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Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-03-05 22:34:12
Don’t Buy Wrong Stock (张冠李戴)
Ensure right stock name, ticker and even exchange for investing in stocks. Don’t collect tips, did not record full details, buying wrong stock with close name, ending up a giant stock may become a junk stock. In the last Ein55 charity course, we also shared 2 “Ah Seng” stocks in Malaysia with very similar names, both are giant stocks but very different business: Hup Seng (biscuit) vs Hap Seng (plantation). Sometimes for the same business group, there could be similar names for subsidiaries but different stocks. Sometimes a subsidiary stock (eg Vicom) could perform much better than its parent stock (eg. ComfortDelGro) which has more diversified business. Even for the same stock, “what to buy” may not “now to buy”. A common mistake of beginner in knowledge collect
Lizardo Realm (Investment)
2020-02-26 21:25:22
China has a Flu and the Whole World Gets Sick
Taxi drivers are complaining about low pick up rate and are suffering from massive income cut. SMRT and Comfort Delgro will suffer.Tourists are not coming to Singapore. So the likes of Gentings and Straco are suffering from zilch revenue.Tourists are staying away from flying into Singapore given the number of cases. Singaporeans are also worried about flying out. So SIA will suffer, and the effect will cascade to SATS.  SIA has already cut large number of flights in the months ahead and staff are surplus a plenty.No tourists, no major events, the MICE sector also suffers. So Kingsmen will suffer.Trade grinding to a halt because China factories are only slowly trying to resume amidst their lockdowns and containment. So all the industrial and shipping side are facing slow
Singapore Stocks Investing
Tom K
2020-02-25 13:34:06
Dear readers, it was earlier reported today that Breadtalk stock is likely to be privatised. Breadtalk Group’s George Quek, his wife and a substantial shareholder have made an offer to acquire all Breadtalk shares at S$0.77 apiece with a view to delist Breadtalk stock. Breadtalk stock last traded at $0.645 and hence the offer is... The post BREADTALK STOCK PRIVATISATION BID: COULD I HAVE ONE THING PLEASE? appeared first on SG STOCKS INVESTING: SAVINGS, GRATITUDE (SG) & STOCKS INVESTING! SAVE MORE, BE GRATEFUL AND INVEST BETTER!.
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-02-12 22:58:54
Impact of Policy Change on Coronavirus Report and Financial Report
Similar to new rules in financial reporting (eg. IFRS16 on operating lease starting Year 2019), it could have significant change to financial reports but it is one-time adjustment, especially in year 2019. Relative trend after the change should be comparable when an investor compares with 2019 as a new base. IFRS16 makes the analysis more complicated, eg. when Breadtalk (SGX: CTN) shows debt and cashflow are increasing, higher debt could be due to combined factors of actual debt increase and also due to operating lease (change in accounting definition) So, assuming China government excludes those “no symptom” (despite tested positive) from # infected from Coronavirus definition, we should see a sudden dip on date of policy change, rather than seeing consistent downtrend
Dr Tee (Ein55)
Dr Tee (Ein55)
2020-02-04 21:45:33
Hidden Statistical Analysis of Coronavirus with Stock Investment
Some may be puzzled why there are so many death cases for Coronavirus in China, especially in Hubei (258) but 0 (zero) case outside mainland China. From statistics point of view, this drastic difference may be due to certain reasons. Does it mean the virus is more deadly in China than outside China (quite unlikely as many who are infected outside China traveled from Wuhan). Does it mean China medical resources are less, resulting in lower survival rate (may be but unlikely to be so different)? From statistical analysis (as of 1 Feb 2020), we may identify possible sampling or reporting error: Area / # Infected / # Death / Fatality Rate (%)==============================Mainland China / 11757 / 258 / 2.19% Hubei only / 7153 / 249 / 3.48%Mainland China ex Hubei / 4604 / 9 / 0.
