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Dinesh Dayani
2020-01-04 19:54:31
10 Companies That Beat Singapore’s Benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) In 2019
The Straits Times Index (STI) comprises the 30 largest and most actively traded stocks in Singapore. They include well-known Singapore companies such DBS, SingTel, CapitaLand, Keppel Corp and Wilmar. This is why it is often used as the benchmark return for Singapore investors. Investors who are experienced or prefer to embark on active investment strategies will try to beat the benchmark returns, while new investors or those who prefer to embark on a passive investment strategy will try to match the benchmark return. The simplest way to match the benchmark return will typically invest in the STI exchange traded fund (ETF) – either the SPDR STI ETF or the Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF. Read Also: SPDR STI ETF VS Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF: What’s The Difference Between These 2 Straits Time
My Stocks Investing Journey
2020-01-04 13:49:17
Singapore REIT Fundamental Analysis Comparison Table – 2 January 2020
Happy New Year 2020! The start of a new decade!   Technical Analysis of FTSE ST REIT Index (FSTAS8670) FTSE ST Real Estate Investment Trusts (FTSE ST REIT Index) is currently trading within Symmetrical Triangle.  The REIT index has changed from 905.48 (last post) to 926.24 (+.2.29%).Based on the current chart pattern,  the REIT index is trading within a consolidation range waiting for breakout. Probable direction for REIT index: Side way to Up. Also take note of the Multiple Tops formation which is a trend reversal pattern. Previous chart on FTSE ST REIT index can be found in the last post Singapore REIT Fundamental Comparison Table on Dec 16, 2019.   Fundamental Analysis of 40 Singapore REITs The following is the compilation of 40 REITs in Singapore with colour coding of
Sim Kang Heong
2019-12-29 14:05:48
4 Stocks This Week (Year In Review Summary For 2019)
The weekly 4 Stocks This Week column on DollarsAndSense was started in 2017 with a simple objective was simple: to provide a convenient read each week for busy investors to stay updated with what is happening on the Singapore Exchange. 4 Stock This Week is not a recommendation from us to buy or sell any of the stocks that wke feature. Its purpose is to highlight interesting stocks that investors should be aware of, rather than to analyse these stocks. For this week’s edition, instead of the usual coverage of four stocks, we’ll do a year in review of the other 51 instalments of 4 Stocks This Week that our team has written in 2019. Over the past year (51 weeks), we’ve covered 123 SGX-listed stocks, 4 ETFs and 8 Daily Leverage Certificates. The most covered stock was Sas
Ching Sue Mae
2019-12-01 10:21:33
4 Stocks This Week (Frasers) [28 November 2019] – Frasers Logistics & Industrial, Frasers Commercial, Frasers Hospitality, Frasers Centrepoint
Earlier this week on 28 November, both Frasers Logistics Trust and Frasers Commercial Trust requested for a trading halt. According to Bloomberg, Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust and Frasers Commercial Trust are planning to merge. Should they become a combined company, they will manage close to 100 properties in Australia, Singapore and Europe. This 2019, Singapore has seen its fair share of REITs consolidation. Earlier this year, CapitaLand struck a $6 billion deal with Temasek Holdings for Ascendas and Singbridge. OUE Commercial REIT also agreed to buy OUE Hospitality Trust, and Ascott Residence Trust and Ascendas Hospitality Trust combined to create the largest hospitality trust in the Asia-Pacific region. For this week’s edition of 4 Stocks This Week, we look at 4 different c
Timothy Ho
2019-11-24 10:26:59
4 Stocks This Week (REITs) [22 November 2019] – Ascendas India Trust; Keppel DC; Ascendas Hospitality; Mapletree Commercial
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are naturally popular with many Singapore investors given that property investment is big part of our economy. In Singapore, there are a total of 35 REITs, six stapled trusts and two property trusts with a combined market capitalisation of over $100 billion. As highlighted in a recent SGX market update report, 4 of the 30 constituents of the benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) comprise REITs, and account for about 8% of total index weight. More interestingly, the entire STI Reserve List currently consists of REITs. For 2019 thus far, REITs have performed well with the iEdge S-REIT Index generating a total return of 24.9%, with a small handful of REITs generating returns of more than 50% for its investors. In this edition of 4 Stocks This Week, we look
Dinesh Dayani
2019-11-20 11:45:00
S-REIT Report Card: Here’s How Singapore REITs Performed In Fourth Quarter 2019
REITs are a popular and important part of the Singapore Exchange (SGX). There are close to 50 listed REITs, property-related business trust and REIT ETFs in Singapore. There are also numerous other unit trusts invested into Singapore and foreign listed REITs in Singapore. To get a better understanding of how well or badly Singapore REITs have performed, we dedicate significant time and resources to publish a report card each quarter. If you wish to catch up on previous quarters, you can refer to our regular REITs Report Card column. Read Also: Complete Guide To Investing In Singapore REITs How Has Singapore REITs Performed In The Year-To-Date 2019 To gauge how the Singapore REIT market has performed in the year-to-date (YTD) 2019, we can look at the iEdge S-REIT Index and the iEdge S-REIT
