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Market / ISIN Code: SGX Mainboard / SG1T22929874
GICS® Sector / Industry / Sub-Industry: Real Estate / Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) / Office REITs

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The Fifth Person
Kenji Tay
2020-08-11 23:43:02
How to invest in Singapore REITs for passive income – a beginner’s guide
Retail investors are drawn to real estate investment trusts (also commonly known as REITs) because of the passive income they offer. Sinagpore REITs can fetch a decent yield, ranging between 5-8% per annum. While REITs are great vehicles to build a dividend portfolio, you will still need to pick the right ones at the right price in order to grow your portfolio and maximise your dividends. So what are REITs? REITs are investment trusts that pool investors’ money to buy and own income-producing real estate. These properties are leased out to tenants who, in turn, pay rental income to the REIT. Like all property investors, REITs can also acquire new properties, enhance and improve existing ones, or increase rental rates to grow their income. As an investor, you are entitled to
Dinesh Dayani
2020-08-10 11:50:03
Personal Finance Webinars In August 2020 You Can Attend Even While Singapore Is In Phase Two
This article was first published on 7 July 2020, and updated with the latest set of events. Many of us have become accustomed to doing most things from the comfort of our home – from working a full-time job and going to school, to grocery shopping to socialising with friends. Today, many personal finance webinars have replaced physical events, enabling us to continue learning journey despite ongoing limitations on large gatherings. We have curated a list of upcoming free webinars covering important personal finance topics, including investing, insurance and saving. Save the dates! #1 5 August 2020, Wednesday: Investing In Singaporean Companies (Home-Bias): What Is The Right Strategy (Endowus) When: 5 August 2020, Wednesday Time: 7pm to 8.30pm Registration Link: Eventbrite Organised by r
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-08-09 20:05:06
42 Singapore REITs & 16 Business Trusts (稳如泰山)
Singapore REITs are popular investment for passive income through stable dividend stocks. In this article, you will learn on how to invest in 21 giant stocks from 42 Singapore REITs and 16 Business Trusts with 3 key strategies (Striker / Mid-fielder / Defender) in 8 categories: 1) Retail REITs 2) Office REITs 3) Industrial REITs 4) Healthcare REITs 5) Diversified REITs 6) Data Center REIT 7) Hospitality REIT 8) Business Trusts There are 6 Singapore REITs which are also Business Trusts, so total there are 42 + 16 – 6 = 52 Singapore REITs and Business Trusts as of current stock market. Currently, out of 30 STI Index stocks, 5 are REITs. Soon, SPH (SGX: T39) with declining trading market capitalization (lower share price and/or lower trading volume) will be r
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-08-09 19:56:59
Rights Issue and Demerger of Sembcorp Marine from Sembcorp Industries (难兄难弟)
Temasek stocks of Sembcorp Industries SGX: U96, parent stock) and Sembcorp Marine (SGX: S51, subsidiary stock) just announce 2 bundled corporate actions of rights issue for Sembcorp Marine and then demerger from Sembcorp Industries. In this article, Dr Tee will compare both Sembcorp stocks and share the possible causes and effects of such actions with deeper analysis. Recently, Temasek stock of Singapore Airlines, SIA (SGX: C6L) just completed the rights and mandatory convertible bonds (MCB) issues to inject extra capital to save the company from Covid-19 crisis encountered in airlines sector with over 90% drop in number of flights. Temasek would become the sponsor to take up additional rights and bonds if not taken up by other shareholders. Temasek may have modified the “res
2020-08-07 00:12:24
Keppel REIT Analysis @ 27 July 2020
