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SGD 0.305
-0.005 / -1.61%
Share Price as of: 2021-09-28 17:16
Market / ISIN Code: Catalist / SG1Y37945678
Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Health Care / Health Care Equipment & Services / Healthcare Providers and Services

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Investment Income For Life
Blade Knight
2021-07-03 18:15:03
Investment Portfolios Updates (2 Jul'21)- Added Alibaba Group Holdings And SingMedical Group
Overall Outlook Retail REITs bounced back strongly with the announcement of allowing dining for 2 at F&B outlets and Singapore targeted vaccination rate of 67% by National Day (9th Aug'21) which will bring us closer to herd immunity and avoid future lockdowns. The confirmation of delivery of new supplies by Pfizer and Moderna are great news indeed for our national inoculation programme. Both SPH REIT and Lendlease REIT are now at an all time high since the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, SPH REIT and Lendlease REIT are among some of the potential list of Singapore REITs to be included in the FTSE EPRA NAREIT which will no doubt boost allocation by international fund managers into them hence an increased in their demand. 1. Portfolio 1- CDP held stocksI made a rather
Investment Income For Life
Blade Knight
2020-11-25 22:44:23
Stock Investment Portfolio Updates-22 November 2020
It is coming to almost the end of 2020. COVID seems to have become part and parcel of our lives. Everyday, seeing everyone wearing masks and the non-stop reporting of ever increasing 2nd or 3rd wave record breaking infections and fatalities overseas reminds us that the battle with the deadly virus is far from over. Even right now, the travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong which was supposed to commence today got postponed by at least another 2 weeks due to a new severe outbreak declared by the Hong Kong government. SIA and Cathay Pacific are most likely to decline slightly in the opening of the stock markets Monday morning.  I remain optimistic that the immediate emergency approval of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine in December 2020 will pave the way for an eventual defeat of
Investment Income For Life
Blade Knight
2020-06-26 17:54:44
Undervalued Gem Singapore Medical Group Adopted Dividend Policy- Maiden Dividend Declared
Singapore Medical Group ("SMG") just announced another set of excellent financial results for FY2019. Its revenue rises 11.3% relative to prior year to a record S$94.7Mil driven by growth across all business segments. SMG also reported a 5.7% increase in net profits to a record S$13.6Mil.  However, its share price performance for the whole year was disastrous as it plummeted from an all time high of S$0.490 per share to a low of S$0.0.275 per share range despite the excellent performance of a few years for no apparent good reason. During the year, directors also sold some of their stakes to the strategic Korean Medical Group CHA for S$0.605 per share. The current share price of S$0.310 thus reflect a massive discount to its fair value using the S$0.605 as benchmark and a 100% potentia

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