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Growing your tree of prosperity
Christopher Ng Wai Chung
2018-09-08 08:37:07
Safe Channels for Personal Development
Thought I would share something that is possibly novel in the personal development. This comes after thinking about my own hobbies or interests which played a majored role in many of my personal successes today.I define a Safe Channel for personal development as some means to develop skills and competencies away from society's judgmental eyes. This can come in the form of a hobby or personal interest.There are three components to having a safe channel.The channel must develop some kind of useful skill through a regime of deliberate practice.  The second component is that no external party should assess your proficiency in this skill - you shouldn't need to feel that you need to attain a grade when you are in a safe channel.  The third is that developing this skill must be primari
The Motley Fool Singapore
Chin Hui Leong
2018-09-07 11:47:23
Singapore’s Top 5 Performing Blue-Chip Stocks
Singapore’s Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI), which hosts 30 of the largest companies in Singapore, has fallen by over 8% since the start of the year. But it’s not all doom and gloom. If we lengthen our horizon from months to years, we will see that a good number of STI companies have actually done quite well. In fact, a recent SGX report revealed that the top five performing companies in the index had returned over 77% on average over the past three years. Let’s have a look at the select quintet (data as of 30 August 2018): 1. Venture Corporation Ltd (SGX: V03) shares has delivered a stunning 154% return over the last three years. Founded in 1984 as a global electronics provider, Venture Corporation now sees itself as a global provider of technology solutions, products
Lim Si Jie
2018-09-05 10:22:48
Yields are Sexy – 4 Defensive Dividend Plays
In the current risk-off environment, we continue to highlight four defensive yield plays that safe haven seekers should invest in. Investors Takeaway: Seek Safe Haven With These 4 Defensive Dividend Plays Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust With the addition of the Japanese assets to its portfolio in 1Q19, OCBC believes that Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust has built a better portfolio mix. OCBC thinks that Japanese properties complement its other assets, given its longer weighted average lease expiry and lower borrowing costs in Japan on moderate growth prospects. This provides increased stability to Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust’s unitholders. Post-acquisition, distribution per unit for Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust grew at a smaller magnitude of 1.6 percent
Lim Si Jie
2018-09-04 15:07:41
2Q18 Report Card – How Did The SG Market Fare?
Out of the universe of Singapore-listed companies that reported 2Q18 earnings, 29 percent bested UOBKH’s expectations. This is almost double of last quarter’s 15 percent, which makes 2Q18 one of the highest level of beats since 4Q16. In this article, we dive into the sector analysis of some of the top performing and underperforming sectors in 2Q18. UOBKH SG Report Card: How Did Each Sector Fare? Banks: Solid Performance But Outlook Affected By Uncertainty The banks managed to deliver solid earnings result in 2Q18. However, OCBC came out on top of DBS in this quarter by beating expectations. DBS uncharacteristically fell marginally below expectations but still managed to deliver on net interest margin (NIM) expansion. In that aspect, OCBC was still lagging behind with some catching u
The Motley Fool Singapore
Lawrence Nga
2018-09-03 16:12:25
An Investor’s Quick Overview Of How SATS Ltd Generates Its Income