Basic Profile & Key StatisticsKeppel REIT (KREIT) is an office focus REIT which listed on 28 April 2006. KREIT is sponsored by Keppel Land Limited which is a subsidiary of Keppel Corporation.Lease ProfileOccupany is high at 98.6%. WALE is long at 4.6 years, where the highest lease expiry of 22.4% falls in the year 2022. Weighted average land lease expiry is long at 88.14 years.Debt ProfileGearing of 36.3% is at SREITs median level. Cost of debt of 2.5% is low. Fixed rate debt is close to SREITs median level where unsecured debt is slightly lower at 71.6%. Even with low cost of debt, its interest cover is at the low side of 3.5 times. WADE is long at 3.6 years where the highest debt maturity of 38% is in the year 2024. Diversification ProfileKREIT is not diversified enough in
2020-07-05 23:21:04
Case Studies for SREITs with Capital Distribution from Disposal
In previous post, I did calculations for DPU downfall for SREITs with more than 5% income support in their distribution. For this post, we will look at another aspect in which SREITs use its capital distribution to boost their DPU. I will only focus on SREITs with more than 5% capital distribution from disposal in their distribution.Before we start, we will need to set the definition right. There are quite a numbers of SREITs that used the phrase "capital distribution" in their Distribution Statement and this misled a lot of people to think that such dividend is from their cash holding. In fact, most "capital distribution" are refer to distributable income from oversea properties. In tax perspective, income from oversea properties is considered as "capital distribution". Of course, distrib
2020-07-05 21:54:43
STI gained 1.8% but analysts are cautious
The Straits Times Index added 48 points or 1.8% at 2,652.94; Hong Kong property play helped keep sentiment here firm; US jobs report supported stocks, but record virus infections put pressure on bond yields; Singapore market’s capitalisation rose 2.1% in June to S$761.6b; Singapore companies bought back S$663m in the first half; Analysts see limited STI upside for remainder of year and next 12 months   A firm start to the second half The second half got off on a firm footing as the disconnect between the economy and the market which has prevailed for several months continued to hold sway. There was also added impetus on Thursday when the Hong Kong market shot up in speculation that property developers would benefit from new security legislation. Over in the US, Wall Street remain
Dinesh Dayani
2020-06-18 09:29:31
Complete Guide To Investing In The Straits Times Index (STI) ETFs
This article was first published on 12 June 2018, and updated to include the latest information. Investing our money to grow and beat inflation over the long-term is important to building our wealth and safeguarding our retirement. However, starting the investing journey can be filled with uncertainties and can also be daunting. This is why the STI ETF is usually recommended as a good first investment to start learning about investments and building your confidence. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about investing in the STI ETF. What Is The Straits Times Index (STI)? What Are The 30 Constituent Stocks That Make Up The STI Today? The  STI Reserve List What Is An ETF? What Is The STI ETF? How To Start Investing In The STI ETF? Read Also: Why Your First Stock Inves
Sim Kang Heong
2020-06-07 10:34:35
4 Stocks This Week (STI Reserve List) [5 June 2020] Keppel DC; Suntec; Frasers Logistics & Commercial; Keppel REIT
It’s not every day that developments on the Singapore Exchange makes it to the public discourse. But this week it did, thanks to news of Singapore Press Holdings (SGX: T39) being kicked out of Singapore’s benchmark Straits Times Index (STI). This comes a week after SPH was removed from the MSCI Singapore Index. The STI is often used as a proxy for the broader Singapore stock market, consisting of the 30 largest and most liquid blue chip companies on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). These 30 companies account for more than 70% of the market capitalisation of the entire SGX. STI constituents are reviewed every quarter, and the index is reconstituted if stocks no longer qualify to remain on the index or are delisted. In this round of review (dated 4 June 2020), SPH was removed and replaced
Dinesh Dayani
2020-06-03 20:38:57
[2020 Edition] Complete Guide To Start Your REITs Investing Journey In Singapore
