seems like buyers were not able to hold on any longer..Some downside targets were drawn as a result with first target being at the psychological 1.00..From trend indicators, we were starting to see downtrend continue further…Especially on any firm bearish price actions at 1.20..See what I mean below. Not a good sign for sure..A Descending Triangle pattern spotted also which can see more weakness…A few days passed and we have indeed seen more selling towards the 1.00 support level..There were some short covering near 1.00 but then..Buyers were not able to hold too on market weakness and support just gave way
2019-12-31 12:41:38
Portfolio Closing 31/12/2019
STI closed at 3222.83DBS  ($25.88)UOB ($26.41)SPH   ($2.18)NetLink Trust ($0.945)SingTel ($3.37)StarHub ($1.42)CityDev ($10.95)Keppel Infra Trust ($0.54)Olam ($1.81)Wilmar ($4.12)SIA ($9.04)Keppelcorp ($6.77)SembCorp ($2.29)SIA Engineering ($2.82)CDL Trust ($1.62)AsiaPay TV Trust ($0.169)Capital China Trust ($1.61)Ascendas India Trust ($1.55)Lippo Malls Trust ($0.225)SuntecReit ($1.84)OUE Comm Trust ($0.565)StarHillGlobal Reit ($0.725)MapleLogistics Trust ($1.74)SATs ($5.06)First Reit ($0.995)KReit ($1.24)Accordia Golf Trust ($0.67)SoilBuild Trust ($0.52)HPH Trust ($0.235)AscotReit($1.33)SingPost ($0.935)Comfortdelgro ($2.38)Noble ($0.081)Dutech ($0.27)Ezion ($0.046)SunningdaleTech($1.33)Kimly($0.245)UOL ($8.32)DBS$800M4.7%NCPS ($102.8)SBDEC17 GX17120W (25,000)SBJUN18 GX1806
Just my thoughts on investing
2019-12-29 11:32:37
2019 Look Back
Another 2 more days, and we will enter 2020. For the investors, looking back at 2019, it has been a year filled with market excitements and the ever erratic Twitter messages from Mr Trump which most of the time causes Mr Market to react.My overall portfolio performance as follow:Dividend received = $16,800Profit from sale of stocks = $14,000Total profit 2019 = $30,800Below are my worst performing counter:SIA Engineering (-25%)Sing Shipping (-15%)Sunningdale Tech (-20%)Below are my best performing counter:UMS (40%)YZJ (22%)Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust (19%)ComfortDelgro (18%)My transactions for 2019, I had added the following stocks from the last 2 weeks:HongKong LandGenting SGYZJSilverLakesSingapore O&GMoving into 2020, let us all HUAT together ... ... :)

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