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Angela Koo
2021-07-08 11:34:49
Salary Guide: How Much Can You Earn If You Join The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
The Singapore Civil Defence Force needs little introduction for most Singaporeans. As students, we commemorate Total Defence Day (including civil defence) on 15th February every year. While most of us are familiar with the fire and rescue officers, not everyone is aware that paramedics are also part of the SCDF. As one of the 7 departments under the Ministry of Home Affairs, it is not surprising that SCDF’s remuneration is very similar to the Singapore Police Force. However, there are still some differences. Here’s how much salary, sign-on bonuses, and other monetary incentives you can earn if you choose to join the Singapore Civil Defence Force as a Fire & Rescue Officer/ Specialist or a Paramedic Officer/ Specialist. Read Also: Salary Guide To How Much Can You Earn If You Join Th
Timothy Ho
2021-07-08 10:42:47
5 Practical Ways To Use Money From Your CPF Ordinary Account (CPFOA)
Whether we want to or not, all Singaporeans and PRs who are employed will need to contribute to their Central Provident Fund (CPF).CPF consists of 3 different accounts. We have the CPF Ordinary Account (CPFOA), the CPF Special Account and Medisave. A fourth account – the CPF Retirement Account (RA) – will be created when we turn 55. Among the various CPF accounts, our CPF OA provides the lowest risk-free base interest rate of 2.5% p.a. However, it’s also the CPF account that gives us the greatest flexibility on how we can use the funds. In this article, we will focus on 5 practical ways in which you can utilise money in your CPFOA. #1 Home Mortgage Payment Among the five ways we will be discussing, this would be the most popular way that many Singaporeans are familiar about, and woul
Jorinda Hsu
2021-07-06 18:06:37
Step-By-Step Guide To Apply For CPF Education Loan Scheme
Apart from ensuring retirement adequacy for Singaporeans, CPF can also be used for other essential needs.  This includes housing and other eligible needs like healthcare, insurance payments, investments, and education loans. Students or prospective students can apply to use CPF savings to pay for their education with the CPF Education Loan Scheme. This scheme is only for approved full-time courses for undergraduates and polytechnic students. Interested applicants should check the application dates on the CPF website for their respective institutions. If you would need a refresher on the eligibility and limits of CPF Educational Loan Scheme, do check out our article – Complete Guide To Using Your CPF To Pay For University and Polytechnic. For this application, the student is the key appl
Siah Wei Heng
2021-03-04 15:29:32
SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme: What Are The Benefits And Who Can Apply?
This article was originally published on 18 August 2020 and updated to reflect the latest changes and extension of the programme. Between April and June, unemployment in Singapore has risen to its highest in the decade, with 90,500 (3.9%) unemployed residents in Singapore. A labour crisis that was inevitable due to the pandemic, the Government introduced the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package to help Singaporeans. One of the schemes, the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme, was launched in July 2020 to help current unemployed mid-career individuals affected by the economic situation. Aiming to provide up to an additional 14,500 traineeships and training programme slots, the programme seeks to provide individuals with the ability to widen professional networks and gain in-demand skills whi
Cheryl Heng
2021-02-23 16:34:06
SGUnited Traineeships Programme: What Is It And How Can Graduates Apply?
This article was originally published 1 June 2020 and updated to reflect the latest information from Budget 2021. Fresh graduates who had hoped to begin their careers in the coming months are now accepting the reality of cancelled convocations and poor job prospects. A once-promising labour market is now crippled with layoffs, hiring freezes and salary reductions. In view of the current economic climate, the Government has launched the SGUnited Traineeships Programme. It aims to equip graduates with valuable industry experience, and to secure a firmer foothold in the weak job market. [Update] Budget 2021’s Extension Of SGUnited Traineeship Programme As announced in Budget 2021, the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package, including the SGUnited Traineeship Programme is now extended for another

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