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BREADTALK GROUP LIMITED (5DA.SI) has changed the issuer name / code to BREADTALK GROUP LIMITED (CTN.SI) with effect from 2018-05-14 due to shares split.

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Market / ISIN Code: SGX Mainboard / SG1O02910816
Sector / Industry Group / Industry: Consumer Staples / Food & Staples Retailing / Food and Staples Retailing

BreadTalk Blogger ArticlesBREADTALK GROUP LIMITED Blogger Articles SGX Listed BreadTalk (SGX:5DA) Blogger Articles 5DA.SI Blogger Articles
2020-12-20 20:16:42
The consolidation continued last week
The STI gained 27 points or 0.9% at 2,848.98 last week; Prices seem to be drifting after the rally in Nov and early Dec; Support continued to come from positive vaccine news; Pressure continued to come from negative economic developments; Hi-P’s boss made privatization offer; Value of privatizations this year has exceeded total in 2019; UK’s Revolut aims to offer commission-free stock trading here; NutryFarm’s shares were in play, drew SGX query Prices have run up strongly already, so market now in “consolidation phase’’ An element of “buy in anticipation, sell on news’’ may be creeping into daily trading now that markets have already rallied strongly ahead of positive developments such as the conclusion of the US Presidential elections which has given rise to hopes of
Phillip CFD
Phillip CFD
2020-08-25 11:39:59
Can Value be found in this 100-Year-Old Local Brand?
Can Value be found in this 100-Year-Old Local Brand? Published On: 24 August 2020 | 5:00 PM Jay Lin, Dealer Jay graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, specialising in Power Engineering. Our Approach is very much profiting from lack of change rather than from change. With Wrigley chew gym, it’s the lack of change that appeals to me ~ Warren Buffett; CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Good day Readers! A quick question for you: Think of a local born and bred Singaporean Brand that has gone international. What comes to your mind? Razer? OSIM? Creative Technologies? TWG Tea? Singapore Airlines? BreadTalk? Whilst asking friends and colleagues, these notable b
Singapore Stock Trading Insights | Joey Choy
Trading Impossible | Joey Choy
2019-10-04 10:11:56
BreadTalk: Sellers still not letting go? Price 0.595. Downtrend firm for now...
Just about a month ago, we saw more weakness in BreakTalk with it heading towards the next support at 0.63..This level was key as we had seen support above here more than 2 years back in 2017..Buyers were likely to come back for some short covering, However, more downside was still possible, especially with the downtrend indicators pointing firmly to more selling…Hence, targets were reiterated to the downside with a potential breakdown below this 0.63 level expected…See what I mean below…2 weeks passed and indeed, the 0.63 support gave way,Buyers were just not able to hold any longer as expected…Targets were reiterated again all the way towards 0.50 with some temp support at about 0.55..Sellers seem to be willing to push even lower towards target….There were some consolidation ab
Donovan Norfolk Ang's Market Analysis
Donovan Norfolk Ang
2019-09-30 16:59:10
Technicals of Breadtalk (SGX: CTN): 30 September 2019, Monday
Technicals of Breadtalk (SGX: CTN):30 September 2019, Monday(Click on the Technical Chart Above to Expand)Attached is the latest Technicals on Breadtalk (SGX: CTN). It is listed in the Singapore SGX. The black trend lines make up the uptrend channel lines. The grey lines make up the internal lines within the channel. Breadtalk executed a fake breakup as illustrated by the first red circled region and is bearish in nature. This is followed by a breakdown of the uptrend channel suggesting a new downtrend for breaktalk unless it is able to reclaim lost ground and goes back up into the channel. A fake breakup followed by a real breakdown is often HIGHLY BEARISH in nature. Bearish on Breadtalk now. Any rebound is an exit for breaktalk based on technicals.DISCLAIMERThis analysis site, as we

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