SATS Ltd (SGX: S58) is a company providing food solutions and gateway services solutions. The Food Solutions covers airline catering, food distribution and industrial catering, whereas Gateway Solutions is involved in ground handling services of passengers, flights and cargo. In this article, we will try to understand one aspect of the company — how does it make its money. Here, we will look at it from three perspectives, namely, by business, by industry and by geography. Source: SATS Ltd’s 2018 Annual Report As a quick introduction, Food Solutions includes revenue from inflight catering, institutional catering, hospitality services and airline linen and laundry services, among other things. On the other hand, Gateway Services includes revenue from airport and cruise terminal ser
Passive Income Farmer
Passive Income Farmer
2018-09-01 16:49:15
My Stock Portfolio @ end Aug 2018
Top 30 in my portfolio: No. STOCK NAME No.of SHARES PORTFOLIO% MARKET $ 1SGX5,00011.717.412SATS4,0006.415.073UOB7476.3927.064SPH6,0005.312.805CapitaLand Mall Tr7,8005.272.146OCBC Bank1,4385.1311.307AIMSAMPI Cap Ind R10,0004.421.408Starhub7,0003.581.629Suntec Reit5,8003.431.8710FCT4,8003.422.3011CDL HTrust6,8003.351.5612Keppel Corp1,6003.306.5313SingTel3,1903.263.2314Keppel DC Reit7,4003.161.3515ParkwayLife Reit3,6003.052.6816SPH Reit8,5002.691.0017Starhill Global Reit12,0002.640.69518Mapletree Com Tr4,8002.471.6319Frasers Com Tr4,9872.241.4220CapitaLand2,0002.173.4321Frasers L&I Tr6,0002.091.1022Bukit Sembawang1,0001.926.0823Ascendas Reit2,0001.732.7424Sembcorp Indust1,8001.552.7325Keppel InfraTr9,0001.480.5226SIA Engg1,5001.402.9527Frasers Property1,8000.951.6728Cache Log Tr
Sanye Investment Portfolio
Sanye ◎ 三页
2018-08-31 18:25:26
Portfolio Update - 31 August 2018
STI continues its downward trend in August, as there wasn't any positive catalyst to stimulate the index. When market closed today, STI stood at 3,213.48, dropped 79.17 points or 2.4% from a month ago. My portfolio dropped with the index. Its value decreased 2.04% from last month.I did not make any trade this month, but received some Fraser Commercial Trust shares through scrip dividend scheme.Total passive income received this month was a stellar S$39,000! Dividend from two corporate bonds invested early this year boosted the dividend income and made it surpassed the dividend income from May.Below are my top 30 holdings as at 31 August 2018.1.         ComfortDelGro2.         M13.     &
The Motley Fool Singapore
Lawrence Nga
2018-08-30 07:38:08
SATS Ltd’s Mixed Track Record In Growing Its Business
SATS Ltd (SGX: S58) is a company with two business segments: Food Solutions and Gateway Services. The Food Solutions segment covers airline catering, food distribution, and industrial catering whereas the Gateway Solutions segment is involved in ground handling services of passengers, flights, and cargo. One of the things that I like to do when analysing a company is to study its track record. The past is no guarantee of the future. But historical information is the most reliable thing that we can use as our basis to forecast what lies ahead. And this brings me to the main purpose of this article, which is to have a quick overview of SATS’s historical business growth. The table below is a snapshot of the company’s important financial metrics from FY2013-14 (the financial year ended 31
Lim Si Jie
2018-08-21 11:43:37
Playing It Safe In The Hungry Ghost Month
While the STI managed to close higher at the end of July, DBS foresees a gloomier outlook ahead in August and September. The focus of the market has now turned to corporate earnings in a period where trade war concerns continue to escalate despite prospects of US and China returning to restart trade negotiations. August: Historically A Month Of Underperformance Interestingly, statistics also point to a gloomy outlook for the STI. For the past ten years, STI has never ended the month of August on a positive note. STI fell month-on-month without fail in the last ten years. Given the trade war uncertainties, weak domestic driver post property measures, and a lack of positive catalysts, DBS expects the 10-year downward trend to continue this year. Investors Takeaway: Playing It Safe In The Hun
Lim Si Jie
2018-08-16 12:26:23
Post-Earnings Review Of Four STI Constituents