This article was first published on 19 June 2018 and updated with the latest information. This article contains links to our affiliate partners. DollarsAndSense may receive a share of revenue from your sign-ups. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) is a popular type of investment in Singapore. In fact, it is so popular that Singapore has grown to become the largest REIT market in Asia ex-Japan. This is mainly down to two reasons. #1 REITs are essentially property investments. Singaporeans’ fascination for property investments stem from its meteoric rise since our island nation gained independence. Even on the back numerous property cooling measures enforced to reduce speculation in residential properties, sky-high prices mean that property investments remain out of reach for ordinary
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-05-30 23:11:20
25 MSCI Singapore & 30 STI Stocks (仙人指路)
Both MSCI Singapore Index (SiMSCI, 25 stocks) and Straits Times Index (STI, 30 stocks) are important guidance for Singapore stock investors on “Good” stocks for investing. In this article, you will learn on how to invest in index stocks in a right way. MSCI Singapore Index has recently removed 4 blue chip stocks (which are also 30 STI component stocks) from the list: 1) ComfortDelGro (SGX: C52) 2) SATS (SGX: S58) 3) Sembcorp Industries (SGX: U96) 4) Singapore Press Holdings, SPH (SGX: T39) and adding only 1 stock as replacement: Mapletree Logistics Trust, MLT (SGX: M44U), a giant Singapore REIT, which is also 30 STI component stock. MSCI Singapore Index component stock selection criteria is stricter than STI index (only based on trading market capitalization, a w
Investment Moats
2020-04-23 08:53:41
Thoughts on Cuts to Your REIT’s Dividend Income – Part 1
There are probably 7 REITs that up to this point have announced their results or put out notes on their latest quarter of business development. 3 of the REITs have cut their latest quarter of dividend per unit that is distributed to shareholders. If you look at the dividend per unit cut, they are very drastic. What it shows is that based on the net cash flow that the REIT earned in the last quarter, they decide to pay out 50% to 80% less. The REITs that have announced but did not cut their dividends to this drastic extend are Keppel REIT, Keppel Pacific OAK, Parkway Life, Sabana, Keppel DC. The reason this is done is to conserve cash flow. The Singapore Government and Australian Government have announced that landlords cannot evict their tenants. They have provided land
2020-04-06 00:32:51
COVID 19 - My Thoughts on SREITs Selection
Now, all of us should aware that government had announced for a lot workplaces to be closed on Tuesday and school to closed on Wednesday until 4th May. There are quite some numbers of companies are exempted though. From what I see, this closure is more on retail and office instead of industry and logistics.Extracted from Ministry of Trade & Industry Facebook PageDue to this COVID-19, hospitality REITs get the first impact, people couldn't travel due to travel restrictions imposed by different countries. This followed by retail REITs which affected due to tourism, social distancing and now closure of non-essential services. Office REIT would be affected too, though some can be mitigate with "work from home" practice. If this situation continue, eventually industrial and logistics w
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-04-03 23:36:24
Temasek Acquires Crisis Stock Keppel Corp (趁虚而入)
Temasek has offered partial acquisition to Keppel Corp (SGX: BN4) shareholders at the price of $7.35/share up to 51% ownership over 1 year period (with some conditions applied). Since this is not a full acquisition, some investors may be confused of what is fair price for Keppel Corp. Let’s study this acquisition offer in details. Temasek owns 20.45% of Keppel Corp, intending to purchase shares owned by remaining shareholders (100 – 20.45% = 79.55%) to top up to 51% (still need 51% – 20.45% = 30.55%). So, it is partial acquisition of 30.55/79.55 = 38.4%. It means for every 1000 shares, 384 unit will be acquired. The offer price of Temasek at $7.35 is about 20% premium over the average price before acquisition, aligned with several other acquisitions in S
2020-03-28 21:04:12
SREITs Basic Fundamental Review - 2020 Mar
