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Lim Si Jie
2018-04-25 12:20:32
US-China Trade War And Its Impact On 6 SG Manufacturing Stocks
Following our initial coverage on “The Risks Of US-China Trade War On SG Stocks”, we continue to examine the impact of a US-China trade war on our local-listed manufacturing stocks. Investors Takeaway: US-China Trade War And Its Impact On 6 SG Manufacturing Stocks AEM Holdings AEM Holdings (AEM) produces test handlers for its major customer who is mainly located in Singapore. While its customers have factories in China and the US, CIMB does not expect any short-term risk for AEM resulting from the trade war. CIMB notes that AEM’s customer is the leading global player and is unlikely to substitute AEM’s product in the short-term given the customer’s market dominance, financial strength and technological lead. AEM faces a low risk as it is the sole supplier to the customer and is
Starfish SRS Fund
2018-03-04 23:38:26
Mr. IPO weekly ramblings
Welcome to my weekly ramblings. I have no specific topics since I am lazy and want to do one post for many random stuff 😆SRS Website As you can tell, I have reinstated my previous blog layout. After experimenting with a new design, I still find the old layout more practical and easier for readers to search for previous articles (and make it easier for the ads to be shown as well 😂)...Passive income / Portfolio update No further additions to my passive income portfolio. The projected full year income is still around $54,423 and my goal is to hit $60,000 in passive income this year. You can search for updates on my portfolio here.Let's see what are some of the results that have been announced. Frasers Commercial TrustMy shareholdings has now increased to 47,168 due
Starfish SRS Fund
2018-03-04 22:27:47
Mr IPO's Passive Income Portfolio (Non SRS as well)
One reader left a comment on what my "non-SRS" positions are in the portfolio is that generated the $50,708 passive income, so let me break it down for you (even though i have blogged about the various holdings in piece-meal) . . .  Note that this post only includes holdings which i hold for the long term and for the passive income. It excludes IPO punts and positions which are not intended for passive income.The investment cost of the portfolio (both SRS and non SRS) is around $788,681 and is not marked to market (e.g. UMS holdings went up but Hyflux Perps crashed and the SGD fluctuates quite a bit against the USD) and it generates a blended yield of 6.4%. The USD/SGD rate used is 1.32The monthly "cash flow" pattern is as follows where i managed to create a portfolio that gives me so
Investment Moats
2018-03-04 00:37:39
No One Can Teach You Conviction. You need to Acquire It Yourself
One of the biggest stock disaster for myself in recent memory was my speculation on AEM Holdings. The Semi Conductor Stock did some R&D work with Intel and AEM started producing for Intel with Intel being their big customer. In a lot of ways, AEM sounded like UMS holdings in its infancy stage in 2010-2011 when it carried out the capex which eventually brought online its production to its sole customer Applied Materials. In terms of valuation it was cheap, but I had enough reservations about AEM. For one thing, the people being AEM are private equity. Looking back, AEM is one of those company that provided so much profit guidance prior to results announcement. These guidance let the public know what were the forecast orders going forward for the year versus the past six months, or the p
SGX Research
2018-03-02 11:04:47
SGX Research: STI Led Benchmarks, Technology Led Sectors
For the first two months of 2018, the STI generated a 3.6% total return. This outpaced an average 0.8% gain for the benchmarks of Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. The STI also generated three times the gain of the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index. Information Technology (IT) was Singapore’s strongest sector over the two months, generating an average 26.4% market cap weighted total return. Of the 10 largest capitalised IT stocks, AEM Holdings, Hi-P International and Venture Corporation were the strongest performers These three stocks all reported triple digit YoY growth in their FY17 net profit. Contract manufacturer and Apple supplier, Hi-P International, is now ranked Singapore’s second largest IT stock by market capitalisation. Institutions were net buyers of the three stocks over the two
Starfish SRS Fund
2018-01-21 22:28:56
Change Warerobe for Chinese New Year?
Chinese New Year is round the corner and my wife is "nagging me" to throw away some "old clothes" before i am "allowed" new ones. 😋I can still recall when i was young, i get to wear new clothes during Chinese New Year ... and today, there is an article on Sunday Times to "review your stocks as would your clothes".  The article is here for your reference. I was looking through my portfolio to see if there are any counters which I should "discard" . . .  SRS PortfolioFrasers Commercial Trust has done quite well for me and i have elected for scrip dividend since the date I invested. In fact, DBS reiterate it's buy call on FCT on Jan 19 with a price target of $1.71 (11% upside). The report is here. Conclusion - I will keep Frasers Commercial Trust.Netlink Trust
Starfish SRS Fund
2018-01-07 00:10:45
Portfolio Activities for Dec 2017
December turned out to be a short month, so let's see how the SRS portfolio turned out.SRS PortfolioThe portfolio ended the year at a record high of $237,815 (an increase of $5,314 since my last update in November). UMS continued to be the biggest contributor to the gains and since my last update, i received the following:$361 distributions from Starhill Globalscrip dividend of 545 shares from Frasers Commercial Trust$1,000 cash dividends from UMS HoldingsNon SRS PortfolioHyflux PerpsHyflux Perps continue to be a big drag on my portfolio, falling by 20c to $0.80. While i received the 6% dividend of around $3,024 in end Nov 2017, I really don't like how the management is running the company whereby it has decided to do a distribution in specie of its consumer business to existing investors.

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