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Investment Moats
2020-02-07 07:29:41
Reviewing Manulife US REIT’s 2019 Full Year Result
Yesterday, Manulife US REIT announced its full-year results. This was the first result since their acquisition of Capitol Mall in Sacramento. The results was not a good one. Dividend per unit fell 5.9% from 1.53 cents in Q4 2018 to 1.44 in Q4 2019. Before Jagjit (the previous CFO) left, he told us to focus on the adjusted DPU. Due to the numerous acquisitions, it would be difficult to track what is the dividends based on the enlarged outstanding unit base. So let me focus on it. The Adjusted DPU dropped 4.6% from 1.53 cents to 1.46 cents. Since this was a six-figure position for me, let me provide some updates. This will be a short update since I have written enough about Manulife US REIT. Michelson’s Lower Occupancy Management updated in their financial
Investment Moats
2020-01-29 10:19:29
Some Info I Looked into on Elite Commercial REIT
Elite Commercial REIT has all the right metrics you would look for in a worthy Reit to invest in. Great looking 7.1% dividend yield, long wale, low debt to asset, freehold property and a tenant that looks like someone who you expect to be the last to default on their rent. Sometimes it is either I overthink things or that I am absolutely right to be a little more skeptical. Private equity firm Elite Partners is looking to IPO Elite Commercial Reit. A lot of the context for how to look at this REIT is shaped by the people associated with supporting this REIT. If you read the prospectus, you might pick out something you like or do not like about it. The prospectus is 750 pages at least, with half of it just valuation report. So the main bulk of it is about 300-400 pages. If you are
The Asia Report — Bottoms Up Investing
Editorial Team
2020-01-08 21:33:53
Guide to Investing in REITs
What are REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) A REIT, or real estate investment trust, is a group of properties that are bundled and packaged together under a structure that allows it to be listed on a stock exchange as a tradeable security. The REIT earns a steady rental income from leases signed with their its tenants. REITs are mandated by guidelines as to how they should operate in order to enjoy full tax transparency (i.e. they do not have to pay corporate taxes). One of these requirements is that a REIT needs to pay out at least 90% of its net profit as distributions to unitholders. Another is for regular quarterly reporting that is in compliance with the rules and regulations as stipulated by the Singapore Exchange. A third requirement is that REITs’ gearing level (i.e. total
Sim Kang Heong
2019-12-29 14:05:48
4 Stocks This Week (Year In Review Summary For 2019)
The weekly 4 Stocks This Week column on DollarsAndSense was started in 2017 with a simple objective was simple: to provide a convenient read each week for busy investors to stay updated with what is happening on the Singapore Exchange. 4 Stock This Week is not a recommendation from us to buy or sell any of the stocks that wke feature. Its purpose is to highlight interesting stocks that investors should be aware of, rather than to analyse these stocks. For this week’s edition, instead of the usual coverage of four stocks, we’ll do a year in review of the other 51 instalments of 4 Stocks This Week that our team has written in 2019. Over the past year (51 weeks), we’ve covered 123 SGX-listed stocks, 4 ETFs and 8 Daily Leverage Certificates. The most covered stock was Sas
Dinesh Dayani
2019-11-20 11:45:00
S-REIT Report Card: Here’s How Singapore REITs Performed In Fourth Quarter 2019
REITs are a popular and important part of the Singapore Exchange (SGX). There are close to 50 listed REITs, property-related business trust and REIT ETFs in Singapore. There are also numerous other unit trusts invested into Singapore and foreign listed REITs in Singapore. To get a better understanding of how well or badly Singapore REITs have performed, we dedicate significant time and resources to publish a report card each quarter. If you wish to catch up on previous quarters, you can refer to our regular REITs Report Card column. Read Also: Complete Guide To Investing In Singapore REITs How Has Singapore REITs Performed In The Year-To-Date 2019 To gauge how the Singapore REIT market has performed in the year-to-date (YTD) 2019, we can look at the iEdge S-REIT Index and the iEdge S-REIT
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2019-11-18 07:17:35
Manulife US REIT (MUST) in explosive rally
With an acronym like MUST, it seems like investing in Manulife US REIT will not go wrong. Indeed, the unit price had been surging from USD0.80 since the start of the year to the current USD0.94. Listed in May 2016, this REIT has a strong sponsor in Manulife Insurance Company, a leading Canada-based financial services group. Despite having a strong pedigree, it has not always been a bed of rose for this REIT. Like many of its peers, Manulife US REIT unit price had been lacklustre in the initial year of listing. Looking back, the counter had been trading below its offering price of US0.83 per for most of 2016 and 2017. Then the unit price took on a life of its own when Temasek Holdings, through DBS Bank, increased its stake from 3.78% to 5.49% in July 2017. Subsequently, Manulife US REIT uni
Investment Moats
2019-10-18 05:32:55
REITAS Talk – Understanding REITs with US Assets
