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Ernest Lim's Investing Blog
2019-11-27 11:01:30
Sunpower and Unusual – stocks with interesting charts (26 Nov 2019)
On 6 Nov 2019, I posted an article (using data as of 5 Nov) on my blog with regard to two stocks, namely ISOTeam and Sunpower (click HERE) for their potential bullish chart developments amid volume expansion. ISOTeam touched an intraday high of $0.250 last Friday and Sunpower traded to an intraday high of $0.600 on 18 Nov 2019 as compared to $0.240 for ISOTeam and $0.525 for Sunpower at the time of my write-up. Since then, Sunpower has seen some significant profit taking and touched an intraday low $0.510 on 21 Nov. For Sunpower, I have taken profit when it went up and have recently bought back on weakness. Same goes for Unusual where I have taken profit and have since bought back on weakness. What is so interesting about Sunpower and Unusual now? Let’s take a look at the chart aspects a
Ernest Lim's Investing Blog
2019-11-06 12:07:26
Two stocks, ISOTeam and Sunpower with potential bullish stock charts (5 Nov 2019)
This week, two stocks, namely ISOTeam and Sunpower caught my attention with their potential bullish chart developments amid volume expansion.   1. ISOTeam Chart looks positive with strengthening indicators and volume Based on Chart 1 below, ISOTeam has been trading in a range $0.225 – 0.245 since 2 Aug 2019. ADX is starting to rise (closes at 18.7) amid positively placed DIs. In addition, indicators such as MACD, OBV and RSI are strengthening. MACD has done a bullish MACD line crossover and centerline crossover. A sustained breach above $0.245 with volume expansion is positive for the chart with an eventual technical target $0.265. Near term supports: $0.235 / 0.225 / 0.220 Near term resistances: $0.245 / 0.255 / 0.275 Chart 1: Volume picks up amid strengthening indicators Source: Inve
The Motley Fool Singapore
Royston Yang
2019-09-04 09:58:03
3 Businesses With Operations in This Fast-Growing Asian Country
Myanmar is considered the “final frontier” in Asia — both literally and metaphorically — as it is one of the last countries within Asia to open its doors to foreign investors in recent years. In the last decade or so, countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos have opened up to the outside world, and the resulting investments that poured in have helped to lift the countries out of poverty and improve their economies drastically. Long considered a frontier market (rather than an emerging market), Myanmar is a country ripe with opportunities, as years of military rule and a lack of investment have left it with decaying infrastructure and struggling businesses. Investors keen to gain exposure to this new market can look for companies with exposure to Myanmar. The c

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