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2022-06-04 14:25:46
How Singapore’s Food and Agriculture Stocks Could Be Impacted By The World Food Supply Shock – Wilmar; Olam; Golden Agri-Resources; Japfa
Following Malaysia’s announcement that it will ban chicken exports from 1 June 2022, multiple Singapore supermarkets and wet markets saw their shelves cleared out of fresh chicken. Amidst the speculation that the price of chicken will increase due to supply constraints, several people have taken to Carousel to list chicken at significantly marked-up prices. One user listed a ”rare limited fried chicken” for $3,000, adding to the description: ”Last chance to taste chicken before it becomes extinct for months to come.” While this is obviously a joke (we think?), it indicates the sentiments that many of us may currently be feeling, and that is prices of food would be on the rise in the months to come. While such a doomsday scenario is unlikely to occur after Fair
2022-03-20 10:39:24
A drop in oil, a rebound on Wall St and hopes of a Russia-Ukraine settlement pushed the STI up 2.5%
The STI rebounded 81 points or 2.6% at 3,330.63 The S&P gained 6.2%, the Dow 5.5% and Nasdaq 8.2% Driving the rebound was hope of fresh Russia-Ukraine talks Oil prices fell but remain volatile China sent positive market signals which also helped A hawkish Fed raised rates and signalled six more hikes this year Singapore’s NODX grew a disappointing 9.5% in Feb Olam Group started trading Hopes of fresh talks led to a fall in oil and rise in stocks Hopes of fresh talks between Ukraine and Russia that led to a sharp drop in oil prices last week helped overshadow signs of a hawkish US Federal Reserve which signalled that fighting inflation with interest rate hikes is its main priority. The outcome was a volatile but ultimately firm week for Wall Street that spilled over here, enabling
2022-03-06 17:56:57
Random thoughts: Steady portfolio in chaotic times.
My portfolio is 10 percent in the green, but I have several misadventures, with counters down by 50 percent or more, such as TianNeng Power international, and several others such as Alibaba 9988The portfolio is actually not at it lowest, for the past 1 year, despite the HK tech meltdown, Russia War, and inflation fears.Looking back, the last 6 months provide several reflective points, which I will pen down 1) Portfolio should include both realised and unrealised profits and also cash.I used to ignore unrealised profits or loss in looking at my portfolio, and realised how foolish I have been. Several counters that I bought for a trading gains, like Geely, Alibaba, JD has gone from a profits to loss. Geely especially, has met target of 50 percent gains, and yet, I didn't do anything.&nb
2021-12-11 13:54:24
Random thoughts: These stocks will likely increase their dividends in FY 2021
NOTE: I owned shares of the below mentioned counters, and hence have my biases and ulterior motives for writing this post (Evil laughs) 1) UOBKayhian1H earning beats 2020 earnings. UOBkayhian biggest earning segment is trading commission. SGX trading volume and value for the last 11 months beats 2020 (11 months)US market is seeing new high, Thailand trading volume and value for the last 11 months are also significantly higher than 2020.If the 50% payout holds (which is the case for many years), there is a high probability that dividends will exceed last year 9.5 cents. (1H EPS is already 11 cents.)2) Hotung 2020 EPS is 5.42 NT$, and 1H 2021 EPS is already 3.28NT$2021 there is frequent share buybacks, and this is NOT a yearly occurernce2021 there are 2 vested compan

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