The REIT Association of Singapore (REITAS) is organizing a seminar on REITs in the United States. This is a weekday event on 22nd November and paid event. Derek Tan, the SVP, Property Analyst of DBS Research will be speaking and there will be a round table discussion with Jill Smith, the CEO of Manulife US REIT and David Snyder, CEO & CIO of Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT. This will be moderated by Nupur Joshi, CEO of REITAS. Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT just did a placement yesterday that was 3x oversubscribed and Manulife US REIT just did an acquisition on a placement plus preferential offering. This would be a good time to mingle and get some questions in if you would like to ask further about their assets, leases, acquisition landscape, tax etc If you are interest
Investment Moats
2019-09-28 12:21:09
Manulife US REIT Acquires 400 Capitol Mall
I realize I have not written any updates on Manulife US REIT’s latest acquisition. So here it is. Just a short update. This year, majority of the REITs have seen their share price appreciating. With the share price appreciation, the cost of equity (which in this case, is the dividend yield the REIT pays to you) have gone down. This makes equity raising much attractive and for them to bring acquisitions on board. This increases the AUM, the net property income and therefore the fees earned. Manulife US REIT made the acquisition of Centerpointe in the Washington sub-market in April this year. I have a hunch that if they have the opportunity, there will be further acquisitions. In their latest quarter results slides, there was an emphasis on how close their liquid m
Don Low
2019-09-05 00:04:23
3 S-REITs To Go Long On Amidst Uncertainties
Amidst the widespread sell-offs in global equities including the Singapore blue chips, S-REITs showed resilience. High yields, along with a retreating interest rate outlook, gave investors a compelling reason to remain invested. As the trade war between the US and China escalates up a notch, central banks around the world (from the US to EU and China) have been shifting to more accommodative policies to sustain the shaky economic environment.  Relative to other major bourses, S-REITs are amongst the highest yield, making them even more attractive. Given this backdrop, here are three S-REITs to go long on in spite of the weak outlook.  Ascendas REIT Within the industrial space, the market seemed to have consolidated and both demand and supply are now more supportive. While still susceptib
The Motley Fool Singapore
Jeremy Chia
2019-09-03 08:04:00
2 Singapore REITs That Recently Reported Growth in Dividends
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have grown in popularity in Singapore. Besides providing relatively high yields, REITs also offer exposure to a wide range of assets. With that in mind and with earnings season having just ended, here are two REITs that have delighted shareholders with a bump up in DPU. Riding on the growth of the Chinese consumer Sasseur Real Estate Investment Trust (SGX: CRPU) saw its entrusted manager agreement (EMA) rental income increase by 2.7% on a comparable basis in the second quarter of the year. More importantly, the REIT which owns four outlet malls in China rewarded unitholders with a 5.9% increase in distribution per unit (DPU).  The REIT’s EMA rental income has a fixed portion that is stable and a portion that is tied directly to tenant sale
Investment Moats
2019-08-29 21:48:31
The Differences between Singapore and United States Office Lease Agreements
The tenant leases for commercial properties in China, Hong Kong and Singapore are rather unique in that they are shorter. There are no rental escalation. Typically, the tenure is less than 5 years. In Singapore and Hong Kong, the commercial offices and shopping centers have 3 to 5 year leases. When real estate investment trusts (REITs) that owned foreign commercial properties came over to Singapore, their leases looked pretty unique to the Singapore investors. The investors welcome the longer leases, which also usually comes with annual rental escalations. If there were no annual rental escalations, there are typically mid term reviews. However, we might have missed some of the drawbacks with these different lease structure as well. The Differences between USA and Singapore
Dinesh Dayani
2019-08-28 10:14:39
S-REIT Report Card: Here’s How Singapore REITs Performed In Third Quarter 2019
As one of the most popular investments in Singapore, we keep a close eye on the performance of S-REITs. After the corporate earnings announcements each quarter, we compile a comprehensive summary on our REITs Report Card column. How Singapore REITs Share Prices Have Fared In 2019, So Far Before we look at how individual REIT prices have moved, let’s look at the broad S-REIT indices in Singapore. There are two main indices – the iEdge S-REIT Index and the iEdge S-REIT 20 Index. The iEdge S-REIT Index comprises all the REITs listed in Singapore, while the iEdge S-REIT 20 Index, as its name suggests, only comprise the 20 largest and more tradeable REITs on the iEdge S-REIT Index. Read Also: Complete Guide To Investing In Singapore REITs The chart below depicts the iEdge S-REIT Index fluc
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2019-08-26 06:15:04
Better Buy: CapitaLand Commercial Trust vs. Manulife US REIT
CapitaLand Commercial Trust (SGX: C61U) and Manulife US Real Estate Investment Trust (SGX: BTOU) are two commercial REITs listed in Singapore. One has a portfolio of mainly Singapore properties, while the other comprises US office buildings. Which REIT is the better buy right now? Let’s find out. The tale of two REITs CapitaLand Commercial Trust is Singapore’s largest commercial REIT with a portfolio of eight office properties in Singapore and one commercial property, Gallileo, in Germany.Source: CapitaLand Commercial Trust investor presentation (includes the acquisition of MAC in Germany, which is yet to be approved by unitholders) Meanwhile, Manulife US REIT was listed in Singapore in May 2016. The REIT currently has a portfolio of eight Class A office freehold properties l

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