Nearing the end of the earnings season, research brokerages are mostly done with tweaking their earnings calls. Here is post-earnings review of four blue chips in our Straits Times Index. Investors Takeaway: Post-Earnings Review Of Four STI Constituents CapitaLand CapitaLand is one of the most geographically diversified players among Singapore developers, with a high percentage of recurring revenue from regions other than Singapore. Despite the recent tightening measures, MBKE remains positive on CapitaLand thanks to its very small exposure to the Singapore residential property market. Notwithstanding that, CapitaLand seeking for an equal split between assets in emerging and developing markets. Currently, 57 percent of assets are in developed markets. This implies that CapitaLand is sh
ccloh Strategic Investor Zone
2018-08-14 08:21:43
Corporate Result -- Jul/Aug 2018
1. SPH Reit  --  10th Jul 20182. SPH  --  11th Jul 20183. Kep Reit  --  16th Jul 20184. Soilbuild REIT  --  16th Jul 20185. Kep DC Reit  --  17th Jul 20186. Kep Infra Trust  --  17th Jul 20187. Kep-KBS US Reit  --  17th Jul 20188. First Reit  --  17th Jul 20189. Kep T&T  --  18th Jul 201810. Capitaland Comm Trust  --  19th Jul 201811. Kep Corp  --  19th Jul 201812. SATS  --  19th Jul 201813. SIA Engg  --  19th Jul 201814. CapitaMall Trust  --  20th Jul 201815. Semb Mar  --  20th Jul 201816. Mapletreelog Trust  --  23rd Jul 201817. MapletreeInd Trust  --  24th Jul 201818. Ascott REIT  --  24th Jul 201819. Fras
Passive Income Farmer
Passive Income Farmer
2018-08-03 20:55:09
My Stock Portfolio @ end Jul 2018
Top 30 in my portfolio: No. STOCK NAME No.of SHARES PORTFOLIO% MARKET $ 1SGX5,00011.737.442SATS4,0006.555.193UOB6475.5127.024SPH6,0005.512.915CapitaLand Mall Tr7,8005.312.166OCBC Bank1,4385.2511.577AIMSAMPI Cap Ind R10,0004.451.418Starhub7,0003.801.729CDL HTrust6,8003.471.6210Keppel Corp1,6003.476.8711Suntec Reit5,8003.371.8412FCT4,7003.372.2713Keppel DC Reit7,4003.291.4114SingTel3,1903.233.2115ParkwayLife Reit3,6003.132.7616SPH Reit8,5002.681.0017Starhill Global Reit12,0002.650.7018Mapletree Com Tr4,8002.451.6219Frasers Com Tr4,9042.201.4220CapitaLand2,0002.043.2321Frasers L&I Tr6,0001.991.0522Bukit Sembawang1,0001.765.5923Ascendas Reit2,0001.732.7524Sembcorp Indust1,8001.522.6825Keppel InfraTr9,0001.480.5226SIA Engg1,5001.412.9727Cache Log Tr4,0000.980.77528Frasers Property
The Motley Fool Singapore
Sudhan P.
2018-08-01 16:39:00
The Monthly Nibble: Stock Market Correction and Blue-Chips
Here are some of the most popular articles that have appeared on the Motley Fool Singapore’s website this month. 1. Singapore’s Stock Market Correction is Here: What Investors Should Do Now Earlier this month, the Singapore stock market took a beating due to the additional property cooling measures announced by the government. Investors might remember that well. The government raised the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) rates, and tightened the Loan-to-Value (LTV) limits for residential property purchases. In a knee-jerk reaction, the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) fell 2% on 6 July 2018. With the market decline, my Foolish colleague, Chin Hui Leong, reminded all of us in his article that the “sharp decline sounds like a horrible thing to happen, but it also quite a commo
King Yoland
2018-08-01 08:35:39
portfolio update july 2018
Dividend by month1) singtel2) fcot sgx  starhillg fct sphreit cmt fortune capitaretail capitacom mit suntec3) spost  taisin lippo nam lee netlink5) fcot steng sgx  uob sph starhillg fct sphreit cmt cdg hcg lippo Singre teckwah mit sci suntec bumi6) tcil ocbc7) singpost8) fcot singtel  plife  suntec ocbc  starhillg sci steng fct singpost sphreit cmt lippo singre ock fortune capitaretail capitacom teckwah siaen mit sats bumi9)  uob tcil cdg netlink sci10) sgx11) fcot taisin sgx spost  starhillg fct cmt lippo siaen mit suntec12) sph ksh ock satsRemarks:Added  dbs 25.21, sia 10.32 and hlf 2.61 in julyOverall,nothing fanciful and nothing new: dividends received will be used to reinvest in the same counters and/or the counters which are about to
The Motley Fool Singapore
Lawrence Nga
2018-07-31 15:51:36
The Good And Bad That Investors Should Know About SATS Ltd’s Latest Quarterly Results