Based on 4Q 2019 Result. Click to Enlarge* Ascendas India Trust and Dasin Retail Trust are Business Trusts.The above table is extracted from spreadsheet in SREITs Data page.Dividend Yield:YieldAverageMedianLowestHighestHealthcare8.10%8.10%4.34%11.86%Retail9.16%8.32%5.48%18.13%Office8.18%7.55%4.97%12.02%Hospitality17.49%11.35%9.4%42.71%Industrial8.37%7.66%3.54%13.4%Logistics9.52%10.43%5.07%12.14%* Based on REIT Major SectorFinancial Metrics:Financial MetricsUnitAverageMedianLowestHighestPrice/ NAVtime0.790.710.151.91Market Cap, BS$2.00B0.96B0.17B10.04BProperty Yield (Annualized)%5.895.843.399.30Distribution on Management Feestime8.378.343.9719.02Distribution on Capital (Annualized)% Margin%52.3554.9821.1771.32* SREITs in Foreign Currencies converted to
Dinesh Dayani
2020-03-09 12:43:02
S-REIT Report Card: Here’s How Singapore REITs Performed In First Quarter 2020
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are popular investments in Singapore, as they own a portfolio of properties and pay out relatively good distributions from the rental income they receive on the properties. In our REITs Report Card column, we feature the performance of REITs every quarter. How Singapore-listed REITs Performed In The Year-To-Date 2020 The first three months of 2020 has seen its fair share of volatility, with the ongoing US-China trade war sanctions, a generally slowing global economy, and also hit with Covid-19, a novel Coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China. This has given rise to greater price fluctuations in the stock market in 2020. To gauge how Singapore-listed REITs have performed in the year-to-date (ytd) 2020, we take reference from the iEdge S-REIT Index
My Stocks Investing Journey
2020-03-08 21:51:16
Singapore REIT Fundamental Analysis Comparison Table Mar 8 – 2020
Technical Analysis of FTSE ST REIT Index (FSTAS8670) FTSE ST Real Estate Investment Trusts (FTSE ST REIT Index) broke out from the consolidation and hit historical high at 973.21.  The REIT index has changed from 941.99 to 941.89  (-0.01%). The REIT index has a flash sold off due to COVID-19 fear but immediately rebounded strongly from the support at 884.292. Currently the REIT index goes above the 50D and 200D SMA.  Based on the current trend and chart pattern, the REIT index is still trading on an bullish uptrend.  Immediate support at 940 (Previous Resistance turned support) followed by 920 (200 SMA). Probable direction for REIT index: Up. Previous chart on FTSE ST REIT index can be found in the last post Singapore REIT Fundamental Comparison Table on 02-02, 2020. Fundamental Analy
My Stocks Investing Journey
2020-02-02 23:43:36
Singapore REIT Fundamental Analysis Comparison Table 02-02-2020
Technical Analysis of FTSE ST REIT Index (FSTAS8670) FTSE ST Real Estate Investment Trusts (FTSE ST REIT Index) broke out from the consolidation and hit historical high at 962.57.  The REIT index has changed from 926.24 to 941.99 (+1.70%). Currently the REIT index retraced back to the the previous resistance at the breakout. If this resistance is turned to support, the REIT index is expected to continue to trade higher. Probable direction for REIT index: Up. Previous chart on FTSE ST REIT index can be found in the last post Singapore REIT Fundamental Comparison Table on Jan 2, 2020. Fundamental Analysis of 40 Singapore REITs The following is the compilation of 40 REITs in Singapore with colour coding of the Distribution Yield, Gearing Ratio and Price to NAV Ratio. This gives investors a
T.U.B Investing
The Unique Bunch (T.U.B)
2019-04-07 12:43:58
The Margin REIT Strategy - A Strategy In Writing (Please Complete Reading The Article!)
I am never interested in margin before meeting J.To me, I always feel human emotions are unable to control the use of margin. Leverage is such a powerful seductive tool that I do not believe any person can escape from it once he/she touches it. Similarly, to believing justice will prevail, I believe in not giving margin a second look.Nevertheless, I met J recently and he showed me how he used margin to invest and achieved 10% gain p.a. since 2016. To be honest, 10% is not huge. But a consistent 10% is a relatively good return. He basically compares “margin investing” to buying a property. I specifically think it should be compared to buying a 2nd property. This is because his method requires us to consider rental income. I believe we seldom will rent out the 1st property out. The 2nd p

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