Sim Kang Heong
2019-12-29 14:05:48
4 Stocks This Week (Year In Review Summary For 2019)
The weekly 4 Stocks This Week column on DollarsAndSense was started in 2017 with a simple objective was simple: to provide a convenient read each week for busy investors to stay updated with what is happening on the Singapore Exchange. 4 Stock This Week is not a recommendation from us to buy or sell any of the stocks that wke feature. Its purpose is to highlight interesting stocks that investors should be aware of, rather than to analyse these stocks. For this week’s edition, instead of the usual coverage of four stocks, we’ll do a year in review of the other 51 instalments of 4 Stocks This Week that our team has written in 2019. Over the past year (51 weeks), we’ve covered 123 SGX-listed stocks, 4 ETFs and 8 Daily Leverage Certificates. The most covered stock was Sas
The Motley Fool Singapore
Royston Yang
2019-10-29 07:27:37
2 Food Businesses Growing Rapidly
Living in a nation with many different cuisines, Singaporeans are blessed with a buffet of choices when it comes to deciding what to eat. The same can also be said for the stock market as it serves up a platter of juicy companies belonging to the food and beverage (F&B) industry. However, not all F&B businesses enjoy the same fervent following. Over time, some may lose their allure, while others go from strength to strength to conquer other countries and regions. Brand-building is as much an art as a science, and some companies have managed to generate the right kind and amount of buzz to ensure their continued longevity. Here are two F&B businesses that are growing rapidly, and I believe both also have strong brands that are recognised in many Asian countries besides Singapor
The Motley Fool Singapore
David Kuo
2019-09-28 17:57:42
Quick Thought Of The Week: Lemons
I was watching one of those televised Oval Office presidential briefings the other day. Specifically, it was the one in which Trump was trying to justify his claim that hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama. Of course the chances of Dorian affecting the southern state were as slim as me winning the lottery…. …. it would seem that someone had taken a felt-tip pen to extend the path of the deadly hurricane on an official weather map to include Alabama. It’s laughable but true. Who would do such a bone-headed thing? But this is just one of many untruths that has been peddled by the current US administration. That made me think. How can anyone possibly make investing decisions based on lies, deceptions and exaggerations? One of the things that we need when we invest is reliab
Mei Siew Lai
2019-09-24 22:49:58
SI Research: Reviving Stale Bread With Food Junction?
On 2 September 2019, BreadTalk announced its acquisition of Food Junction for $80 million to become the third largest food court or coffeeshop player in Singapore with 26 outlets, behind NTUC Foodfare/Kopitiam (10+52 outlets) and Koufu (47 outlets). Currently, Food Junction has 12 food courts in Singapore and three in Malaysia, with an additional one expected to open in 2020 at The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey. Unlike BreadTalk’s Food Republic which targets the premium segment, Food Junction has more of a mass-market appeal with a 10 to 15 percent lower average ticket size. As such, management believes that the location of Food Junction food courts would fit into the existing portfolio of BreadTalk which will allow the group to cater to a different market segment and expand into non-traditi
The Motley Fool Singapore
Royston Yang
2019-09-19 10:12:27
Does BreadTalk Group Limited Have a High-Quality Business?
BreadTalk Group Limited (SGX: CTN) is a food and beverage group with close to 1,000 retail stores spread across 16 countries. The group has four main divisions: bakery, restaurant, food atrium and 4orth food concepts. Its brand portfolio comprises well-known brands such as BreadTalk, Toast Box, Food Republic, Bread Society and So Ramen. While BreadTalk owns many recognisable brands that Singaporeans are familiar with, investors need to understand if the business is a great one to own. In other words, it’s important to determine if the group has a high-quality business that can differentiate itself from the competition. I looked into three aspects of BreadTalk in order to assess if the business could be a great one for investors to consider. Revenue and net profit growth The table a
The Motley Fool Singapore
Jeremy Chia
2019-09-19 05:36:36
3 Reasons Prudential PLC Could Be a Great Stock to Buy Now
Investors looking for bargains in the stock market should look no further than Prudential Plc (SGX: K6S). The insurance giant, which is listed on four different exchanges, has seen its stock price fall nearly 20% in recent months as the ongoing trade war and Hong Kong protests have dimmed investor sentiment. However, long-term investors could be salivating at the prospect of picking up shares of the insurance company at a historically low valuation. Here are three reasons I believe now could be a great time to invest in Prudential Plc. M&G Prudential demerger could provide a catalyst for valuations Prudential announced that it plans to demerge M&G Prudential from Prudential Plc, which will result in two separately listed companies. Investors who pick up shares now will effectively
The Motley Fool Singapore
Jeremy Chia
2019-09-12 16:57:44
Did BreadTalk Overpay for Food Junction?
Last week BreadTalk Group Limited (SGX: CTN) announced it would open its wallet to shell out S$80 million for Food Junction. My colleague Royston described some of the salient points of the acquisition in an earlier article. In this article, I’ll take a deeper look at whether BreadTalk is overpaying for the food court operator.  Compared with previous transactions In 2013, Auric Group successfully privatised Food Junction (which was a listed company back then) by buying the remaining 39% stake in Food Junction that it did not already own. At that time Auric Group made an offer valuing Food Junction at S$30 million. In 2017, Lippo’s Riady family successfully privatised Auric Pacific Group, valuing the company at S$48.3 million. Auric Pacific Group, besides owning Food
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
2019-09-12 11:30:17
BreadTalk share price to sink or swim with Food Junction?
It is the return of the prodigy as BreadTalk’s founder, George Quek, is reclaiming his throne – “Singapore Foodcourt King”. Since my last article on BreadTalk share price, this counter took on a life of its own when the bread company made headline news for splashing out $80 million for the acquisition of Food Junction. Many analysts balked at the price tag and there were plenty of critics claiming that BreadTalk had overpaid for a project that earned net profit of merely $3183. On the contrary, I rate the acquisition positively despite the short-term harm it may cause to BreadTalk share price. In my view, the naysayers could be missing the forest for the trees. Many readers are not going to agree with my analysis but I do think that context is important here and one should not

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