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Alan Luo
2018-04-06 08:32:48
SG Market (06 Apr 18)
MARKET OVERVIEW- Brace for another volatile session ahead after US President Trump ratcheted up tensions with China, urging tariffs on an additional US$100b worth of Chinese goods.- Technically, the STI sees support at the 3,370 level followed by 3,340. Topside resistance seen at 3,440.NEGATIVE NEWS*Noble- SGX has asked senior creditors to reconsider the restructuring proposal so as to allow shareholders to freely vote on the proposal.- Under the current proposal, the group will move its assets into a new HoldCo, with existing shareholders receiving only 10% stake in the restructured entity.- Separately, Prudential has ceased to be a substantial shareholder after it sold 1m shares at $0.072 apiece, bringing its stake to 4.97% (prior: 5.04%).NEUTRAL NEWS*DBS- Aims for 30% reduction in corpo
SG ThumbTack Investor
2018-04-01 19:15:46
1Q 2018 Report Card
1st up, I’d clarify, as I’ve always done so for previous quarterly report cards, that I track returns using XIRR. So this means that the time value of cash is taken into account in the results, but it also skews the annualized XIRR figures for now, as it’d assume the exact same rate of return for the rest of the year. For 1Q 2018, STI ETF produced a XIRR of 4.01%, inclusive of dividends. TTI’s portfolio, inclusive of US holdings and options, produced a XIRR of 6.22%.  AUM grew to $1,462,273.22, inclusive of capital injections, of which almost 35% is kept as SGD cash at the point of writing this. TBH, I was a tad disappointed despite beating STI ETF slightly, in a period of heightened volatility. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but it felt like I was running
Kendrick Loh
2018-03-26 11:28:21
SI Research: Alliance Minerals Assets – Catch The Lithium Bull While You Can
Stepping into the next stage of advancement towards renewable energy, one essential commodity that is heavily sought after is Lithium, also known as Li in the periodic table. The usage for Lithium Carbonate (LCE) can be mainly found in batteries of daily electronic products such as mobile phones, laptops, personal mobility devices and electric vehicles. To tackle the growing concerns on global warming, governments worldwide have pledged to reduce carbon footprint by introducing incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles. Norway will be the first country to end sales of gas and diesel-powered vehicles by as early as 2025 while several other nations will follow suit from 2030 to 2050. Based on a conservative estimate, demand for Lithium Carbonate is expected to hit 535 kilotonnes per a
Stock Market Best-Kept Secrets
Ronald K
2018-03-14 17:16:09
Top Volume - Selling Down
The market was disappointing today and the volatility continues with one day up and the next day down. I thought the market was all good towards the closing yesterday where most stocks suddenly started to turn up but was only dampen by the sheer amount of selling this morning. The Top Volume stocks were mostly selling. Alliance Mineral gap down after some bad news, DBS also suffered the same fate by gaping down a little. Overall it's quite dull at the moment without much opportunities for trading. Only Cosco turned up instead which is not bad for the moment. Today's market may continue it's dullness towards more to the selling side.Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist
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Alan Luo
2018-03-14 08:27:58
SG Market (14 Mar 18)
MARKET OVERVIEW- Some profit-taking in risk assets is likely in the near-term due to political concerns in the US, while investors keep their eyes peeled on retail sales and industrial production data coming out from China this morning.- Technically, the STI sees its next objective at 3,575 with near-term support at 3,470.POSITIVE NEWS*Weiye- Proposed conditional delisting from SGX at $0.65/share (HK$3.88/share) by Chairman and controlling shareholder, Mr. Zhang Wei.- Shareholders who do not accept the exit offer will be able to continue trading their shares on HK Exchange.- The delisting is due to the limited trading liquidity on SGX, as well as HK Exchange being geographically more aligned with its business operations.- The mixed property developer trades at 0.36x P/B.NEGATIVE NEWS*Allia
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Alan Luo
2018-03-06 09:06:55
SG Market (06 Mar 18)
MARKET OVERVIEW- Market jitters over a brewing global trade war could ease on bets that US President Trump's threat to impose hefty steel and aluminium tariffs was just a negotiating tactic to obtain concessions from its trading partners but sentiment is fragile, and investors are still nervous over rising interest rates and bond yields.- Technically, the STI could rebound to 3,470 in near term with support at 3,420 level. POSITIVE NEWS*APAC Realty- Its ERA Realty Network was appointed as the marketing agent for the collective sale of Nicon Gardens. - Nicon Gardens is a 99-year leasehold landed development located in Choa Chu Kang and will be launched for tender on 8 Mar and close on 18 Apr. - Owners are expecting at least $110m for the 47 townhouses, which has 62 years left on its lease a
SG ThumbTack Investor
2018-02-27 02:33:26
The Big Short: TTI’s Version. But Where Are My Millions?!
SG TTI has a new feature! Right there, at the top bar, under “Latest Corporate News” will be a newsfeed, run by PRNewswire Singapore. Check it out. It’s not very user friendly right now though tbh, I’m not sure if they can incorporate it into the side bar or something, so that it’s constantly running. (They probably can, but I dunno how to) Let’s see if they can do it up better for SG TTI. A long time reader recently emailed me to discuss about my macro views. (I’d leave it to him whether he wants to identify himself in the comments section) It seems I give the impression that I’m pretty optimistic about the macro climate, as “my positions have hardly changed”. But that’s just not true. In fact, I’ve liquidated sever
SG ThumbTack Investor
2018-01-14 23:23:43
TTI’s New Core Position: Shinsho Corporation & Kobe Steel
Traditionally, towards the end of the year, me and my wife would discuss travel plans for the next year. We each get to choose 1 destination, and we’d fill in the spots with nearer, easier to get to places as and when time (and mood) permits. Here’s my pick for 2018: Make a guess where this is. It’s frequently listed on every “Top 10 places to see before you die” YouTube videos. Plus I absolutely love places with a rich history. It makes my skin tingle when I’m there, thinking that several hundred years ago, in a totally different world from now, someone has touched that same stone wall as me. It’s like a tiny part of me gets transported into that era, and I love that experience. It’s fascinating. Maybe that’s why I was good at history
SG ThumbTack Investor
2018-01-14 23:22:51
Ding Ding Ding! Closing Bell To 2017. Results Are In!
Bye Bye 2017. As I turn my back on 2017, I can’t help but think that its really been a bittersweet year. Dunno if I should be happy or disappointed. My benchmark has always been STI ETF. The rationale is that if over the long term, I can’t beat a passive, idiot proof way of investing, then why bother? Yet, STI ETF has been a tough competitor. I suspect most people trading their way around actually fail to beat STI ETF. Most don’t even bother to keep track, so they wouldn’t even recognize their fallibility. Anyhow, this is what STI ETF has done in 2017: 21.29% IRR. That’s really a monster year. I give STI ETF the benefit of not including the effects of any transaction fees, nor does the passive index have the holding costs of cash. So the odds are piled again

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