SATS Ltd (SGX: S58) is a company providing food solutions and gateway services solutions. The Food Solutions covers airline catering, food distribution, industrial catering whereas Gateway Solutions is involved in ground handling services of passengers, flights and cargo. On 19 July, SATS announced its first quarter results for its financial year ending 31 March 2019 (FY18/19). There are both positive and negative takeaways that investors may want to learn about. But first, let’s run through the company’s numbers. The results Here’s a condensed income statement from SATS for the first quarter of FY18/19: Source: SATS’ Results Presentation Overall, we see that both sales and profit after tax and minority interest (PATMI) were better than those of the same period last year. The pos
Tom Tom Tom
2018-07-26 06:28:40
Dear readers, overnight, US stocks rallied on the back of trade tensions between US and EU being averted. And yesterday, Singapore stocks put up a bullish performance as the STI Index rallied 1.04% which was a performance not seen in recent sessions. Many blue-chip stocks were yesterday’s top gainers. These names included UOB, OCBC, SIA, DBS, SATS, Jardone C&C, Starhub, CityDevelopment, Capitaland, UOL, ComfortDelgo, F&N and ST Engineering. With such strong showing by the STI yesterday and the overnight trade tensions aversions between US and EU, is it time that the Singapore stocks rebounded and turn bullish? Read more »
The Motley Fool Singapore
Lawrence Nga
2018-07-24 13:05:03
10 Quick Things That Investors Should Know About SATS Ltd’s Latest Results
Last week, SATS Ltd (SGX: S58)) released its first quarter earnings update for FY18-19. As a quick introduction, SATS is a company providing food solutions and gateway services solutions. The Food Solutions covers airline catering, food distribution, industrial catering whereas Gateway Solutions is involved in ground handling services of passengers, flights and cargo. Here are 10 things investors should know about SATS’ latest results: 1. Revenue for the quarter rose 3% year-on-year to S$439.4 million. 2. Operating profit surged 21.3% to S$64.9 million, driven mainly by higher revenue. 3. The conglomerate’s operating margin improved from 12.5% last year to 14.8% in this quarter. 4. As a result, net profit attributable to shareholders for the quarter grew by 11.5% to S$63.9 million. 5.
The Motley Fool Singapore
Lawrence Nga
2018-07-23 11:04:14
How SATS Ltd’s Management Is Innovating And Using Technology To Improve The Business
SATS Ltd  (SGX: S58) is a company with two business segments, namely, Food Solutions and Gateway Services. The former covers services such as airline catering, food distribution, and industrial catering. The latter is involved in ground handling services of passengers, flights, ferries, and cargo. The company recently published its annual report for its financial year ending 31 March 2018 (FY2018). Given that reading an annual report is one of the best ways to keep up with a company’s developments, I decided to go through SATS’s latest annual report to understand the company’s prospects, and how it had performed in FY2018. Generally, when reading an annual report, I will pay close attention to the letter to shareholders that the company’s chairman and/or CEO writes. In this artic
SG ThumbTack Investor
2018-07-21 18:47:02
TTI: “I’m Sorry, It’s All Over Between Us. I’m Breaking Up With You”
Dear Disney, I’m sorry it has to end, but it’s all over between us. I’m breaking up with you.  I know, I know, we only really just got together barely a month plus ago (FY18Q2 -“Fun Isn’t Something One Considers When Balancing TTI’s Portfolio. But This…(heh heh heh heh) Does Put A Smile On My Face.”) Look, I’m not a player. I really thought we were going to last… I mean, we really connected the past month, didn’t we? We had really really good times together and I really planned on holding on to you. Some nights… oh my. Sitting in front of the laptop, you and me, against the world…. I felt I truly understood everything about you, your past history and all your future dreams and plans. It took some time, you aren’t exactly an

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