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Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-06-08 23:26:22
Rights Issue and Demerger of Sembcorp Marine from Sembcorp Industries (难兄难弟)
Temasek stocks of Sembcorp Industries (parent stock, SGX: U96) and Sembcorp Marine (subsidiary stock, SGX: S51) just announce 2 bundled corporate actions of rights issue for Sembcorp Marine and then demerger from Sembcorp Industries. In this article, Dr Tee will compare both Sembcorp stocks and share the possible causes and effects of such actions with deeper analysis. Recently, Temasek stock of Singapore Airlines, SIA (SGX: C6L) just completed the rights and mandatory convertible bonds (MCB) issues to inject extra capital to save the company from Covid-19 crisis encountered in airlines sector with over 90% drop in number of flights. Temasek would become the sponsor to take up additional rights and bonds if not taken up by other shareholders. Temasek may have modified the “res
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-04-01 21:16:14
Temasek Dividend Stock Singtel (掌上明珠)
Temasek invests in about 40 global stocks, the largest investment by market capitalization is in Singtel (52% shareholding), jewel in the crown. Singtel (SGX: Z74) is not just the fixed deposit of Temasek (through consistent dividend payment for decades), also cash generator for over 1 millions Singaporeans who are Singtel retail investors, the most popular stock in Singapore. Over the past few years, due to competitive global and local Telco industry (eg. new player TPG in Singapore, uncertain regional markets), despite Singtel is more defensive than other peers, share prices has dropped by half from the peak of $4.40 to $2.28/share (about 30% price dip was over the past 2 months of global stock crisis). This is relatively stronger compare with local competitor Starhub (SGX: CC3)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-03-28 17:52:58
Change Horse Strategy: SIA to SATS (塞翁失马)
Nightmare of a long term investor is to hold on to a weak fundamental stock with declining share prices over the decade, wasting both time and capital. It is painful to cut loss halfway, therefore many retail traders (especially those who follow tips to invest) may initially plan for short term trading but when encountering global stock crisis falling from high stock optimism, making losses, forced to be a long term investor since then. Singapore Airlines (SGX: C6L), SIA, is not a giant stock nor junk stock, under-performing in business (see details of SIA stock in another earlier post), both long term investors (hold for 10 years) or short term traders (hold for 1 month) may make significant losses. So, some investors may be mentally conditioned (despite having option) to subscrib
Create Wealth Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading
2020-03-18 17:43:49
Round 12 : Bought Olam @ $1.48
Read? Olam CEO bought 750K shares or 45% of total vol at avg $1.48 Read? Olam to post one-time net gain of S$72m for Q4 from restructuring initiativesWill Olam learn from its painful history of overly aggressive and grow out of control?Temasek good enough to control this animal spirit?Read? Olam: Sold $2.33, ROC 36.7%Round 12 : B $1.48  (Buy back for bitter Panadols)Round 11: ROC 36.7%, 1287 days, B $1.68 S $2.33Round 10: ROC 8.5%, 236 days, B $2.52 S $2.75Round 9: ROC 7.0%, 228 days, B $2.56 S $2.75Round 8: ROC 20.8%, 65 days, B $2.41 S $2.93Round 7: ROC 15.8%, 311 days, B $2.48 S $2.89Round 6: ROC 10.2%, 8 days, B $2.39 S $2.65Round 5: ROC 6.3%, 3 days, B $2.45 S $2.62 (Bought back higher)Round 4: ROC 5.9%, 15 days, B $2.26 S $2.41Round 3: ROC 9.6%, 8 days, B $2.18 S
Singapore Stocks Investing
Tom K
2020-03-04 21:21:21
Dear readers, as selling over the fears of Covid-19 spreads, it is not only Singapore Straits Times Index stocks, Singapore Reits and Trusts which have been oversold. Singapore’s other large-cap stocks are also oversold. The list of the other oversold Singapore large-cap stocks is below. 1.      First Resources stock 2.      Frasers Property 3.      Olam stock... The post EIGHT OVERSOLD SINGAPORE LARGE-CAP NON-STRAITS TIMES INDEX STOCKS appeared first on SG STOCKS INVESTING: SAVINGS, GRATITUDE (SG) & STOCKS INVESTING! SAVE MORE, BE GRATEFUL AND INVEST BETTER!.
2019-12-31 12:41:38
Portfolio Closing 31/12/2019
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