The Fifth Person
Kenny Quek
2019-11-04 13:37:45
Key things to know about the Ascott Residence Trust and Ascendas Hospitality Trust merger
On 21 October 2019, through their handheld devices, shareholders from both sides gave their blessings to the marriage between Ascott Residence Trust (Ascott) and Ascendas Hospitality Trust (A-HTrust). With combined assets of S$7.6 billion, the new entity – Ascott REIT Business Trust (Ascott REIT-BT) — will form the largest hospitality trust in Asia Pacific and the eighth largest in the world. Ascott REIT-BT will be structured as a stapled security: a real estate investment trust and a business trust joined together. The news of the merger came on 3 July 2019 shortly after CapitaLand completed the acquisition of Ascendas-Singbridge on 1 July 2019. Source: Ascott REIT In an open letter to A-HTrust earlier this year, Quarz Capital Management wrote that the merger will sol
Ching Sue Mae
2019-10-27 08:44:12
4 Stocks This Week (Hospitality) [25 October 2019] – Eagle HTrust; Far East HTrust; CDL HTrust; Ascendas HTrust
This week, STI ETF opened on Monday at $3.155 and closed higher on Friday at $3.223. One of the securities with the highest volume traded on SGX as well as high percentage change this week was Eagle Hospitality Trust. In this week’s edition of 4 Stocks This Week, we look at Eagle Hospitality Trust and 3 other hospitality trusts that are listed on the Singapore Exchange. Read Also: The Motley Fool Singapore Shuts Down. Here Are 13 Websites You Can Follow Instead For Stock Investing Insights And Commentaries Eagle Hospitality Trust (SGX: LIW) Eagle HTrust is a US hospitality specialist with a portfolio of full-service hotels in the US. Its portfolio consists of 18 properties across 11 major US cities. One of the well-known properties in Eagle HTrust’s portfolio is The Queen Mary. The Que
The Motley Fool Singapore
Jeremy Chia
2019-09-12 18:09:40
3 Singapore REITs That Have the Firepower to Make Yield-Accretive Buys
The fastest way for real estate investment trusts (REITs) to reward unitholders with increasing distributions is through acquisitions. A prudent acquisition can help increase distribution per unit (DPU) much faster than organic growth in rents. With that in mind, I did a little digging to find REITs within Singapore that were best-positioned to make yield-accretive acquisitions in the future. In my research, I screened for REITs that had access to cheap debt (preferably below 3%) and had low gearing ratios (preferably below 33%). Here are three of the top REITs I found that fit that criteria. 1. Ascott Residence Trust (SGX: A68U) Sponsored by property giant, CapitaLand Limited (SGX: C31), Ascott Residence Trust is in a great position to continue making yield-accretive acquisitions. As of
The Motley Fool Singapore
Royston Yang
2019-09-10 07:55:23
5 Singapore REITs That Clocked Up Impressive Double-Digit Returns Year-to-Date
Investors who are looking for exposure to real estate investment trusts (REITs) often look for a myriad of factors when selecting one, such as the sustainability of the distribution per unit (DPU), asset type, occupancy level, and potential growth prospects, to name a few. Such aspects offer assurance that a REIT is well-managed and has strong long-term growth prospects. Singapore Exchange, or SGX, has written on the five best-performing Singapore REITs (S-REITs) in the first seven months of this year (year-to-date). Though unit price performance does not always imply a well-run business, it offers investors a good platform for doing their initial research and due diligence. These five S-REITs below have clocked up an average total return of 47% year-to-date, and this is a very impressive
Dinesh Dayani
2019-08-28 10:14:39
S-REIT Report Card: Here’s How Singapore REITs Performed In Third Quarter 2019
As one of the most popular investments in Singapore, we keep a close eye on the performance of S-REITs. After the corporate earnings announcements each quarter, we compile a comprehensive summary on our REITs Report Card column. How Singapore REITs Share Prices Have Fared In 2019, So Far Before we look at how individual REIT prices have moved, let’s look at the broad S-REIT indices in Singapore. There are two main indices – the iEdge S-REIT Index and the iEdge S-REIT 20 Index. The iEdge S-REIT Index comprises all the REITs listed in Singapore, while the iEdge S-REIT 20 Index, as its name suggests, only comprise the 20 largest and more tradeable REITs on the iEdge S-REIT Index. Read Also: Complete Guide To Investing In Singapore REITs The chart below depicts the iEdge S-REIT Index fluc
Don Low
2019-08-22 19:45:23
3 Blue Chips To Long Amidst The Current Correction
As the US and China returned to trade barbs over bilateral trade, global markets enter a new phase of correction. Not being spared, the local Straits Times Index (STI) also reversed quickly from above 3,350 by end-July to 3,170 level in a matter of one week.  Despite the headlines, it was a perfect storm in the making for a pull-back or stock market correction. Investors needed to readjust their hopes for a quick deal between the US and China after both agreed to restart trade talks during the G20 meeting last month.  That said, the STI has returned to a much more attractive level and hence opportunistic value investors should pick up some blue chips along the way. Here are three blue chips to long amidst the current correction.  CapitaLand Following its $11 billion mega merger with Asc

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