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Lim Si Jie
2018-11-28 10:36:44
4 Cash Rich Companies With Generous Yields
With no clarity how Trump-Xi meeting at the G20 summit in Argentina would pan out, UOBKH believes that the market will be taking flight into safety stocks with strong fundamentals. Thus, moving forward, UOBKH recommends investors to reposition their portfolio with such stocks to build up portfolio resilience. Investors Takeaway: 4 Cash Rich Companies With Generous Yields ST Engineering Despite registering slightly weaker 3Q18 results, UOBKH believes that ST Engineering’s long-term value remains intact. ST Engineering’s internal operating cash flow will also be sufficient to fund its dividend payout of $0.17 in 2019, based on a payout ratio of 85 percent. This implies an attractive yield of 4.9 percent. ST Engineering’s recent acquisition of MRAS is in the midst of getting cleara
Mei Siew Lai
2018-11-08 14:12:55
SI Research: Can CSE Global Ride Gains In Oil?
Mainboard-listed CSE Global is a global technologies company that offers cost-effective, total integrated solutions to various sectors such as oil and gas (O&G), infrastructure as well as mining and mineral in US, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Since 2014, the global O&G industry downturn and the end of mining boom in Australia had affected CSE Global’s business and the share price has slumped by approximately 40 percent. With the current steady rise of crude oil price, is the beaten-down share price an opportune entry point for investors? Financial Performances 1H18 revenue jumped 15.1 percent to $184.3 million mainly attributed to higher revenue achieved in the US from time and material revenues as well as higher recognition of large greenfield (new installations
Lim Si Jie
2018-10-02 16:09:47
Three Strategies To Cope With Market Uncertainties
According to UOBKH, the investment climate is generally in a risk aversion mode due to external concerns over rising trade tensions, uncertainties over the US midterm elections as well as higher interest rates. To help investors cope with these uncertainties, UOBKH recommends investors to pick stocks using these three strategies. Investors Takeaway: Coping With Market Uncertainties Safe Picks For Risk-Averse Investors Given the near-term uncertainties, UOBKH continues to recommend a relatively defensive positioning. In particular, UOBKH thinks that investors should not be too hopeful on stocks that do not offer visible earnings or those without strong operating cashflows to support a decent dividend yield. Within UOBKH’s coverage, it notes that stocks that have outperformed so far offe
Lim Si Jie
2018-08-30 13:03:32
Seek Safety In These 4 Small Caps Value Plays
While the bear has yet to breathe down our necks in the market given the generally visible earnings growth outlook in 2018, the noises of trade war and contagion risks from emerging markets can change conditions quickly. The recent unimpressive performance of Singapore stocks despite a healthy 2Q18 earnings season is doing little to lift the sentiments. While CIMB thinks that there is no hiding place in this fragile investment environment, investors should be looking at stocks that are cheap and in relatively better shape than the rest. Investors Takeaway: Seek Safety In These 4 Small Cap Value Plays CSE Global CSE Global ended its 2Q18 on a positive note with gross profit margin inching up to 26.9 percent, compared to 1Q18 gross profit margin of 26.8 percent. Moving forward, CSE Global

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