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Shashi Kumar
2022-04-24 10:05:23
5 Things To Know About China Shenshan Orchard (SGX:BKV), First Singapore Listed Pure-Play Kiwi Producer
Not many people know that the vitamin-rich, soft, green-fleshed, fuzzy kiwifruit that we normally associate with New Zealand is actually native to China. It is also known as mihoutao — “macaque fruit” in China, and was brought over to New Zealand by Mary Isabel Fraser in 1904, according to New Zealand’s official history website. The fruit’s association with the term “kiwi” came about when New Zealand first began exporting it to the United States in the 1950s and named it after their flightless, national bird. While most of the Kiwifruits found in our local supermarkets are from New Zealand, it is China that has, in recent years, become the world’s leading producer and consumer of Kiwifruits. The kiwifruit industry in China has grown from RMB 17.8 billion in 2013 to RMB 25.6
Investment Moats
2021-10-08 07:43:39
Your Personal Net Worth Statement – The Complete Guide
There are 2 documents that, in my opinion, tells me whether a person or family is operating in a sound manner. One document is the personal cash flow statement. The other document is their personal net worth statement. In this comprehensive guide, I have explain why the cash flow statement is important, and how you could go about creating your personal cash flow statement. Your personal net worth statement is just as important and in this article, we will look into how you can create your personal net worth statement. What is your Personal Net Worth Statement Your personal net worth statement provides you a glimpse of your financial situation in a specified period. If you want to know your financial health, this is one of the statement, along with your personal cash flow statement that te
Angela Koo
2021-09-18 10:01:08
5 Things To Know About Delfi Limited (SGX:P34), The Company Behind Chocolate Brands Like Van Houten, Delfi and SilverQueen
Chocolate is a beloved sweet treat for many people. However, not many people know where their chocolates come from, even fewer know that Southeast Asia actually has the suitable climate for growing cocoa beans and that Indonesia is one of the larger global producers of cocoa bean. As someone who occasionally dabbles in baking and has a weakness for chocolate, I am pleasantly surprised to discover that a chocolate confectionery company is listed on the Singapore Exchange – Delfi Limited (SGX: P34). Delfi Limited is the company behind notable chocolate brands such as Van Houten, Delfi, SilverQueen, Ceres, Goya and Knick Knacks. While Singaporeans may not have heard of some of these brands, they would be familiar to Indonesians and Filipinos who would have snacked on these established b

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