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Stock Market Best-Kept Secrets
Ronald K
2017-12-21 12:09:35
Allied Tech - Sell on News
Allied Tech got sold down immediately after the good news. My morning outlook was correct as selling is the way to go than buying the stock after the news was released. about it, if it's really good news for the company, then why from 0.077, the stock got sold down to a low of 0.071? It's definitely 100% good news for the company, but it's a bad news for the stock price. The stock market had already factored in before the price jump and selling was only the way to go for today.Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
Stock Market Best-Kept Secrets
Ronald K
2017-12-21 08:34:13
Allied Tech - Disposed Stake for $25M
Allied Tech announced a superb good news yesterday where they sold off a 100% stake of Allied Technologies (Suzhou) for $25M. The stock should gap up today with 2 days worth of trading halt. on Dec 15th before the halt at 0.069 for 100 lots and today should be selling on good news. The important clue is not the 100 lots but why buy at 0.069 on Dec 15th and then the stock went halt? In the minute chart before the halt, there is Chp 4 and also a mini flush and then there is the 3/4 bottom. The halt is a bonus which came in at the right time for a good news to sell later. Will be locking in profits at 9:04am later.Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
Stock Market Best-Kept Secrets
Ronald K
2017-12-13 12:32:37
Allied Tech - 1 Lot Marker, Profited $1000+
There was indeed some 1 lot marker in Allied Tech yesterday. In fact, at my talk yesterday during the free dinner session, I also shared how the 1 lot market worked and how to see the BBs perform signaling for buy order and how to see their readiness before they conduct a break out. Yesterday was such a classic example in Allied Tech where one of my student, using what I taught him in the course, spotted Allied Tech himself that the 1 lot marker was dead obvious where he went long at 0.069-0.07 and sold today with $1000+ profits. I am once again pleased to see such stealth movements can be spotted easily before the breakout. Congrats and spot the next one. K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Ma
Singapore Stock Trading Insights | Joey Choy
Trading Impossible | Joey Choy
2017-11-30 16:33:59
Allied Tech: The move came, more upside to target? Price 0.083
Just this morning, some positive actions were spotted in Allied Tech as it approached the 0.080 level…Was then at about 0.077, see chart below… Some targets drawn too…Expecting a move above this key level over the next few days but it seems like buyers are too impatient already….For illustration purpose onlyStarted to see buyers coming back after lunch….Indicators looking good, especially above 0.080 now and next target at 0.090 can be still on track….  ;)We did had an exit signal last week for the bullish run in beginning of November but we never know…There may be a new bullish signal on today’s move, will see what the SYSTEM SAYS….Want to receive calls like these in your inbox slightly faster? Be a Client…. Stop missing out >> CLICK HERE  J

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