Frasers Property Limited - DBS Research 2023-09-14: Immense Value Within; Unappreciated Diversified Developer

Frasers Property Limited - Immense Value Within; Unappreciated Diversified Developer

Frasers Property (SGX:TQ5) | SGinvestors.ioFrasers Property (SGX:TQ5)
  • We are reinstating coverage on Frasers Property with a target price of S$1.21 pegged to a 60% discount to our revalued net asset value (RNAV) of S$3.02. We see deep value for the group with Frasers Property's share price trading at 0.3x P/B, anchored at a historical low.
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Diversified developer with a global platform.

  • Frasers Property (SGX:TQ5) is a developer with a diversified portfolio of properties globally, with key exposure in Singapore (~34%), Australia (~28%), Europe (~21%) and others (~17%).
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The market is assigning zero value for Frasers Property's role as sponsor of its REITs.


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