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CITIC ENVIROTECH LTD. (U19.SI) has changed the issuer name / code to CITIC ENVIROTECH LTD. (CEE.SI) with effect from 2017-01-26 due to shares split.

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Market / ISIN Code: SGX Mainboard / SG1P29918163
GICS® Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Industrials / Commercial & Professional Services / Commercial Services and Supplies

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Chan Yan Chong
2019-09-24 22:54:01
SIC2H19: China Slashes RRR; Which Stocks To Look At?
Do not miss the chance to catch Dr. Chan at the upcoming Shares Investment Conference in November! Last week, there were two major occurrences in China and Hong Kong. First, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam, formally withdrawn the contentious extradition bill. The other was the signal to the real cost of borrowing in Mainland China by Premier Li Keqiang during a state council meeting.  Overall, Dr. Chan opines that the cutting of bank’s reserve requirement ratio (RRR) in China will further support its cause to combat the US in a prolonged trade war. The effects will also extend towards China equities. For the time being, Shanghai A-shares will likely outperform its HK counterparts.  For local investors that are not too familiar with China’s equities, they could consider
Lim Si Jie
2019-07-17 17:40:09
5 S-REITs That Investors Should Own For Yield And Growth
S-REITs have been putting in a strong performance since the start of 2019. This continues to grow as a benign interest rate environment and a deteriorating macro backdrop shifts investors into S-REITs. According to MBKE, investors eyeing returns from both yields and growth should continue to find value in S-REITs. Among the S-REITs, here are five S-REITs that MBKE recommends for investors who are looking for yield and growth. Investors Takeaway: 5 S-REITs That Investors Should Own For Yield And Growth By MBKE Ascendas REIT A-REIT is the largest and most liquid REIT among the S-REITs. MBKE likes A-REIT for its scale and views A-REIT as the best proxy for a recovering industrial sector, thanks to its concentrated business-park and high-spec portfolio. Moving forward, A-REIT is planning to
Mei Siew Lai
2019-07-11 11:51:12
SI Research: CITIC Envirotech – Should You Include This Water Stock In Your Portfolio?
It’s hard to imagine a city running out of water in modern times, but it could happen. Chennai, India is the latest city to have almost run out of water as the main reserve is drying up. Not long ago, Cape Town, South Africa also nearly became the first city to run out of water in early 2018. Many of the world’s major cities face water stress as population booms, urban development increases and climate change intensifies. To tackle the water crisis, one of the immediate solutions is waste-water reuse. As water is a precious commodity, many would consider the water-treatment industry as a good investment. This led us to take a look at CITIC Envirotech (CEE), a Singapore-listed environmental company whose primary business resolves around industrial water and wastewater treatment in China

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