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Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Consumer Staples / Food, Beverage & Tobacco / Food Products

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2020-12-20 10:33:05
December Portfolio Update
It's been a while since my last portfolio update in April 2020 (You may read it here: Portfolio Update: Staying the Course). At that point of time, my portfolio was down approximately 15% YTD, while it has since recovered to a YTD performance of -6%. While this is nothing spectacular, especially with US indices hitting all time highs, relative to the Straits Times Index which is down approximately 13% YTD, at least there's some outperformance. Accordingly, I intend to allocate a higher percentage of my portfolio to international stocks, especially US/HK tech stocks. I believe that we're in a time when one cannot exclude having tech exposure in our portfolios, given how tech companies have expanded to becoming an integral part of our lives. Indeed, this represents a shift from my value/divi
2020-04-19 21:19:52
Portfolio Updates - Staying the Course
Markets rallied strongly over this short trading week, with US indices entering a bull market, which is defined as a >20% gain from the bottom. Optimism over the potential flattening of the curve in US and Europe, along with further stimulus from the Fed helped markets recover from their lows 2 weeks ago. Overall, my portfolio is down about 10% based on cost. Here’s my updated portfolio as of 9 April 2020: DBS – The bank has been aggressively buying back shares since January, spending in excess of $400 million, which is greater than the full year amount spent in the past 4 years. DBS’ AGM has been postponed, which means the final dividend would be delayed. There is a concern that as Stanchart and HSBC have scrapped dividends due to the uncertainty ahead, DBS would follow suit as w
2020-03-08 14:01:50
February has been a volatile month - Here's my game plan (MCT, SATS, DBS and more)
Please note that these articles are for discussion and informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial advice. Please read the full disclaimer available on the desktop version of my blog.February has been an extremely volatile month with huge swings in the equity markets. Thousand point moves in the Dow Jones Index meant that volatility has shot up, and investors are worried and confused. Our Straits Times Index wasn’t spared either. With all the negative headlines dominating the news every day, you may be wondering – what’s next?I would like to share with you the transactions I have made in the past month, as well as my game plan to navigate the volatile markets of today. I have made trades in four companies this month – I sold Eagle Hospitality Trust a
2020-03-07 16:32:29
WatchlistSATSValuetronics: Valuetronics ResearchAscendas REITRaffles MedicalFrasers Property: A look at FPLUpdated as at 14/12/19I started investing in mid-2015, while I was in National Service. Looking back, mid-2015 was probably the worst time to start, as the markets began to decline due to the sharp fall in oil prices and fears of a hard landing for the Chinese economy. I'd concede that when I first started buying shares, I had close to zero knowledge about doing due diligence. All I did was to base my analysis on P/E or P/B ratios. I definitely wasn't ready, and consequently got badly burnt by the downturn in oil and gas sector. It was a humbling experience to be taught a lesson by Mr Market, and one thing I learnt was that we should never underestimate the power of the mark

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