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Don Low
2019-07-11 11:50:54
SI Research: Sim Leisure Group Has Huge Growth Potential!
In the last issue of Shares Investment, we looked at Genting Singapore and saw how expectations of heavy capital expenditure (capex) can mar investors’ sentiments for the stock. While the high rollers and thrill seekers find their excitement in Sentosa’s casino and rollercoasters, this issue we take a look at an alternative-styled theme park developer and operator based in Penang – Sim Leisure Group (Sim Leisure). A relatively new entity to be listed in the Singapore Exchange, Sim Leisure debut on the Catalist board in March 2019 at $0.22 apiece, with an initial market capitalisation of $29.5 million.  Currently, the stock is trading near its IPO price at $0.210, though it once fell to a low of $0.161 post-listing. Nonetheless, we think the stock still offers some unique and possibl
Growing your tree of prosperity
Christopher Ng Wai Chung
2019-03-20 23:13:17
Gaming Analogy for the FIRE movement.
There are many interesting parallels between the FIRE community and Board gamers.As it turns out Tabletop Gaming magazine talks about different attitude towards tabletop gameplay last month which can be applied to the FIRE movement.In tabletop gameplay, players can be arranged around a 2x2 matrix. On one axis is respect for the rules and, on another axis, respect for goals.This creates four categories of different "players" that can be found in the board-gaming world our society today.Let's look at each category one by one.1) Conventional Player / Believer in the Singapore Dream.The conventional player is the kind of player you meet most of the time. Those who respect the rules of gameplay and respect the goals of the game. In D&D, the fighter tanks; the cleric heals; the thief opens l

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